Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Recently, I’ve seen these posts going around in blog-land and they’re so fun and random.Which is right up my alley!

This site has a great list of prompts to create your “Currently” post!

Here we go…

Currently I am…

Choosing between paint colors for our two spare bedrooms which one will (hopefully) be a nursery in the future. Regardless of boy or girl, the paint colors that I like would go for either, so why not just knock out both rooms at the same time? Right?

We had the rest of the house painted before we moved in. These two rooms aren’t very big with no wonky corners, so it shouldn’t be that big of a job. *famous last words*

My two top contenders are Sherwin Williams’ Tidewater & Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue. What do you think?

Eating a YUMMY Veggie Lasagna for dinner. I found this recipe in a magazine last month and it looked sooo good! It’s husband approved! (HOWEVER, it’s somewhat time consuming…make this when you have a little extra time to spend in the kitchen.)
This weekend I whipped up this super simple and oh so delectable Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread!!! Stephen & I have been munching on it ever since. I didn’t take a pic Sunday morning so here’s one from our good friend Google. This would be GREAT to serve at a brunch, bridal shower, Christmas morning, your child’s school for their teachers to enjoy one morning…gosh…you name it!
Reading The Girl on the Train. I’ve heard too many rave reviews from other bloggers not to check it out. I downloaded it this weekend and I AM hooked. I pretty much can’t wait to crawl into bed at night and read more! I’m nearing the end….it’s good ladies! So far, I’ve changed my mind at least a dozen times on who I feel sorry for and root for the most! Can’t wait to see how this one ends. It could definitely be a movie script. Easily.
Watching the Bachelorette….yes, it’s silly and unrealistic. But I’m sucked in every season. #teamKaitlyn all the way!!! (P.S. I'm pretty excited for Sheaffer's weekly recaps to start again tomorrow. If you're a Bachelor franchise fan, you have to read these every week!! They're hilarious and SPOT ON!)
Wondering how my favorite shows will pick back up in the fall? We are HUGE Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy fans over here. HUGE. However, last week’s finales for both shows were significantly less thrilling than what we’re used to. No cliffhangers…no disasters….no shocking deaths…nothing. In fact quite the opposite. Both shows ended very “and they lived happily ever after.” I even thought the Grey’s finale could have been the SERIES finale the way it played out. *Spoiler alert….I was just starting to get on board the Jake & Olivia train…then he left her AND she was back with Fitz just like that!? And Papa Pope, really?!? It was THAT easy to catch him? REALLY? We’ve been watching all of his terror for years now and it was THAT easy? C’mon.*

Motivated to get some outside chores done this weekend if the weather cooperates. We moved in our house last summer and spent the majority of it settling in and getting everything just right on the inside. This spring and summer, we’re concentrating, planning and working on the outside! I’m sure in ten years it won’t be something we so willingly look forward to but for now it’s new and fun!!

Ready for a vacation!! BUT alas, it’s not scheduled until the end of September. I’ll just live vicariously through everyone else’s summer vacation details and photos on FB. (Especially those friends who are presently vacationing in Hawaii. Your photos are amazing….I can’t wait to go back there one day! Best vacation I’ve ever been on…hands down!)

Those are my currently’s….what a fun little post!

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