Monday, October 26, 2015

Thursday Night Hockey Night!

On Thursday, we headed to Nashville right after work to catch the Predators game! I LOVE going to Preds games...they are so much fun! Before my brother in law came into the picture, hockey meant nothing to my family. His interest has rubbed off on all of us and now, it's a pretty big deal to us. Somehow Stephen and I have never been to a game together, not sure how we've managed that, but I know this will not be our last. 

Both of my nephews are big fans but Riley is ALL about hockey. In fact one of his first phrases when he started talking was "Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!!" Now he's almost 9 and Stephen and I found ourselves leaning over and asking him to clarify what certain penalties meant during the game. HA. 

These tickets were somewhat free. Back in the Winter, we had gotten tickets from my sister and brother and law for a Saturday night game. Only that night, ended up being the major ice storm that came through that morning. We all decided it was for safety's sake that we stay at home. The Preds honored all ticket holders that night who couldn't make the trip by giving TWO vouchers for a next season game for every ONE ticket you had. We had 4 tickets, so we should've gotten 8 vouchers but they gave my sister 10!! All for Thursday night AND SEVEN rows off the ice!

The Preds take care of their fans!

My sister, BIL and two nephews went along with myself, Stephen, our cousins Jared and Sammy and our friends Chad and Katey.

Each seat had a free "Stick it to Breast Cancer" pink t-shirt.

After a scoreless first period, the Preds scored THREE goals during the 2nd period! SO exciting!!

The boys hit up the concession stands during the intermissions. Churros and Popcorn for the win!

Also during the intermissions, the inside of Bridgestone Arena turned PINK! 

Chad and Katey are good friends of our ours who were married one year ago yesterday! (Happy 1st Mackie's!!) We also go to church together, so they've become buds with my sister and the boys as well.

Pink selfie with my favorite! I still CANNOT believe this was our first hockey game together! We've GOT to do this again and SOON!

More PINK selfies!

During the last period, the Ducks scored a goal and the Preds scored TWO MORE to win the game 5-1!! Which meant...Free Goo-Goo's AND Free Frosty's FOR ALL!!

Celebrating a WIN with the top stars of the game! Pekke Rinne, the Preds Goalie had an awesome game!

Riley and Colin caught up with our cousin Sammy after the game. This was Sammy's first hockey game. We told him, he lucked out seeing such a high-scoring game like that his first time. And whenever he comes to another one, he probably shouldn't expect that many goals. 5 goals is ALOT for a hockey score. 

Chad felt a hug was an appropriate "Thank You" to my sister for the free tix.

And last but not least, we ran into an old and VERY good friend! Patrick moved to Nashville a couple years ago to work as an EMT and since then we've not seen him very much at all between everyone's work schedules. He's the BIGGEST Preds fan I know, so after such a HUGE win, he was AMPED!

We spent a few minutes chatting and laughing as the arena cleared out and then during our walk back to our cars. Hopefully we all won't go that long before seeing each other again!!

We missed our regular Thursday night "Family Night" tradition at my parents' house, but this sure was an awesome alternative!!

Our weekend was incredibly BUSY with work, family reunion, church Halloween party and hayride, church, family lunch, and a few other things. I didn't take any pics; it was too much! Blogger fail, I know. But at least I documented our hockey night in all it's glory!!

Come back on Wednesday for Recipe Club linkup!! I'm sharing a Stafford house dinner favorite!

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