Friday, September 25, 2015

Our Reception (Part 2)

Today, I wanted to end the wedding series with all the fun photos from our reception. We had so many people work so hard to help us make my vision come to reality and it was just a fun time to celebrate together!

Lorna trained me for my job five and a half years ago. She had my job several years ago, left when she had kids, and came back as a fill-in when the lady before me quit. Once I was trained, her time would be done. Five and a half years later, she's still there and I love her dearly. I can't imagine my days without her. She's gets me. (Her daughter Audrey, was our oldest flower girl. She has such a personality and looked adorable that day. At some point during the day, she started feeling bad and ended up getting sick on their way home. BAD in was sick for a couple of days. Bless her heart.)

Robert is my cousin, Sarah's husband. He snapped random candid pics for us throughout the day and most of the photo booth pics. BUT most of all he was our right hand man throughout our set up day. He was there to do whatever we needed. We love having him in our family. He just fits. 

If I remember correctly, Riley's allergies started bothering him that day and we assumed it may have been all the flowers. But his missing tooth smile overshadows his puffy eyes! Love having him and his brother as our nephews!

I love these random shots Julie got of our guests. We were just surrounded with the best people!

Time for some photo booth fun!! 

Poor Colin got lost in the hat.

I think everyone enjoyed our little setup! It was quick and cheap to throw together and definitely worth it!!

I wish we had gotten a better photo of our photographer, but here's Julie in action doing her 'thang! She was a one-woman show that day and rocked it!

We had decided early on that we would do our send off just for photography purposes, but not actually leave at that moment. We wanted to spend time with our families and friends, linger around, pack up all of our stuff and say our goodbyes.

Everyone started heading outside to line up for our exit.

Julie took the front shots and Robert took pics from the back. I love how all of these turned out from both angles.

The paper airplane plan turned out great!!

Stephen's buds decorated my car and kept it modest (per my plea with my new brother-in-law.) I've seen first hand this group of guys' handiwork in several weddings before ours...and I didn't really want my dad or grandparents to see their jokes. Call me a party pooper, but it wasn't worth it to me on that day.

The guys drew a bride and groom on our front windshield and left open spaces perfect for our heads and a photo. Clever. 

We snapped one last photo and made a short drive around the church building before coming back. 

Most of our guests filtered off after our little drive away. When we came back, family and friends started tearing down, packing up and cleaning up. 

My Dad filled out our marriage license and Evan signed it as our witness. 

After we had both changed clothes and packed our things into the car. We were going to stop by my / our apartment to pick up our luggage and head towards Destin that night. Our plan was to drive about half way and then drive the rest of the way Sunday morning.

The photo below, pretty well sums up our day. I didn't know what this picture was about when I first saw it, until Stephen told me what was going on.

He caught my Dad off to themselves and promised him he would take care of me as well as he had. He told my Dad he was proud to be in our family and would work hard to not let any of us down. He told my Dad how much he appreciated him and his influence on us. He told my Dad he loved him. And my Dad told him he loved him too.


We spent 4 hours in the car later that night before stopping in Hoover, Alabama. Yes, we spent our Wedding Night in Hoover, Alabama. It was as glamorous of a town as it sounded. But I will never forget that 4 hour car ride. We were thankful, we were giddy, we couldn't stop talking and laughing.

We talked about the wedding the entire drive, the 4 hours flew by. The next day and remainder of week, we enjoyed our stay in Destin just the two of us. We lounged on the beach, took naps in the middle of the day, and got dressed up for dinner dates every night. It was perfect!

Even though it took two years to get around to sharing all of these moments, I think it was worth it and hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Our day was perfectly made for us!

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