Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday! Time to share some of this week’s favorites!!

One – Red White & Blue!

I usually put out a few festive decorations for Memorial Day and leave them up through the 4th of July; this year I was a day late on making that happen. One of my favorite ways to add a little holiday flair is to change out two frames on the table inside our front entrance. I found these printables here and here.

I also added this wreath to the back side of our front door, and added a few pieces to our mantel. It’s not quite “finished” yet, so that photo will have to wait.

Two – The Smell of Fresh Paint

Thursday we had our spare bedrooms painted. I decided on Sherwin Williams’ Tidewater. I LOVE how it turned out in both rooms. I DESPISE clutter, and the fact that our master bedroom has been a holding place for all of the other two rooms’ stuff the past couple of days is about to kill me. I can’t wait to get these rooms back to normal this weekend!!

Three – Friends & Babies

Sunday night we had dinner with our friends Robert & Katie in their new home. Tuesday night we hosted our friends Chad & Katey (too many friends named Katie) at our house for dinner. Last night we took dinner to our friends Matt & Ashley who just welcomed their baby girl Chloe. Gosh she’s adorable, right?!

I made them a Chicken Broccoli Braid and Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread….(I also made us the exact same meal to save at home…minus the sweet treat.)

Four – Full House!

It’s official…Aunt Becky & Danny have both signed on for the new show! (Wake Up San Francisco!) Which means, the whole cast is returning minus little Michelle. Who else is beyond ecstatic for this remake?! Yes, watching the old shows as reruns now in 2015, they are terribly cheesy BUT it was hands-down my FAVORITE show growing up. Well, that and Saved by the Bell and any other show on TGIF ABC. I can’t wait to see the Tanner clan back together again!

Five – Things to Do, People to See, But No Way to Get There

Sometimes, small moments where you are forced to stay still and put everything on hold is the best way to spend 30 minutes. Thank you Carlen Chevrolet for your free lifetime oil change which gives me 30 minutes to sit in a peaceful comfy chair and read a while!! Life can wait.

Be sure to stop by these ladies' sites and see what everyone else has for their favorites today! Andrea, Erika, Narci.

Happy Weekending!!

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