Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sprucing Up for the 4th!!

First off, thank you all SO very much for the kind, kind words about my last post that I shared on Facebook! Our home is a far cry from fancy, but it’s perfect for us and we LOVE it!

With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, I thought I would share my 4th of July home décor.

Normally, I like to put my pieces up before Memorial Day and leave them up throughout June & July, this year I was a little late in getting them out. Last year, we had just moved into our house and I didn’t put anything out at all until my Fall décor.
This wraps up decorating for every holiday in our new home. I have LOVED getting to doll up different areas, but especially our fireplace mantel! Hands down my favorite space to spruce up with holiday cheer!!

That being said, I’m sharing this special place first!
I’ve had this “Old Glory” metal sign FOREVER. Forever as in, I can’t remember where it came from. I ALMOST want to say Tractor Supply. And I have no clue WHY. I mean, really, who thinks of going to Tractor Supply for home décor?! Ok, maybe the Pioneer Woman or someone living a fabulous ranch life like her. “Honey, I think I’ll stop by the Tractor Supply today….pick up some feed, some fencing materials, maybe a spark plug for the mower, oh and a decorative piece for the mantel!” Said NO ONE ever.

I found this random red gingham bow in a box I had in storage. I just about threw it away and then thought I could mix it in and make it work. It works.
The garland and picks came from Hobby Lobby. I am convinced you can spruce up your normal everyday décor with things like this and they are CHEAP! Quick, easy, inexpensive way to spice things up for a holiday!
Some of the flags also came from Hobby Lobby and the others were ones I’ve had for a very long time. (Define “very long time” as these two flags were on a shelf in my childhood room. Same childhood room that was painted pink and housed a playpen full of Cabbage Patch Dolls, Barbies and a pink Barbie Convertible. I’m almost 32 now. Like I said, “very long time.”)
In our small foyer area, I’ve found another quick, easy and sometimes FREE way to add a festive touch. I change these two frames out with a seasonal printable when I decorate.
For example, I will google something like, “4th of July printable”…search through the images until I find one I like. Click on the source and the MAJORITY of the time there’s a link to download the printable so that it will print in its best quality. I’ve changed these frames out for every season / holiday and so far, I’ve just paid for 2. I found them on Etsy and they were perfect! Etsy has a great selection of printables; most are instant downloads and most are inexpensive. The most I paid was $5. Easy peasy way to decorate!

On to my floating kitchen shelves. I have yet to purchase anything for these shelves. I just use something small that I have and add it to at least one, maybe two shelves. For the 4th, I’ve added a red, white and blue pail and flag painting I did a few years ago.

I also love decorating our table. Even though, it’s just the two of us, we use this table frequently for meals. However, we also use the couch that’s parked in front of the tv sometimes too. (We really love fixing our plates, getting comfy on the couch and watching “Wheel of Fortune” as we eat dinner. What can I say? We live on the edge.)

For Christmas Stephen’s aunt made me a reversible table runner. I have the red side showing now the other is green and white chevron. It’s been such a versatile easy piece to use for literally every holiday. The only one I’m not sure about yet is Thanksgiving but I think I can work with it!!

The milkglass vase came from a local store, The Painted House. The picks and flags are also from Hobby Lobby.

I typically keep a wreath on the inside of our front and side door. My friend Amy made both of these (along with several other seasonal wreaths) for my wedding gift! Talk about a great and thoughtful gift!! I love the 4th of July wreath! She did such a good job!

The “anytime” wreath is made so that I can change out the fabric flowers with various colors to match whatever season or holiday is approaching. The way this color combo turned out has been one my favorites I’ve done since I’ve had it!

And that’s the grand tour!! Hope you’ve enjoyed some of my décor tips & tricks!

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