Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Day in the Life

Today, I'm linking up with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday!! On the schedule for today is "A Day in the Life." Well friends, we don't have kids of our own yet, so a day in our life is quite uneventful compared to most others who will participate in today's linkup. BUT, we lead a BLESSED life and we love it!

Originally, I meant to track one day early last week, and it just slipped my mind so I decided to document last Thursday, October 29th. It wasn't a "regular" Thursday as you will soon see...

5:10am – Alarm goes off quietly…it’s 5:15 before I hear it and hit snooze. I’ll end up hitting snooze a couple more times, because gosh darn it our bed is just SOOO comfy! Then, I check my emails quick in case one of our 3rd shift guys have sent me anything during the night needing attention before they leave work. I track a package that we desperately needed that morning in the office to be sure it was “out for delivery” and then I finally get out of bed.

5:45am-6am – Morning routine includes (and in this exact order I might add): Wash my face, pop my contacts in, brush teeth. Now I feel like a human, haha. Walk through the house and turn on 2 lights…one in our entry way ( I don’t know why) and the light above the kitchen sink. And most mornings, the tv in the living room, I like to listen to snippets of the news and primarily the weather. I’ll also get my lunch together for the day whether it’s leftovers (like this leftover Lasagna Bake), or sandwich, soup or salad. I’ll throw something in my lunch bag for breakfast or toss ingredients into our Ninja for a smoothie. (If it’s not a smoothie morning, I’m tossing in an oatmeal pack, Cheerios or a protein bar.) Today’s smoothie was an “Apple Pie”: Greek yogurt, applesauce, chia seeds, cinnamon, almond milk and just a smidge of caramel sauce…SO good!

6am – 6:50ish am– Shower, Dress, Makeup, Hair, Accessories (also in that exact order). I grab my planner, phone charger and a couple other items before turning the entry way light and tv off. I’ll throw the ice in my smoothie mix and blend that sucker up. Pour it in a cup and I’m out the door at 7am!!

I love our quiet little neighborhood this time of year.

7:11am – I’ve arrived at work in record time thanks to beating the three school buses that I’m often traveling behind…stop and go…stop and go. We live right off of a main highway; unfortunately, if you’re heading into town between 7:05am and 7:20am you have a STRONG chance of falling behind at least one sometimes three school buses who all make different stops along the way. There is no alternate route between our house and the hospital so unfortunately sometimes what should be a 10 minute drive can take twice as long.

7:30ish – I’ve said my “Good Morning’s” to a few of the guys I see, throw my lunch in the fridge, listen to voicemails, and troubleshoot a couple tube stations that are down. (What are tube stations you ask?! You know how drive-thru lanes at banks have the tubes that shoot up back into the building to the teller? We have that too, only it runs throughout the ENTIRE building. North, South, East & West wings, 1st floor all the way to the top. It’s used to send medications, lab work, and paperwork back and forth between floors to the Lab, Pharmacy, ER, wherever. When a station, goes down, we’ll find out QUICK.)

7:30am – 11:30am -
On this particular day, the afternoon was going to be busy with a Retirement Reception for the former VP over our department and setup for the Patient Safety Fair. (More on that later.) I knew my morning would be packed just trying to get everything done by lunchtime. I placed orders, called vendors to clear up a few discrepant invoices, answered emails, answered about 700 phone calls (not really, but the phone though…it never stops!), did a quick mid-week payroll check, worked on a Utilities usage report, tried out a new software program for a particular weekly report we have to do, AND sent this to Stephen….

Because yes, we’ve been together 4 year on this day. Pre-married 2 and married 2.

11:30pm-12:15pm – A quick trip down to the hospital cafeteria to fill up on ice and then back to our Conference Room for lunch with a couple co-workers. We chat, laugh, and watch the first few minutes of The Chew.

12:30pm 2:30pm– Start prepping for the Patient Safety Fair. Every other year, we host a Halloween themed Patient Safety Fair that’s open for all hospital staff to come enjoy. Different departments set up booths, we have vendors come in to set up, we give away door prizes, have games here and there for chances to win prizes, free popcorn, drinks and an obscene amount of Halloween candy. The department I work in is one of the major sponsors for the event. I’m typically in charge of Registration and Door Prizes. (And I’m the one buying the obscene amount of candy and getting some REALLY awful looks from people at Wal-Mart when they see me struggling to push my LOADED cart to the checkout line.) For the past few years, the healthcare industry has taken a major hit thanks to changes in healthcare reform and government reimbursements. Employee morale has certainly taken a hit, so it’s nice to have something fun and light-hearted to offer for everyone to participate in. We have a night fair for 3rd shift employees from 11pm – 1am and then on Friday from 11am – 2pm.

2:45pm – Attend Retirement Reception for the former VP over our department. I can’t imagine what retirement will be like. Honestly, I CANNOT imagine. I bet it’s glorious.

3:30pm – Start making trips to the Education Center for Safety Fair set up.

4:30pm – Head home to get our nephews’ Halloween treats ready. (They’ll be trick-or-treating at our house later tonight after dinner; they’ll be out of town this weekend.)

5:50pm – Head to my parents’ house for our regular Thursday night Family Night. Catch up with my parents, sister and nephews. 

6:30pm – Everyone has arrived and we’re ready to eat! My mom gives us all our Halloween treats. Yes, we may be thirty-somethings but we still get "trick or treat goodies"!

7:45pm – We’re back at our house ready to greet our earliest trick or treaters!!

9:30pm – Change clothes and refresh hair and makeup.

10:15pm – Normally this what I would be doing at this time every weeknight…

Read a couple chapters on my bible app, turn my alarms on for the next morning, and look through Instagram before falling asleep.

BUT not tonight, I’m headed back to the hospital.

10:30pm – 11pm – Finishing touches to the Safety Fair before we open the doors.

11pm – 1am – IT’S SAFETY FAIR TIME!!!!!!!!! We run on sugar and caffeinated beverages!!

1:30am – I’m headed home for good now!

1:50am – Crawl into bed and sink into sleep until the alarm goes off again…but don’t worry, it’s not for 5:10…Friday called for a “I’m coming in late on this day” on the calendar!!

Definitely not my typical Thursday, but filled with routine mixed with fun! (Hey if I didn't pick this particular day, this post would've been two things: short and boring.)

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