Monday, September 21, 2015

The Bride, Groom & 20 of Our Closest Friends

Hold on friends, this week is going to be busy around here. I have posts planned for every day this week and wrapping up next Monday with the final post on our 2 year anniversary! WOW!! TWO. YEARS. Already?! It literally seems like all these photos just took place a few weeks ago. 

I think we ended up having close to 1,000 photos from our photographer, needless to say, you'll only be seeing the highlights this week. (And it was HARD to pick "the highlights"!) 

Today, I'm sharing photos of our wedding party....our very best, closest and dearest friends! There's not much this week that I feel like I need to say, other than letting the photos speak beautifully for themselves. I'll add a note here and there, but for the most part, you'll be seeing our photos this week. 

Without further ado....

We were BLESSED with a beautiful day so we took the majority of our photos outside. In the beginning we were discussing doing an outdoor wedding at his family's house, but after receiving the advice to check a Farmer's Almanac to see what the weather for that weekend would be like, we quickly decided against an outdoor plan. The words "soggy and damp" forecasted our weekend in two different almanacs I picked up. Turns out, the almanac was WRONG, and not just wrong but waaaaaay wrong. At least we had beautiful photos outdoors!

Are these girls not the cutest!! I can't get over how much these kiddos have grown in two years!

I shared a little about these next two photos in an earlier post. Julie, our photographer, came across this idea on Pinterest and knew we needed to recreate it with my girls. I made chalkboards for each girl, and before we headed out for photos, they each wrote down where they met me! A couple have known me since my own birthday, a couple from their birthday, the others at various youth group events, summer camps, elementary school, 7th grade English class, JR High Gym class, and college Accounting class. This was so fun!

Then we switched locations, and the landscape company the church uses showed up to cut the grass. Regardless that there was nearly 40 people in the lawn taking photos. Nope. Didn't stop them.

So that stirred up bugs and pesky gnats and they INVADED my dress. It was gross. Luckily someone, I don't know who, had bug spray in their bag and the next thing I knew, our friend Brittany was literally spraying the inside layers of my dress with bug spray.

We took a small break from the bugs and came back inside. Because I have been getting the jokes for YEARS, "you're like the girl from that movie 27 Dresses!", we conjured up a plan to make a couple photos with all my dresses. Yes, I had saved every one of them, AND after seeing this pictures, I'm glad I kept them all! 

My bridesmaids who are married and whom I've been in their weddings, held the dresses I wore in their wedding. Ann Marie is holding the flower girl dress I wore in her parents wedding from when I was FIVE. A couple the other girls who weren't married at that point and my flower girl, held the dresses I wore in other weddings. 
After the wedding, these dresses finally made their way to our local Goodwill. I kept a couple and my flower girl dress, but most of them I finally let go of, Bittersweet, but it was time. 

Time for the guys, starting with this handsome fella...

The church sits right off a major city street in our town. Julie took the boys to the middle turn lane to snap some photos. I LOVE how these turned out with the little bit of smoke billowing from behind them from some car's exhaust that had just passed them.

After they finished on the road, she had them run down the hill in front of the church. Now, the REAL story you won't see on here is that this is a series of about 5 or 6 pictures from this next pic to the time they get to the bottom on the hill. In those pics, one nameless groomsman dropped his pants down to his boxer-briefs and the reactions of the other guys running around him ARE PRICELESS.

BUT unfortunately for you, I promised him two years ago that those pictures would never appear on the internet. Just know, they are ridiculously perfect photos.

(P.S. Does our friend Jimmy remind you of Zach Galifianakis from "The Hangover"? I KNOW, right!?!!)

Our youngest nephew Colin has been hilarious since the time he started talking. Stephen couldn't remember what it was he turned around and asked right at this moment but I LOVE how that sweet little 4 year old cracked up a bunch of grown men. 

Again, I can't get over how much these three have grown! Jared (the tall one) is Stephen's cousin, Riley and Colin are our nephews. 

These next photos are nothing but FUN! Check out each guy in each photo. For two years now, these still make me laugh every time I see them. 

And just when we thought we'd have a good, serious photo, enter Stephen's brother with a photo bomb.

Ok, so I talked more in between photos than I expected, oh well. We had a great day with our friends and family. We are blessed with such a wonderful support system of close friends. Yes, it was a crowd of people, but we couldn't imagine not having these people surrounding us on our favorite day!!

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