Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Around Here...

Just stopping in to share some things from life around here lately!

A couple weekends ago we got the great idea to power wash  / pressure wash our house. (I’m not sure which is the correct term; I’ve heard both.) Anyways….our house is brick with vinyl siding on the ends towards the roof and all the trim work of the house, carport, columns, etc.

We both ended up soaking wet and covered in dirt and grime by the time we were finished, BUT it was well worth it! (You can’t tell it that well here, but I’m covered in little flakes of dirt…so gross.) Everything was clean, bright white & sparkly. (We did our back deck to and that puppy looked like a brand spankin’ new addition when we were done with it!)

We celebrated with the Wilsons on my besties birthday with dinner out and then an impromptu trip to Kroger to pick out a cake. Because every girl needs a cake on her birthday!

We swapped spouses for approximately 5 minutes while she, Stephen and little Ben went to pick out ice cream. While her husband and I picked out the cake and had the nice lady behind the counter write on it for us! After we got back to their house, we revealed the cake to her…

FYI…her name is Emilee, not Barbara. We just decided to spice up her a cake a little….birthdays are meant to be FUN, right?!

A while back, I posted about our roses that are blooming. Because I feel like I’m slowly turning into an 80 yr old woman, here’s the latest pics of our roses. I check on them every day….at least twice a day. I will definitely be THAT mom one day yelling at my kids to stay away from the roses.

Last Thursday night, I volunteered with a group from the hospital to man the phones during our local Great TV Auction. This is our third or fourth year participating and it’s so much fun! It takes place over two weekends Thursday – Sunday nights. Last weekend, I won my first EVER item off the auction! I was so excited!! The Auction is as old as I am….I’ve always enjoyed watching it through the years and seeing so many local faces on TV.

Lest we forget to mention my 3rd favorite holiday that we celebrate today! National Donut Day!!!! Behind Thanksgiving and Christmas it’s my next favorite holiday. I mean, really. It is. This morning we celebrated with a box of treats from two local donut shops!!

I big pink puffy heart LOVE donuts!!

One proud daddy sent me this photo of my painting in their little girl’s nursery! I just LOVE seeing my pieces in their homes!! (It’s a little fuzzy, but you get the drift of how perfect it is!)
Speaking of little girls, I whipped up this chalkboard for a co-worker who was hosting a Pink Lemonade themed baby shower. I LOVE all things chalk (almost as much as my love for donuts!)

We had our two spare bedrooms painted a couple weeks ago. One will be a nursery one day, the other is a guest bedroom already. I finally had time to put everything back in its place in the guest. We have a large cabinet in that room that houses a TON of “stock” items…think shower gel, our travel toiletry bag, etc. The cabinet was running over so I spent Sunday afternoon doing what I do best, purging! I have almost an entire shelf empty now!! The only thing left is to hang some items back on the walls and the room will be complete! (More pics to come in the future!!)

Sunday night, my friend Amy and her little boy, Daniel, came over after church while her husband had a work event to go to. I’ll take any excuse for snuggling with a baby!!!

Stephen looks uninterested, but don’t you worry, he already had his turn!

If you follow me on IG, a lot of these pics are repeats of posts on there, but now you get a bit more backstory behind them!!

Stop back by tomorrow, I’m sharing my favorite room in the house! It’s a Kitchen Tour at Second House on the Right!!

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