Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Goals & Weekend Recap

Welcome to September!!!

The Vols play, the air turns cooler, pumpkins begin to decorate our home, it’s anniversary & vacation month….all stands to reason why it may be my favorite month of the year!

This month’s goals are a perfect mix of things I HAVE to get done and fun things I WANT to get done.

Vacation Plan – We leave for vacation toward the end of the month and there’s a little bit of planning that we need to address before we leave. We usually pack one of my 31 large utility totes full of snacks, breakfast and lunch items and eat out for dinner. We’ll buy perishable items once we get there. (Because HELLO?! There’s a Publix a mile down the road!) I need to get those items together. This time, I want to look into different restaurant options before we get there so we have an idea for what’s offered. We’ve tried The Back Porch, Pompano Joe’s, Mitchell’s Fish Market, Tommy Bahama's & Marlin Grill…what is else is good in Destin?

My Fall Flash Sale customers will be receiving their pieces this month!! Specifically by the 24th. Time to get my orange paints together!

As promised, this month I will be posting all about wedding…from two years ago. In two years, I’ve only managed to share just a few on Facebook, so it’s time I let everyone see all the details from our favorite day and share some stories along the way! I’m not 100% sure yet what the timeframe for posting these will be or how many posts it will take…just know, there’s A LOT of wedding about to be flooding this little space on the internet!!

Back in June I got caught up to date with receipts and paperwork organization and that’s as far as it went. This month, I’d like to get everything filed away from the Summer months so I won’t be overwhelmed with Christmas shopping receipts!!! 

(Keeping it real…this is where we stash receipts until they’re filed away all nice and neat-like. Real life…everyone has a junk drawer in their kitchen, amiright?!)

This is my FUN one…FALL DECORATING!! When we get back from vacation, it’ll be October and I think the congregation will agree that Fall décor is acceptable to be up by October…so I’m decorating before we leave for vacation!! It will take every ounce of restraint to refrain from this for a couple more weeks.

Host friends and/or family over for dinner. We’ve been pretty good and consistent about this all year, which was one of my 2015 goals. We just like having people in our home. And I like to cook. AND our friends and family like to eat…so it’s a win win for everybody!! We barely made the cut for August but my grandpa’s birthday fell on a Saturday and I was going to be home most of the day so I was able to cook him a birthday dinner and bake him a cake. (You’ll see more about this below if you keep on reading.)

This weekend was fairly low-key with a surprise weekend long visitor.

Friday night we watched our oldest nephew Riley play ball and after his game we went out to dinner with my aunt and uncle. She had recently ordered several canvases from me for the ladies who work for her, so it was dinner + delivery night!!

Stephen had to work early Saturday  morning for a few hours which meant I enjoyed an amazing peaceful sleep in our bed alone. I love him with my whole heart, but he’s difficult to sleep with. He kicks, he punches, he flops. One day I just KNOW I’m going to come into work with a black eye. I came really close to it once earlier this year but it didn’t bruise. It was just red and sore. He’s a restless sleeper. I basically sleep on the edge and hang on. HAHA. ( I wish I was kidding about this…any of this. But I’m not.)

Later in the morning, my sister dropped Colin off to stay with us for a few hours while Riley played in a ball tournament an hour or so away. He stayed with Stephen while I went to a baby shower. Speaking of…I LOVE how this canvas turned out for Miss MaKenzie’s gift. LOVE the colors Chelsea chose for her nursery!!

Once I got back from the shower, Stephen left for his fantasy football draft. Because well…guys’ priorities. While he was gone, Colin and I played a game and then finished up dinner. My mom and grandparents came over to eat for my grandpa’s 88th birthday! He’s just so special to all of us….one of the best men I’ve ever known. Quite honestly, ever will know. He’s just the best.

For dessert, because it’s not a birthday celebration without cake, I whipped up Mix and Match Mama’s Banana’s Foster Bundt Cake. I picked this because I had everything on hand to make it. (except I only used 1 box of pudding mix). This was sooo good! Everyone, including Colin, loved this cake. We served it still warm and with some vanilla ice cream and it made this man a happy guy!

Colin’s “for a few hours” stay turned into an overnight stay…which turned into an all  afternoon stay. (Aunt and Uncle of the Year Award!! We forgot to get his booster seat….the word of God protects us in times of need, right?!)  

I may be going out on a limb, but I THIIIINK he MAAAAAY have liked all the one-on-one attention he got and the whole not having to share / take turns / or play what Riley wants to this time also played a big role in his request to keep staying.

He asked if he could spend the night Sunday  night when my brother in law was on his way to pick him up but Stephen told him no. “You have school tomorrow. I have to go to work. Erica has to go to work.” To which his innocent little 6 year old self replied, “Stephen, do you even have a real job?” I swear. I about fell off the couch.

And that my friends was our low-key, unexpected Colin-filled weekend. He is smart and FUNNY but doesn’t know he’s funny…but isn’t that the BEST kind?!!


  1. "Stephen, do you even have a real job?" Bhahahaha! I laughed so hard. No, kid, no he doesn't...and we allll know it.

    1. I know, right?!! Most days I'm jealous of his flexibility and considerable higher pay than mine, BUT it pays the bills and puts some back in savings. "real job" or not, he's got it made and he knows it! haha


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