Friday, September 18, 2015

It's All in the Details!

Today, it’s all in the DETAILS!!

I knew I didn’t want to get carried away with a million different details or keep adding to the list the closer we got to the wedding. Instead, I decided EARLY on what was important to me details wise, and let the rest just fall into place.

My must have’s were our flowers, pennants and string lights, chalk boards and our cake displays. I was uncertain about décor for the church stage, and that just fell into place. I was uncertain of food, but that worked out with only minor problems. (Quite frankly I would’ve been fine not having food, but my dad said, “We have to feed people something”, and he was paying that particular bill, so we had food.) I wasn’t worried about music selections, photography, hair, makeup…it would all work out. And it did!

I have an obsession for all things chalk and knew I wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. I found several ideas on Etsy for wedding invitations, but they were all more expensive than I wanted to spend. Instead, I chose to work with a local printer (who happens to be my cousin’s wife) I sent her the ideas I had and she designed the perfect invitation for us! She also designed our Thank You cards, Rehearsal Dinner invitations, and programs. Everything she did was perfect and totally custom for our wedding! I love knowing that the first piece of our wedding that guests saw set the tone for our wedding!

When we started working on programs, I knew I wanted them to be light-hearted and a little different. Again, I found several ideas on Etsy and Kerri meshed them all together and came up with this one-of-a-kind program just for us! We had so many compliments from guests saying they loved it and they could tell they were in for a laid-back, enjoyable afternoon! #success

I placed large ferns, and Amy’s potted plants / flowers outside the main entrance with this chalkboard. (Amy is my green thumb. She has the most beautiful flower gardens and offered to plant and grown flowers for our wedding! She started working on them in the Spring and by late September we had beautiful pots that we wrapped with navy fabric and yellow burlap to sit throughout the church and reception area.)

On the church doors were these jute wrapped letters that my friend, Amy, again, so graciously made for us. (She’s a handy friend to have!)

We decided on using navy and yellow for our colors. Originally it was going to be navy and green, but our dear friend / arch nemesis Pinterest stepped in and started showing me navy and yellow and that was the end of that.

Entering into the church foyer, I wanted the center doors to be open and for guests to be able to be seated from the center aisle. I just feel like it takes away from the effect of the big picture when you come in from a side door and side aisle. I’m weird; it’s ok. We placed more of Amy’s plants by the doors with our #hashtag board for everyone to use. I made ribbon wreaths for the doors and the poms on the church pew ends. My friends, the Bumbalough family made the backdrop. Our florist let us use (for free..holla!) the two candle displays on the stage. The ferns came from Stephen’s parents’ front porch. We placed mason jars with flowers and candles in the windows inside the auditorium (which no one probably saw, because I’ll be honest, I never paid attention to them that day). Done.

The sign-in table was super simple. I re-used framed photos from one of my showers. Stephen’s mom and grandmother made EVERY. SINGLE. table runner you’ll see from here on. Robert (my cousin Sarah’s husband who was a HUGE help to us in setting up)  threw together a beautiful arrangement in a large mason jar from spare flowers we had purchased from Kroger the day before the wedding. (TIP: Buy your bouquets and boutonnieres from a florist. Buy a ton of loose spare flowers in your color scheme from Kroger and arrange them yourself. Huge money saver!! All the flowers on our tables, cakes, jars, etc….we did ourselves the day before the wedding. It was quick and easy and looked great!!) For our guest book, I ordered a photo book from Shutterfly using pics from our Engagement session. Two years later, this book is still on our coffee table and everyone who’s visited us has looked at it. (Annnnd…..I noticed about a year after the wedding that I never paid attention to the fact that APPARENTLY you can edit the spine of the book!! Therefore, the default example was what printed since I didn’t notice to change it. Literally, a YEAR later I noticed that our guest book said, “The Williamson’s” on the side. I can’t make this up.)

Stephen’s mom makes jewelry and it seemed like an easy choice to ask her to make something for my bridesmaids. She made each of them these bracelets along with matching earrings for the wedding. These were part of their gifts they received at the Rehearsal Dinner along with a monogrammed tote bag.

I know I mentioned flowers just a bit ago, but flowers were SUPER important to me. I LOVE flowers, but they have quite a heavy price tag especially when you’re buying 13 bouquets, 5 corsages, and 20 boutonnieres. I met with a couple florists to compare notes and prices and decided to go with Deborah’s Designs. She was so easy to work with and made a thousand notes on the pictures I brought her. My bouquet ended up IDENTICAL to the photo I took her!

I incorporated orchids into my bouquet and my mom’s bouquet because the one she carried 40+ years ago when she and my dad married was filled with orchids. I just thought that would be a special touch for her to carry orchids again.

Also attached to my bouquet was my “something blue”, a handkerchief that had been my mom’s years ago and a broach with my grandparents’ photo inside. This was so special to me to feel like I had them with me all day. My Mammy would’ve loved to have been there to visit with everyone and see how pretty everyone was dressed up. My PaPa would’ve given Stephen such a hard time, pulling things over on him left and right. He’s been gone for 16 years and she’s been gone for 13 – there are days that it still seems like they should be here or that I’ll turn around and she’ll be sitting in the pew behind me at church again. Miss them.

Coming into the reception, we had a table set up for people to leave their thumbprint on a lightning bug / mason jar print I had ordered on Etsy. I made a chalkboard with directions and used only two different shades of yellow for the ink pads and it turned out GREAT!

This is the "finished product". I had a piece of glass made and a back put on the frame, and we have hung it in our bedroom. I love seeing all the love that was shared with us on our wedding day. So many people have touched our lives, it's just a friendly reminder of how much love and support we have with us. 

My last “must have” was a special area strictly for cake displays. At some point along the line, my friend Emilee and I came up with the idea for lemonade stands. They would fit the outdoorsy, fun theme I wanted and in my head I started picturing the whole thing looking like a backyard party or street fair set up AND I LOVED it. Emilee’s husband Chuck gathered up several pallets for us and he and Stephen (mostly Chuck) made these suckers by hand one night. They were absolutely free and have been used SO many times by other people since our wedding! They’ve been in 3 weddings after ours, multiple craft fairs for food display booths, and birthday parties. SO MUCH USE! I love that!!

I made different chalkboards to label our cupcake and cake flavors as well as our “Stafford’s Lemonade Stand”. We served Pink Lemonade, Arnold Palmer, Strawberry Lemonade and Lemon Water. The cakes were made by a friend of mine who does them occasionally on the side and were FANTASTIC. The cupcakes went in a HURRY! Such a hurry that neither Stephen or I tasted one that day. I wanted a smaller tiered cake and several “satellite” cakes. I don’t know why….I just wanted cake everywhere. We had quite a bit left over that got divided up among friends and family at the end of the night (which by the way NO ONE seemed to mind) and we took two to-go boxes full of cake with us on our honeymoon and it was the best thing ever! 

We placed more of Amy’s flower pots around the area and Robert added any extra spare loose flowers we had to all the cakes, tables and stands and it looked more beautiful than I ever imagined. My jaw was on the floor when I saw it all finished. This was my favorite detail of our entire day!

We decided to set up an area for a photo booth at the reception. Between Emilee and I, we had everything we needed to have a great set up from the backdrop to the props! Everyone had a great time snapping fun pics here. 

We set up two long rows of rectangular tables and a few round tables on the sides of the room. We used the table runners that Stephen's mom had made on each table. For the long tables, I had purchased glass stem vases from Hobby Lobby, painted them each white and distressed them with sandpaper. We filled them with random, loose flowers we had. On round tables we set various mason jars with more loose flowers. Added votive candles to each table and BAM! DONE!!

Under the pennants and lights, this room just had a totally different look and I loved it!

As mentioned in a previous post, I didn't want to do birdseed, bubbles or rose petals for our send off and it would be too light to do sparklers. I felt like my options were limited, and that's when I found this idea on Etsy! I made up a chalk board for instructions and we filled a basket with paper airplanes that my friend Katey and some others had folded together a couple days before the wedding. We received differing feedback from our paper airplanes idea prior to the wedding, but in the end, it was fun and the pictures turned out great. (I think everyone loved throwing paper airplanes around outside whether they wanted to admit it or not.)

That's it!! Congrats for making it through this LOOONG post of details!! I just wanted to be able to share the "small stuff" from our day and the stories behind why we chose what we did. It'll be great for our kids and grandkids to be able to look back on one day and read all about our wedding!!

Next week, I'm sharing our ceremony, reception and photos from our group shots. Which may or may not include photos of all the guys standing in the middle of one of the busiest streets in our town! All for the perfect shot!

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