Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ten Things About Me

I saw this blog post idea on another blog earlier this week and thought it was great & decided to do it for myself!

I LOVE planning parties! Any kind of party. Birthdays, Showers, Bachelorette, Holiday, Retirement….doesn’t matter. If it’s a party; I’m all over it. I’m a sucker for a killer theme and all the details that bring that theme to life!! I also LOVE scanning Pinterest for cute themes and details. If I ever need a few minutes just to chill and unwind, you’ll probably find me scrolling through Pinterest and adding things to my “Party Ideas” or “kids parties” boards. In fact, I’m helping plan of my friend’s son’s 1st birthday right now….he happens to be 12 weeks old right now, but that’s beside the point. When the PERFECT theme hit me one night, well, you just can’t hold back.

We purchased our house in May of last year. 6 months prior to that we started looking at houses for sale online at Zillow. Then we downloaded the app and were looking ALL the time. And now, 14 months into home-ownership, I still secretly love getting my Zillow emails every morning with houses in our area for sale. It’s weird. We have NO plans on moving ANY time in the next SEVERAL years; but I LOVE looking.
It’s like the same fascination I have with the website and app VRBO for vacation rentals. When vacation planning is on the mind, I’m ALL over this site for weeks. I LOVE checking out rentals and dreaming about fabulous, lavish vacations with my man!

Amazon. Oh Amazon. I swear, you find anything on Amazon and 9 times out of 10, it’s a lowered priced than anywhere else you’ll find it. Right now, I have one week left of my Amazon Prime trial. (Yeah, I know, you’d think I’d already have this little feature….but I do have some self-restraint.) I have  never (knock on wood) had a problem with Amazon. Even the one return I’ve ever made, the Customer Service Rep I spoke with was extremely helpful and had my free return shipping label and credit back to be within minutes. So stinkin’ awesome.
And…here’s a little tid bit, thanks to my friend Katie…does your husband have a so-so track record for gift giving? If so….have I got a deal for you!! Create a wish list for yourself on Amazon and then you have the option to share it with others! YES! I’m constantly adding random things to my wish list when I think “oh, I’d like to have (fill in the blank) sometime.” Then, Stephen has access to said wish list whenever he needs to give me a gift. Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Valentines…whatever he wants.

He feels good because he got me something he knows I’d love and I like what I get! And so far (except once) I have not known what he ordered for me so it is a surprise to me!

This should really be listed in one of those “10 Steps to a Successful Marriage” books. It saves a marriage from a lot of unnecessary stress and disappointment.

(p.s. I really think I want to work here when I grow up!)

This little addiction to “Bachelor Nation”…it’s sad really. Ok, so I LOVE the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise…the whole franchise. Now, with social media, you can keep up with past “contestants” after their 15 minutes of fame. So, yes. I follow several of them on IG. I can’t stop. I have my favorites and the ones that I really didn’t care for on the show and they’re just a train wreck to watch. I will also admit I feel sometimes like I’ve had a small victory when I find someone from several seasons ago on IG for the first time.

My resume is a little all over the place prior to college grad. BUT, I have some ridiculous experience and useless knowledge stored up for a rainy day. I can tell you when the busiest two days of the entire year are at any Bath & Body Works, create a 500+ member church’s education curriculum for an entire year, I can transfer a car title with my eyes closed, tell you what year model a boat is by the serial number, and rattle of so many boat parts that it makes me  roll my own eyes. I’ve been fortunate to have never had a “bad” job; and the job I’ve had since college grad, (well, two years after grad because GOOD jobs around here were slim pickings back then) it’s pretty great too. Useless knowledge but great experiences nonetheless.

I’ve had a piece of paper with baby names on it since I was 16.  And not ONE of those names is what Stephen and I have picked out for our future littles.

This was one….yall, it’s legit.

I have an irrational fear of those blow up windsock people. You know these things….

Ugh, just gives me the shivers thinking about them. People think I’m crazy….but I’m telling ya, you just have NO IDEA what those things are going to do next…where they’re going to go….what direction they’re going to whip to the next second….they’re just not a good thing. And I can’t handle them.

And clowns. I really don’t like clowns. My nephews think it’s HILARIOUS to point a clown out to me in books they’re reading.

The older I get the more sensitive I think my ears have become, which seems to be the total opposite of how it logically should happen. I can’t stand loud talkers, loud phone calls, loud TV’s, loud ringtones….it just makes me cringe. Stephen has a loud voice and I often find myself interrupting him mid-sentence saying, “I’m right here” because he’s blasting my ears and I’m literally sitting 2 feet away from him the car or on the couch.

I work in the facilities / engineering department of a hospital, but let me TELL you about the location of my office. Right outside my door is a main hallway for “personnel use only” and a very popular time clock…it’s like Grand Central through here. The stories I overhear are beyond excellent. I have been saying for at least 5 years now that I need to make a book. I overhear staff complaints about their co-workers, who’s cheating on who, how first dates went…you name it.

Also, the Morgue is across from office. Girls, I cannot make these things up! I will admit I have cried and I have laughed at things that happen across the hall there. I have cringed, I have held my breath, I have helped the little nurse out when she can’t handle it by herself. I say a little prayer every time I see a patient being brought down or as the funeral home leaves with them, because who knows, I may be the only one praying for them. I have handed out Kleenex to family members and have wanted to punch some family members in the gut for the lack of concern. I never dreamed I’d end up where I am, but it has certainly changed perspective on the life I live and the temporariness of it all.

Ok, so nine was a little a deep, so I thought I needed to end on a quirky, light-hearted note. You know those cheap popsicles that stores have in the summer in the mesh bags….

Yeah, those.

I flippin’ LOVE those things. I crave them. I love ice cream, but I love these things more in the summer! The perfect cold treat!!

If you made it to the end of this post, you’ll be receiving your medal in mail in 2-3 business days. You deserve it!

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