Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday - First Jobs!

I'm linking up with Andrea again today for Show & Tell Tuesday! Today is all about our first jobs! Like most people, mine were RANDOM, but I honestly loved them all. 

I remember working for my dad when I was 11 at a small family theme park he managed. I would help set up lunches for company picnics on the weekends and he'd pay me some cash later that night after we would get home. I thought I was the stuff working with teenagers and working at the park on Saturdays! ha. 

(Just an FYI, I grabbed all these images off of Google, because apparently I didn't take pics at my workplaces back in the day.)

My parents also owned a wedding store for many years in our town. I would go there every afternoon after school and help with small jobs  until we closed at 5. I'd change the dresses on the mannequins, check in tuxes for a wedding party rental, put pictures in an album, steam dresses. At the time, we were one of 2 bridal shops in town before big chain stores came in. We helped so many brides plan their big days back then! 

At some point during high school, which would be 1998-2002, I started working at Bath & Body Works...remember them looking like this? This was also a fun job, but really placed me outside my comfort level. I wasn't much of a talker, much less walk up to strangers and sell them some bath wash! I loved replenishing the inventory though and working on the store display change outs. So basically, I tried to keep myself looking busy moving products back and forth from the store room. HA. 

I made some good friends, left smelling amazing (albeit usually with a headache after 4-6 hours in there), got a great discount, and generally enjoyed it.

The two busiest Saturdays were the Saturday before Christmas and the day before Mother's Day...and let me tell you...even I could sell the junk out of gift sets to men on the day before Mother's Day! They wanted to get in and out and would buy ANYTHING if it meant, they were only in there for less than 5 minutes!! 

We wore red aprons with white tops and either black or khaki pants. UGH. I hated khaki pants. Then one day out of the blue they told us we could start wearing black tops and that changed everything!! I remember being SO excited! Now, if you go in one of their stores, THEY WERE JEANS!?! If I had only been so lucky. 

THEN, the managers at our store were swapped around and it didn't become so fun anymore. They made store display change-outs mandatory and on Sunday mornings. When I tried to talk with them about being late so I could go to church, that was not an option for them. I would have only been an hour late, but it was not going to fly with their new "mandatory" rule. So I quit, and didn't regret it at all. 

Then I started working on Saturdays at a local Christian bookstore. After I got the hang of it, they left me to work there by myself...all day on Saturdays. I would have different friends come by and bring lunch and we would eat and visit. 

I REALLY loved this job. I had alot of the same regular customers on Saturdays. I helped figure out classroom curriculum for several local churches, changed out displays as I wanted, engraved names on I don't even know how many bibles, and couldn't wait until the Saturday after Thanksgiving which meant, I could change the store music to Christmas music! Like I said, I really loved working there and gained so much responsibility and business knowledge being there on my own. 

My on-again off-again boyfriend during high school and first couple of college years...his parents were both business owners. I worked for both of them at some point, even after we FINALLY called it quits. Officially. Dunzo. 

His mom owned a party supply store. They were famous for their balloon deliveries and party decorating services. I had SO MUCH FUN working there with the best bunch of girls. We made balloon bouquets left and right and ooohed and ahhhhed over the latest shipment of holiday gift items! 

Valentines Day was the craziest! We ran like crazy getting ready for it and then on delivery day...holy cow it was nuts. Nuts but fun, delivering a little bit of joy to people's days!

His dad and grandpa owned a wholesale carlot. I started working for them a couple days a week, and I kid you not, 95% of my day was spent.....

Filling out car titles. If challenged, I bet, just bet, I could fill out a title with my eyes closed. 

It was routine, but it was meticulous. It was right up my alley!! 

Every job was great at providing me with life-long lessons, which in hind-sight I am forever grateful for even if I couldn't see them at the time. Most importantly, I worked. My parents would never let me fail or go without, but we weren't spoiled. If we wanted something, we could work for it. I learned the importance of hard work and making a good name for yourself. I learned the importance of saving money and budgeting money. 

And I learned that the smell of Christmas is not cinnamon or pine or mulberry...it's Vanilla Bean Noel. #amen


  1. I don't know how you had self control in Bath and Body. I would want to buy everything!! Give me all the candles and Vanilla Bean Noel!

  2. What a fun assortment of jobs!


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