Thursday, September 17, 2015

Getting Ready

Today I’m sharing our “Getting Ready” photos. These moments were what made it all seem final and real. Seeing all my girls in their dresses and how our flowers looked with the dresses and suits…everything started to take shape so beautifully.

Before we get started, I have to give HUGE credit to our photographer, Julie Wilken with Martha May Photo Design. I had worked with Julie several times before our wedding for various events but our wedding and engagement photos BLEW me away! She was a one-woman-show working to get a TON of  people in the right places at the right times and all looking in the same direction AND smiling. In hind sight, she had her work cut out for her that day, but she handled it! #likeaboss Most of the photos you will see in the coming days are by Julie with a few random ones from other people thrown into the mix that were just too good to leave out!

Our wedding was at 3pm, but we decided early on we wanted to do all the photos prior to the ceremony. With a huge wedding party in tow, we had to keep a tight schedule and luckily we stuck to it pretty well! Needless to say, my day started rather early that morning. I met my hair stylist, Crystal, at the church at 8am and she got to work on me. On a last minute whim, she decided to cut my hair….at the church…on my wedding day. But let me tell you, this girl. Yall she has done my hair for YEARS and for 10 out of the 16 weddings I’ve been in. She said, “I’m cutting your hair” and I said, “Whatever.” Some brides might’ve flipped but I didn’t flinch.

In between hair and makeup, our flowers were delivered and I may or may not have squealed like a little girl. (I got a sneak peek the previous day at the florist, but the final sets were PERFECT!) Our cakes were also delivered during this same time and again, I may have squealed with excitement!!
Before I knew it, all the girls and guys were showing up to get dressed AND it was time to put on MY dress. FINALLY.

After the dress went on, Crystal worked her magic and got my veil secured in just perfect. The veil was something from the beginning I had said no to. As weeks went by, I started doubting that maybe one day I would look back and wish I had worn a veil for photos and the ceremony at least. I decided that I needed a veil afterall. My veil was my “something borrowed” from my friend Kayla. AND I’m pretty certain I remember whipping it out of my hair right after the ceremony and handing it straight to Kayla or her mom when I saw them at the reception.

It was time for my finishing touches…sash, jewelry and shoes. I love these images Julie caught with me and my mom! Such a precious time.

I’m so glad we have these photos, because 5 years prior to our wedding day in this same room, I was helping Emilee get ready for her wedding in the exact same way these photos showed! What friends are for!!

All my girls finished their touch ups before we started pictures. The plan was: girl pics first, then Stephen and I would see each other for the first time and have our pics made, followed by wedding party pics, family pics and then the guys would do theirs last before guests started showing up. (Which guests always show up early, so they were out and about taking their photos and guests saw them. At least they didn’t see me and my girls, and that was the goal.)

Right before we headed outside to do pictures (because praise the lord we had a GOREGOUS day!), the girls wrote down on small chalkboards where and/when they each met me for a special photo Julie had in mind. You’ll see how that turned out next week!!

Thanks to my work bestie Lorna (who’s also my flower girl, Audrey’s mom) for providing me with snacks!! Pretzels and a “stop and breath” conversation for the win! #shegetsme

While the girls were taking pics, my aunt provided lunch for everyone in the reception area. I think this was the guys' most anticipated part of the day. You would've thought they hadn't eaten in days by the way they were all carrying on asking every ten minutes, "When's lunch going to be here?!" Poor fellas.

 While we were rounding up everyone for group shots, the kiddos found time to climb trees.
And I found time to smile for random photos with some of my favorites.

And then there's these two brothers...#nephewlove

Some of the girls took time to sign our guest book in between shots.

Fast forward through the photo sessions (you’ll see those next week) and we were back inside just killing time until it was ceremony time. The girls and I got ready in the church nursery area since it was directly connected to a large bathroom with large countertops and mirrors. (Because duh, we’re girls.) The kiddos were able to play around without getting antsy or fussy.

Our grandmothers were all in a room across the hall from us with windows facing the parking lot watching people come in, so I had to go take a peek myself.

And guests were PILING in that entrance! So much so, that the line was quickly ALL the way down the hallway. Needless to say, when this reminder went off on my phone….

We didn’t start on time. I think it only ended up being about ten minutes late to get everyone seated that was waiting in line. RIGHT before we headed out to go line up, we snapped one last photo….IT WAS WEDDING TIME!!!

Tomorrow, I’m finishing the week by sharing all the details from our big day. Next week is FULL of wedding party and family photos along with our ceremony (which people are still talking about two years later) and our reception!!!

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