Friday, September 4, 2015

Our Church Bridal Shower

As promised, this begins the start of 11 (so far) posts of our wedding two years ago and all the events that led up to it. Today, I'm sharing our church shower.

About two months before the wedding, we enjoyed a traditional southern Sunday afternoon 2pm-4pm bridal shower.
(Here comes the traditional shower poses that you will see in two more posts!!)

 With my grandma, mom and sister

With both of Stephen's grandmothers. (His mom was out of town this particular weekend.)

With some of the ladies who helped host. (Despite some looks, I promise they're happy for know how group pictures are. Someone's always looking a different direction, not smiling...something.)

I'm a punch kinda of girl. Some people aren't. But I could drink the whole bowl if allowed but I guess that's not very ladylike.
 So my aunt told me a week or so ahead of time, that she was going to bring a big floppy hat and attach my bows and ribbons to it. I didn't believe her. Turns out, I should have.
 She was RIGHT by my side for every gift I opened quick to attach every bow, ribbon, flower, anything that was attached to a box or bag!!
 This picture cracks me up. It looks like we sure are interested in that charcoal caddy. "Oh look how deep it is! That will hold alot of charcoal!" HA.
Actually there were more gifts tucked inside the charcoal caddy. That what were looking at and beginning to take out.

This was probably my favorite gift from the day. One of my aunts gave me one of my grandmother's aprons that she had. It meant so much to receive this apron and have a piece of my Mammy in our kitchen and hopefully pass down to future generations.

We are SO very thankful for such a wonderful, loving and supportive church family. My dad has been a preacher my entire life, plus some. Being the preacher's family brings its fair share of responsibilities, but also it's abundant share of blessings. In my 32 years, this is the 3rd congregation that my dad has served at. We love our Whitson Chapel family and look forward to many more years growing together!

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