Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The 101 Series: Chalk Paint 101

This week, I’m sharing a couple of 101’s. Nothing earth-shattering or life-changing, just a couple helpful hints that I’ve enjoyed and mastered (in my own mind) that might be worth something to someone else out there!

For a couple years now, I’ve been seeing various chalk paint projects on Pinterest and other blogs. I love the look that it gives, and the apparent ease of the process but I hadn’t had any need to paint anything. Until recently.

After we had our guest room and spare room / junk room / my project room / work-out room / future nursery painted, I had a huge framed painting that I wanted to hang, but the frame didn’t match anything else in the room since I was going for light, bright, clean and white. My dad had this painting made for me a few Christmases ago, and I was just blown away. Technically it’s not a painting, the lady used pencils and it’s amazing! She used a photo that my Dad gave her and replicated it into this! I just love it and will always cherish it for showing the sweet and special bond between my nephews and I.

Enter Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I picked up these two small jars at a local shop, The Painted House. Which I swear, that place is the local version of Chip & Joanna Gaines’ store in Waco, Texas, and it has potential to murder our bank account. Thankfully, my friend self-control has stepped in. HA.

I’ll be honest I did experience a little sticker shock, when these two small jars rang up to over $30….BUT the girl assured me it would be more than enough product for the project I was doing. I was hesitant, but also didn’t want to buy the next size up.

She was right! This paint goes A LOOOOONG way. I painted the large frame, two smaller frames and two lamps…all two coats of paint….and still have about half of the jars left!

I was SOLD after the first coat I painted on the frame. No prep work needed. No sanding, no priming…nothing.

I painted the first coat, by the time I was finished with all sides of the frame, it was dry and ready for a second coat! I was totally prepared for this to be a two day job…but it only took me about an hour!!

After the second coat, (or however many coats you desire...two was enough for the look I wanted), you just brush on the wax and then wipe it off. There were two different waxes to choose from. One would make the color a little darker, which I didn’t want…so I stuck with the clear.

The wax smoothed the paint and just finished the look!!

And that’s it…it was done!

Before and After

I was hooked on chalk paint and started thinking, “What else can I paint?....hmm….these frames and those lamps!” I painted two more small frames for the guest room and our two lamps in our living room.

I had been wanting to update our lamps to something lighter, but everything I remotely liked was at least $40 - $50 each and that was just insane to me. SO, on a whim I decided to paint the lamps and hoped they turned out ok.

Of course, they did. But now, the lampshades didn’t look right to me, so I began the hunt for those.

I kept finding one SINGLE lampshade here and there that I liked, but each store only had one. I needed two. Most people would be buying two of the same lampshade you would think, right?! Not singles. It was so aggravating.

Then a couple weeks ago, while we were in Destin and made a Target run, I found TWO matching lampshades that Stephen liked, I loved, and the price was right!! It’s like the clouds parted and sun beamed down on that Target aisle!  

Before and After

Such an easy update that really changed the look for our end tables.

After I’ve written all of this, I realize it wasn’t much of a tutorial. I mean, it REALLY is as simple as paint a coat, paint a coat, paint wax, wipe wax, done. I have other projects in mind down the road that I am looking forward to!!

So if you’re looking for an easy update to furniture you already have, consider chalk paint…it may shatter your earth and change your life after all! 

Come back on Friday...I'm sharing how I Menu Plan!! It works and I swear by it!

(I was not compensated by Annie Sloan paint or The Painted House. Just my own opinions of products I love! Also, not compensated by Magnolia Market or the Gaines family. However, if they ever feel the need to adopt a 32 year old gal from Tennessee into their family or heck just include me on their Christmas card list this year, that would totally make my life!)

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