Monday, October 5, 2015

September October Goals Mashup

We're back from vacation and back to the real world, and if you saw my Instagram post earlier today, you know that I have some catching up to do! All in time.

We welcomed the new month beachside this year, while apparently we missed all the rain back here at home. Timed that one just right.

Instead of doing two separate posts for monthly goals recap and reveal, I'm combining the two this time.

We'll start with September....aka...the first time EVERYTHING got checked off my list!

 1. Vacation Planning - I was able to knock out all the non-perishable grocery shopping items early in the month, and got that bag packed about a week before we left. We had everything but clothes packed a few days in advance just ready to load in the car! Planning works!!

Also, I was sure to pack some laundry detergent pods since our condo had a washer and dryer. I did a couple loads of laundry through the week, so when we packed our bags to come home Friday morning, the only thing dirty was what we had slept in. Once back at home, we were able to unpack our clothes straight from our suitcases back to the closets. It was a pretty great feeling not being overwhelmed with laundry piles when we came back!

2. Fall Paintings - I finished and delivered all my Fall orders before vacation!! These are just some of the ones that went out.

3. Wedding Blog Posts - Unless you're new to my blog, (in which case, WELCOME!), you're FULLY AWARE of the craziness that was wedding recap month in September here. We were married 2 years ago last month, and I wanted to finally share pictures and stories behind our big day! Thank you to everyone for all the kind words and encouragement from these posts! (If you're behind, you can catch up by clicking the "Wedding" label on the right of your screen under Quick Finds.)

4. June - August Receipt & Paperwork Organization - I had fallen behind again on our receipts and general home paperwork. Filing bills, etc. I knew it would only take me an hour or so once I sat down to do it, it was just making the time to do so. One Sunday afternoon, I did just that and got caught up to date. (Only now, I have nothing filed for September. At least I'm consistent.)

5. Fall Decorate - YAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!! I tried REALLY hard to hold out until at least the second or third weekend of the month, but I caved on the first weekend. I ran by the storage unit after work one Friday, cleaned and decorated all the next day. College Game Day was on the TV and pumpkins were invading our home....all was right with the world. 

On to October! As I mentioned earlier, we started our month at the beach. While everyone was posting really pretty, colorful, autumn themed "Hello October" posts, I couldn't resist welcoming October my own way!

1. Enjoy the Saturdays - Literally, we have plans EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY. It has the potential to be a hectic month. Fun, but hectic. This time of the year only comes around once, and we're going to soak up all the festiveness!

2. Continue Christmas Shopping - I would love to say at the end of the month, that I'm half-way done. We'll see. I've got 5 folks completely done and a couple more started. AND a January birthday done!

3. Shop for Christmas card designs - I have no shame in admitting I will spend waaaaaay too much time on Etsy finding the perfect design for our card. We should be having our photos made in the next few weeks, from there I'll find a design that fits our pictures. I just LOOOOOOVE Christmas Cards!

4. Work on new address book - I really love keeping an address book, but the one I have has become so organized and ratty looking, that last year, I requested an May Designs book for a new address book! I'm ashamed to admit that 10 months later, I've yet to transfer the first address into the new book, but I want to get this done this month, so I can use it for Christmas card mailings in December. It will be so nice to have everything in ONE book and not in one book, 2 wedding guestlist spreadsheets, and a thousand tiny return address labels I've torn off of people's envelopes.

5. Seasonal Purge on Closets and Drawers - I've not had a good purge since Spring....I think it's time for another one! A good purge is always good for the soul!

Here's to hoping October is just as productive as September!!

Coming up this week: Show & Tell Tuesday, Vacation and Weekend Rewind, Our Fall Home and Friday Favorites!

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