Sunday, November 29, 2015

But Before the Holidays...

I have a few holiday themed posts planned for this week, so before those go live I wanted to check in to share just a few little things that have happened lately that I want to remember years down the road. 

After all, that's what this little blog is for anyway. 

One day at work a couple weeks ago, I had had a rather stressful week and had spent that particular day in meetings all morning. When I got back to my office right before lunch, I had a message I had a delivery at the front desk. The "Just Because" kind of flowers will always be the best kind of flowers!

One weeknight, Colin came home with Stephen for a little bit because Riley had gotten to go the high school basketball game and poor little brother was pretty bummed. Stephen saved the day by having the new Star Wars game on hand.

Riley and Colin (and Stephen) are pretty excited about the new moving coming out in a few weeks, so the game was right up their alley.

I love Colin's expressions in these pics. He was just SO into the game, never sitting down.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, our house exploded with Christmas decor! I'm glad to report that everything is up, in it's place and empty containers and boxes taken back to our storage unit until January 1.

I have a post planned for later this week specifically on Christmas Ornaments and some of the stories behind them. For now, I'll share these two. Every year, we celebrate "Thanksmas" with a group of friends and we each bring an ornament for a Dirty Santa Swap. These are ornaments that Stephen has come home with the past couple of years. I just have no words. (However secretly I think the skunk is kinda cute.)

Unfortunately, Stephen LOVES these ornaments. It's a fight each year about their positioning on the tree. I opt to put them towards the back, he wants them front and center. We compromise to one of the sides and call it a day.

Ornaments for DAYS!

A few days before Thanksgiving, I headed up our annual Christmas decorating at the hospital. Monday ended up being a bust of a day, but Tuesday and Wednesday we managed to get our acts together and got the job done.

The outside lights....

 along with the rooftop tree that some of our guys worked on for days, was supposed to be lit tonight (Sunday) but with the rain ALL DAY LONG, I doubt it's going to happen.  Can't wait to see the finished product.

Hopefully sometime this week, I'll be able to get some pictures of our finished products. With our patient registration waiting area being in our Lobby area, I'm not taking any chances taking photos with potential patients in them. I prefer keeping maintaining my employment. haha. 

Coming up this week, we're recapping Thanksgiving Break, sharing our Christmas Home Tour and some other holiday inspired goodies!! 


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