Thursday, July 2, 2015

iPhone Photo Dump...or What We Did in June!

June was filled with nothing but normal, everyday life around here. Just the way we like it!! Here's some of of the things we did last month.

Lately, I've been placing post it notes around my computer and desk space that remind me of God's love and protection of us. Life hasn't been easy yet, but He's always there hearing and answering our prayers!

On a whim one afternoon, I decided to see if the Annie Sloan chalk paint was all it's cracked up to be. More on the finished product later. But it's safe to say I have a new obsession. #chalkpaintallthethings

We met Stephen's grandparents for Sunday lunch one weekend. We typically eat at their house, but the rest of the family was out of town. So Stafford...Party of 4 it was!

And...these two hoodrats. They came home with us after church to eat lunch with us and swim. We love spending time with our nephews!

In the midst of this low-carb diet I'm having to stick to, these two decided to be supportive and share a dessert instead of having individuals. I tell ya...they're team-players these two.

(insert me giving them the death glare)

We spent a solid week and a half doing life at the ballpark. Riley's was selected to play on a county-wide All-Star team. their one week of tournament games turned into a week and a half thanks to constant thunderstorms every night.

Little brother tried his best to sit still and cheer on his brother but he spent most of his time conning different family members into trips to the concession stand and playing in the dirt under the bleachers.

Then the rains came DOWN and the floods came UP! I'm not sure if I've ever been SO drenched in my entire life. We were absolutely soaked from head to toe, boys were covered in dirt, the field flooded...but you know what....THEY STILL PLAYED. Granted it was 10:30 that night but they still played. Nutso.
Then the next night, guess what?! It stormed again!! Colin was ready to bounce to a car the first streak of lightning he saw. I volunteered to take him before he FLIPPED out. We made it to the car just before the rain started. Luckily he and I stayed completely dry that night! Good call, Colin!

Also  this month, I picked up the paintbrush for the first time in a while! Loved how this one turned out! Whoever the Story's are...I hope they enjoy it! Thanks for the order, Lisa!

Then, there's the cat saga. Ok, so this cat showed up at my parents house a looooonnng time ago. Like 10 years ago or something. She was small and cute and I gave her some milk. She's been there ever since. So now, there's some "mean white cat" (as my mom affectionately refers to) that's been hanging around there house. Well, dumb cat beat our Lucy cat up pretty bad and she had to have surgery on her ear. 

Homegirl, HATES the cat carrier. She's lazy 364 days a year but the one time you have to take her to the vet for her annual shots she comes alive! She's a fighter! The day that she needed to go back to get her stitches out, I enlisted the help of a faithful volunteer. (It's part of his life-long duties.) I had the bright idea to not put her in the carrier since the vet was about five minutes away and opted to just hold her. Well, she did great. 

Lucy owned that front seat. Like a boss. She's on the mend. She's not the same since "the incident" but she's on the mend.

We're gearing up for 4th of July festivities this weekend! You can see all my festive decor from this post here.

We celebrated Father's Day at my sister's house. I love being able to celebrate my dad & grandpa together!

Summer means LOTS of fresh fruit & veggies around here!! I can't get enough cantaloupe and plums!! I crave fresh fruit! SOO good!

And lastly, I ran by Books A Million on Monday after work to pick up something quick and ended up being there an hour. (More on that later.) I swear, I could probably spend an entire day in a bookstore. It's the perfect place to go and unwind after a hectic Monday. So calm & peaceful. #myhappyplace
And that's been our June! Nothing earth shattering....just everyday life. We couldn't ask for anything more!!

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