Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our Fall Home

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that in general, everybody loves Fall. I mean, c’mon.

Pumpkins, Football, Chili/Soup/Stew, Cider, Hayrides, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mums, Long Sleeve Tee’s, Crisp Air, Changing Leaves….what’s NOT to love??!!

I decorated back in early September (because apparently I have zero will-power) for the most part, and finished up this past weekend with just a few final touches. I love decorating for holidays! My mom always had different seasonal and holiday decorations she put out in our home growing up. My sister and I started our own decorating collections at an early age and decorated our bedrooms at home. I love setting some of the same trinkets out every year that I used to put in my bedroom when I was 8 years old or so!

First up, we’ll start on the outside. We have a very small front porch….a stoop if you will. AND we have no outside electrical outlets, which made outdoor Christmas décor tricky last year. Lesson learned. *Tip #47 to future home-owners, check for outside electrical outlets.* I found several ideas for Fall Front Porches on Pinterest BUT realistically, not many would work for us. 

(Also, it probably won't matter to you, but it's killing me and after an hour of trying to fix it every way I know how and nothing working, I'm throwing in the towel and apologizing for the messed up format and everything not lining up straight.)

Also, I have two large potted impatiens from the Spring that have just taken on a mind of their own, and I couldn’t make myself dig them up. They’re so pretty…and they’re purple….purple’s a fall color, right?!

I left those plants, but to make room, I bought a small plant stand and repositioned them to closer to the door. I made a bow from orange and black glitter tulle for our column and mailbox, changed out our flag, added a metal jack-o-lantern (Hobby Lobby find from last year), a couple of mums and SO FAR just one pumpkin. I would LOVE to add a couple more, but since we’d prefer to leave access to our front door, there’s not much room for anything else. Just these small touches add the perfect Fall coziness I was I looking for!!

I would like to add something a little larger to our front door, but our storm door is somewhat ornate so it’s difficult to see anything I put on the door unless you’re standing right at it. I keep saying I want to get a plane storm door for this exact purpose, but these doors we KNOW were expensive and they’re only a couple years old…it just kinda seems like a waste of money on our part for superficial replacement reasons when we have a perfectly good door in place. #adultlife

On the inside of the door is a large orange and white burlap wreath that my friend Amy made for me. We love this one! It would go on the front door in a heartbeat, but again, no one would be able to see it. So I put it on the inside for us to enjoy.

I changed out two of the frames on our entry way table to be Fall (and Vols) appropriate. I picked up these small pumpkins at Walmart for $0.98 each! I wish I had gotten more at the time, because they’re all gone now.

I guess I'm a fan of adding wreaths, or anything for that matter, on the insides of doors..

I typically don’t add holiday or seasonal décor to bedrooms, well, not since my parents’ house at least. But this year, I decided to add a few pieces to our guest room which is also “Riley & Colin’s room”. Since they’ll be spending the night with us a couple of times in the coming weeks, I thought I would add a few fun things to their room. When I started looking through my decorations, I decided to save scarecrows for this room! I’m kinda loving that this room has a theme!!

Also in this room, I added a canvas that Riley painted me for Halloween a few years ago. It's a jack-o-lantern. (And definitely not an orange gnome or elf.) It is imperfectly perfect!

In our kitchen, I added a few fun pieces to my floating shelves.

Minus the red metallic pumpkin on top of my antique cabinet, everything inside it, I've had since I was little. These are the pieces that I love putting out each year for memories' sake. 

I have a large pumpkin bowl on our island filled with cider and hot chocolate mixes and a couple other snacks.

Stephen and I went with my family to Disney World three years ago this week, and on our last night myself, my mom and both nephews bought popcorn in these Mickey ghost tubs. I just think this is the cutest thing. I have visions of future kiddos snacking on popcorn out of this watching a Halloween movie! Gaaahhhh.

I started doodling one day, and this ended up being my Fall chalkboard for this year.

I added just a couple of Fall touches to our baker’s rack. While I’ve bought several of my decorations through the years, I would say that mom has bought most of them for me. 

Every year, she picks up something somewhere to bring me….and the collection grows. In fact, everything here is from her at some point. The little ghost, Stephen’s grandmother brought me last month when she and Stephen’s grandpa came over to eat dinner one night.

I added a few Fall flowers and decorative picks to a milkglass vase I had, added a couple of pumpkins from my collection, and a placemat. I decided this year to keep the table simple and avoid a runner or table cloth. I really like how this tuned out!

I put a pumpkin and mom’s contribution from last year to the top of this shelf that we have by our carport door.

To our corner hutch, I added a couple fall flowers to the top, and a few pieces inside. After Halloween passes, I may move the cornucopia out to be seen better.

On the inside of our carport door, I changed out the fabric flowers to an orange and brown color scheme. On the outside of the door, I have a metal bottle cap sign that  I purchased for my very first Fall in my apartment after moving out of my parents’ house. It’s not much, but it’s a special memory piece.

On and in our tv stand, are more random pumpkins and a couple of word décor pieces.

Our coffee table is slowly biting the dust. It’s busting on both sides where the legs connect. Therefore, it’s like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the middle of our living room. We shopped around for a new one a few weeks ago, but didn’t see anything we loved. I guess we’ll keep this one until it’s on the ground….which appears as if it won’t be much longer. Regardless, of the physical condition of the table, I still added my favorite table runner, gold charger plate, pumpkin and leaves. Of course, I have a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle from BBW again. I just love the coziness that a candle adds!

On our end tables, I added a couple ceramic plates. The pumpkin is from….wait for it….my mom. The leaf is from Stephen’s grandma.
And now, for my favorite place, as always….our fireplace!!!

Mom got me this metal pumpkin a couple years ago. The base of it is actually rather large so it’s hard to pair it with other decorations because it takes up quite a bit of room. So, it’ll just sit on the hearth…by itself. It works.

This year, I purchased my garland from Hobby Lobby in the Fall crafts aisle. I think this is totally meant to be a kids’ craft, but I like the pairing of the colors, twine and glitter. It was super simple to put together, but it’s glitter, so I had a MESS to sweep and vacuum up after I was finished.

For the mantle, I used several of the same items as last year, just placed them differently. I kept my leaf garland as my base and worked up from there.

I added a couple signs, a couple of pumpkins….

And mom’s collection contribution for this year….


It was done!

I know I say it every season, but I just LOVE having a fireplace and mantle to decorate. Christmas was my favorite last year, and I CAN’T WAIT to put it all up again this year!! But that will have to wait for 6 more weeks.

For now, we’ll enjoy FALL!!!

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