Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - 100% Boy

Before I start the weekend recap, I’ll back up to Thursday, when our youngest nephew Colin graduated from Kindergarten! His school put on the cutest 45 minute program for parents and family members.

They recited poems….

Sang songs….

Received their “diplomas”….
And then they decided to give this kid a mic and let him dismiss everyone. He had been telling us for weeks, “I’m going to say something at the end, but I can’t tell you what.” He had quite the little speech he memorized for the end. He thanked everyone coming, gave everyone instructions on how and where to pickup their kids, signing them out for the afternoon, and finally dismissed everyone from the gym. It was impressive for a 6 year old.
Now, on to the weekend! We had been promising our nephews that they could spend the night at some point for several weeks, and this weekend just worked out for everyone. We had also promised to take them to the movies for Colin’s birthday. We just combined it all into one weekend.

Stephen plays softball on Friday nights at a field not far from my sister & BIL’s house, so he dropped the  boys off to us at the ballpark. Colin immediately was “thirsty” and then decided to “find the perfect rock for my seat.”  I swear….the stuff he comes up with cracks me up. Riley’s favorite seat is in the dugout with the big boys where he can run and go pickup homerun balls over the outfield fence.
The rock seat didn’t last long……
Boys will be boys.

In previous years when Stephen has played ball, two of his really close friends were also on the team and their wives would come to all the games. We’d sit and chat every Friday night and had the best time while the guys played. This season those guys aren’t playing, so I sent this picture to the girls during the game telling them I was having a great time with all my friends at the game…
It’s just not the same…but group messaging them during the game was a close 2nd.

After the games, (yes…gameS…they play two back-to-back every Friday) the boys begged to play at the playground for a little while. It was  a beautiful night and not completely dark yet, so we let them run around and play for a while before we headed home.
Once we got home, Stephen & I tag-teamed on making dinner and giving baths. Then it was time for pj’s, baking cookies, a Netflix movie annnnnd then, two sleepy boys willingly went to bed!
The next morning, Colin asked if he could put “color” in the scrambled eggs. He assured me that “it will not change the taste of the eggs, it will just make them green…but you will not taste green.”

The rest of the morning, they played around the house and then we hit the movies to see “Tomorrowland”. There were no “kid” movies at the theater this weekend, so they picked the only one they were interested in. It was a GREAT movie. Stephen and I LOVED it. The boys SAID they liked it, but we’re not so sure that they followed everything that was going on. And it was long. They both started getting squirmish in their seats. But I would recommend it!
After the movies, we took them home but not before stopping at the new Snow Cone place! No pictures to prove it, so just imagine two little boys…one with lips stained blue, the other one BRIGHT yellow.

We LOVE spending time with our nephews. I am the only aunt that they have; which is weird to me because my sister & I had 7 aunts and uncles growing up. I know how special my relationship is with some of my aunts, and I want to be that with my own nephews now. They’re only little once, and I want them to have these fun memories with us as they grow up.

As exciting as that was, the rest of our weekend was fairly low-key. We came home Saturday night and made Mix & Match Mama’s Turkey Caprese Burgers for dinner. GOSH…these ARE. SO. GOOD. This was our second time making them and they did not disappoint. Quick, easy & DELICIOUS! (If you click the link to the recipe, we add garlic and Italian seasoning to the meat mixture and balsamic as a topping to the finished product!)
Sunday we had three gorgeous light pink roses that were fully bloomed!
Just last Fall, we debated on getting rid of the rose bush because at that point, we had lived here for five months, and it hadn’t done anything but just look like an eye sore on the front of the house. I had a gut feeling that it MIIIIIGHT just be beautiful, so we decided to give it one year and see what happened. After all, the lady who owned the home for 30 years before us was an older, widow lady and let’s face it, older ladies just have a knack for green thumbs…so there MUST be something great about this rose bush.

Well, now I have these on my kitchen table and 30 more buds that will be blooming any day!

(I’m glad we kept Ms. Reba’s roses…….but her 27 windchimes left behind HAD to go. Roses stay. Windchimes go. Bless her.)

We ended the weekend having dinner with friends in their new home and four loads of laundry. It’s a glamorous life we lead. HA!

Come back tomorrow for a yummy chocolate cake recipe!

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