Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our Reception (Part 1)

Immediately after our wonderful ceremony, guests headed into our reception area at the church. We decided to have two food lines set up, one on each side of the room to allow for better flow and less backup. It worked out really great.

Early in the planning stages, we contemplated on doing a receiving line or not. I am so glad we decided to do one. It was such a great opportunity to see everyone and thank them for coming! Had we not done this, we would've missed seeing several people.

We set up a table with our thumbprint frame just before going into the reception. This location was perfect, and our print turned out great!

After everyone came through our line, Stephen and I headed in to join our guests and hopefully eat some food and CAKE!!

As good as all the food looked, I wasn't very hungry. I think the adrenaline of the day was carrying me through. Stephen however, had no problem scarfing down a plate or two. (Two years later, he still doesn't have that problem.)

I LOVE how all of our decor turned out! A room full of family and friends under my beloved "market street" lights. I just can't get enough!

The lemonade stand was a huge hit! I was chicken though afraid that if there was a day I would spill something on me, that day would be THE day. Therefore, I drank water.

We waited until Julie was ready to do our cake pics before we tasted. Stephen's reactions in the following pics show his stamp of approval.

This man has a SWEET TOOTH...he was in HEAVEN. 

Tomorrow, I'm wrapping everything up with the rest of our reception: photo booth pics, our guests, a paper airplane send off and some other goodies!!

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