Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Flatt Family & Friends Shower

Ok, so as much as I loved my two showers before this one, I was PUMPED for this particular one! It was my Bridal Shower hosted by my family and friends and the guest list was full of ladies I had known my entire life! I was SO looking forward to this Sunday afternoon.

Then two days prior, I woke up with allergies and sinus mess. I couldn’t stop sneezing, my nose was running like Niagra Falls, my eyes were watering worse than a good Tammy Faye Baker cry….I was a hot mess! I immediately started popping allergy meds, sinus meds, nasal spray…you name it, every 2-4 hours I was medicating myself with something. Sunday came and I wasn’t any better so I remember posting on Facebook that morning, “If you’re joining me at my Bridal Shower today, it may be tears of joy, it may be tears of sinus pressure. Either is fair game today.” Needless to say, I physically felt miserable that day. The one day behind my wedding day that I was so desperately looking forward to, I was sick as a dog.

I pulled myself together, put on extra makeup to conceal the puffy eyes and red nose and stuffed some Kleenex in my dress. What any good bride would do! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!

My sister, bestie Emilee and several other aunts, cousins and friends worked so hard for months getting everything together for this event! I can’t remember how many invitations they sent out, but I think we ended up having close to 125 people there?? Or perhaps I was hallucinating…which is TOTALLY an option given the day I was having.

I loved the colors they chose and the details they included!

Since it was a Sunday afternoon, they decided to go for a dessert buffet since most (ok, probably all) guests would’ve eaten lunch before coming to the shower. *Disclaimer: I did go all Bridezilla on them and demanded Mrs. Faye’s sausage balls. I was totally fine with the all sweets theme, but this was my one moment in the sun that I could have her famous sausage balls at a shower in my honor. I demanded VERY little in this whole wedding planning process, and I am not above admitting that I demanded no daisies in my wedding flowers, market street light strands, and Mrs. Faye’s sausage balls at my shower. I’m pretty easy to please but those were my “must have’s”.*

Guests started filing in right on time, gifts were taken at the door and taken the table…gift wrap not necessary. Haha.

We snapped the obligatory shower posed pics and then we ATE us some dessert!!

Amy took some great pics of guests as they sat around and chatted. I love these people!

Side story (free of charge)…these three Momma’s…mine, and my friends Amy and Molly’s moms. (Shirley, Linda & Angie) The three of us girls are tight…back in the day, we basically just lived at each other’s houses. We shared car rides, trips, homes, parents and families. It makes my heart happy when the three of us are together and I see these three mommas together!!

Speaking of friends’ moms….these two. OH these two. They are best friends and the BEST party planners you will ever find! Mary is my friend Emilee’s mom and Debbie at one time was close to being my mother in law. But THAT is a story for a different day. Just because that didn’t work out, my relationship with her never changed. She is such a special, special lady in my life and I am SO honored she played such a big role in helping and planning for my big day! I am SO blessed with amazing friends and the family package that goes with them!

OH! And two more moms….Kayla’s mom Donna came all the way from McMinnville to be there with us. She’s just a sweetheart and will always be my “Warren County Mom!” I love her to pieces!!

Angela’s mom Kaye also attended. She has always been such an encourager to me and I’m guessing she probably didn’t mind being on “Anna duty” that day!! (P.S. Anna was one of my flower girls.)

Side story #2…right after this quick photo was snapped Angela informed me she was pregnant with Campbell Baby #2. I immediately thought to myself, “but can you fit into your dress in a month?” Oh the mind of a bride on sinus medication.

After I ate a quick bite, it was time to start opening those gifts!! YOU GET FIESTA AND YOU GET FIESTA…EVERYBODY GETS FIESTA!!

Behind the scenes, shenanigans were ensuing in the church kitchen. Gosh I love these people!!

7 out of 10 bridesmaids were there. I missed Ann Marie, Elizabeth & Molly that day, but I’m glad these girlies could be there to work I mean celebrate! Haha

This is the famous Mrs. Faye of the “Mrs. Faye’s sausage balls” saga from earlier and Serena. We used to go to church with them a few years ago for about 10 years and they are JUST WONDERFUL. I value their friendships and more importantly the incredible Christian examples they have set for me!! (Party’s over when the banners start falling. Womp, womp)

Pics with more friends!!

Side Story #3…these friends are my “package deal” friends. (only missing Ashley in this one) These girls’ husbands are all buds with Stephen…all of their guys were in our wedding. In fact, they’ve all been in each other’s weddings at one point or another. I didn’t know of any of them before Stephen. It meant so much to me that day that they came to my shower. In the beginning I often felt like an outsider to their group, but once I got comfortable with them (that’s the key for me in any new situation though really) any feelings I had about not “fitting in” went away. Brittany, Kristen, Taylor, Katie & Ashley are some of the most supportive and helpful friends you could ever hope to have. I am so thankful I can call them MY friends now too!

Then it was time to clean up and load up…I make my girls earn their keep. I kid, I kid. I have the best friends!!

(P.S. Happy Birthdays last week to these two hotties!!)

After everything was packed in cars, we caravaned to my apartment to unload, made it back to church on time that night, went home, took some Nyquil and was asleep by 8pm. I party hard.  

I would end this by saying that I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, but I’d be lying. I wish I would’ve felt better BUT all in all, it was a lovely afternoon filled with love, support and celebration!! Everything a shower should be!! Love is sweet!

On Friday I'm sharing all about our Girls Night Out!! You'll want to see the perfect, girly night!

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