Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday - Party Time!

Today’s Show & Tell Tuesday is ALL about our Favorite Parties!
For many, many years now, I’ve just had a knack for party-planning. It could be that one of my best friends, Emilee (you’re welcome for me doing this post)…she and I share a party planner’s brain. Between the two of us we’ve accumulated quite the stock in party supplies. We rarely have to buy much because we can share pieces back and forth that we already have between us.

We’ve got a good thing going.

Like many others who have linked up today, I can’t narrow my favorites down. But I’m sharing some of my favorite ideas and favorite memories of parties I’ve thrown. (It’s also important to note that these are all within the past few years, as I was late on the digital camera band wagon and a boat load of shindigs I threw pre-2009 are documented on photo film negatives. Remember those beauties?)

I’ll start with some of my favorite party memories. My Mom and Dad were born exactly 13 months apart. When Dad turned 60 in 2010, we wanted to have a BIG celebration for him. He had just recently gotten over a very serious illness that almost took his earthly life and was on the road to making a great and full recovery. Prayers were answered and we were all so thankful! We planned a big surprise party and pulled it all off without a hitch. He had no clue and was genuinely shocked. Over 100 people came to celebrate him that night…it was such a special night. For decorations, we kept it somewhat simple by using “throw back” items to his childhood years in the 50’s. Coke bottles, Moon Pies, Goo-Goo clusters, Cracker Jack, etc. We kept food super simple and just served cakes and ice cream. We set up a candy station to resemble an old store that my dad frequented often when he was little. It was a hit with everyone, as was the table filled with old photos. It was a wonderful night to celebrate a great man who is loved by so many!
A year later, we wanted to do something special for my Mom’s 60th. Only she asked that we not do anything big. Instead, we planned a charming Birthday Luncheon and invited her sister, sisters in law, nieces and several of her cousins. We were thrilled that so many got to come and get together as many of these ladies hadn’t seen each other in years. We kept the menu very “southern” and lady-like. Chicken Salad, Homemade Pimento Cheese, Pasta Salad, Quiche, Fruit Salad, Pound Cake, and a few other goodies. We had two tables set in the dining room and one outside on the deck. I loved hearing all the girl-talk and laughter that filled the house that day!

Now, as far as my favorite details…it’s all about the main tablescape! It sets the mood for the whole event.
Lately, I’ve been in LOVE with ideas I’m finding on Pinterest for different types of “bars” at parties. For this wedding shower we hosted in September, we did a brunch and had a Waffle Bar. WHICH turned into a pancake bar...but that’s another story for another day.) I LOVED how all the topping choices were main attractions in their little dishes and the “Top, Drizzle, Smear, Sprinkle” chalkboards were just perfect! (I expect to be using this theme again in the future!!)
A couple of my “signature” decorating tricks for the main table is to use what I call “risers”…and of course my love for all things chalk. Risers are simply whatever boxes you’ve got laying around your house, covered with fabric that coordinates with your overall theme or color scheme. It’s that easy and adds so much character and detail to your table!! Using risers also gives you more space to place serving pieces. I have a few actual chalkboards, the others I use are just art canvas that you can buy at a craft store, and I paint them with chalk paint. For me, it’s easier to write on these than the actual chalkboards.
And…one more favorite before I end…I hosted this Bridal Shower for a friend who was planning a destination wedding on an island off the coast of Georgia. As soon as she told us she was getting married in Georgia, I immediately knew I wanted to do a “peach” themed shower and I still LOOOOOOOOVE how this one turned out. I paired crisp white serving pieces (thanks Emi) with fruit stand baskets, peach colored fabric and accents of turquoise. It turned out better than I expected it. Overall, it looked somewhat like a street market stand when I finished. (And yes, we had beef jerky sticks because that was the bride’s favorite snack. That’s gross Becca.)
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite party memories and details! Be sure to check out whatever else is showing off on Andrea’s site. If you’re needing some party ideas, today is the day to get those creative juices flowing!!

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