Wednesday, November 11, 2015

iPhone Photo Dump

It's time for a good 'ol fashioned iPhone Photo Dump post. You know, all those pictures on your phone that you snapped for no real reason at all and collectively they don't tell a story, but individually they're worth sharing? That brings us to today!

First up, my collection of paints had gotten overwhelmingly out of hand so dumped all my buckets in our bedroom floor one Sunday afternoon, sorted, condensed and organized. I'm not going to lie, I big puffy red heart love seeing my main container organized by color and shades. 

If you've been around here for any time at all, you know that Thursday nights is our standing "Family Night" at my parents house. My mom picks my nephews up from school, they do homework and play at my parents' house, she cooks dinner, myself, dad, sister and BIL get there after work and Stephen gets there after Crossfit, then we all eat together and most of the time sneak in some play time with the boys.

It's by far my favorite night of the week. (Unless it's Bachelor Monday and then it becomes debatable.) After dinner one night, I found these three on watching America's Funniest Videos in the living room. They sure do love their uncle. (I'm pretty fond of him too!)

A few weeks ago, the hospital charitable Foundation hosted our annual Pink Gala which raises money for breast cancer patients and programs in our area. Every year, the committee asks if I can donate a painting for their silent auction, and I'm happy to do so. However, this year, it snuck up on me and I literally had one night to get them something before their setup date.

I kept it super simple with text only and went for a chalk look. I love how this turned out! I may have to make myself one!!

Also, a few weeks ago, a family from our church hosted their annual bonfire and Halloween hayride. Colin is a good eater for a 6 year old. Hot dogs, chili, and cheese puffs for the win! (And check out the kid's style...Halloween Minions shirt and fleece Predators hockey helmet. This kid. He marches to the best of his own drum and steals our hearts!!)

Several months ago, I pre-ordered P-Dub's newest cookbook to add to my collection! Amazon had it on sale for $17, so I snagged that puppy up! Then, on release date, it was waiting for me on our doorstep when I got home. It was a leftovers' kind of night, so I enjoyed a quiet house for an hour or so before Stephen got home flipping through the pages. Just my opinion, but this is my favorite book of her's so far!!

My friend Amy stops by my office every now and then to visit or in between errands. Currently, she is my favorite kind of visitor because she brings my newest "nephew" Daniel. He's just the cutest!! 

This visit we had to laugh our way through because poor guy had a blowout of a diaper and somehow she had failed to bring a diaper bag with her. We improvised with a trash bag for a changing pad and made a quick run up to the Nursery (thankful my office is right below the OB department at the hospital) to grab a diaper and wipes. And voila, crisis adverted. She was in panic mode, but we couldn't help but laugh the entire time. 

I've been shopping my closets more lately in hopes to not buy any fall or winter clothes items. It's been working great, until I paired an outfit together with a shirt that I haven't worn in ages and it had to be ironed. It's probably the ONLY shirt in my closet that has to be ironed. I'm a get it out of the dryer quick or restart the dryer to "fluff" kind of girl. I HATE to iron. But late one Sunday I found myself ironing and watching The World Series. Who am I?!

This photo I took because it just made me cringe and laugh at the same time. One of my pet peeves is the stick people decals on cars. 2, 3, 4 is fine...but when you have stickers like this that reach half way across your's time to give it up. Just my thoughts. However, it's your vehicle, do as you wish to it. Minivan, 15 stick people decals, American flag, Confederate flag...welcome to Tennessee.

My sister teaches first grade at a school near our house, and I had to run by one afternoon to pick something up. When I pulled up to the end of the building her classroom is on, I found one nephew diligently doing homework and the other one shooting hoops. This fits their personalities right now to a tee.

And then there's the night, I opened the door to our back deck to tell Stephen dinner was almost ready and I found him at the bottom of our back yard by the creek setting fire to what looked like would be the entire neighborhood. Not really, but the flames were huge at that very moment I opened the door.

Startled, isn't quite an effective enough word. He was really burning leaves because we live an Autumn Wonderland from October - November. We'll probably have at least two more burnings coming up. It'd make for a good hot dog roast / s'mores night if we thought enough ahead, but alas forethought on leaf burnings and s'mores alludes us.

I recently broke down a bough a new paint brush. My 1/2" Oval Wash is by far my favorite brush to use. But bless it's heart, it's seen better days. Here's to many years with my brand spankin' new one! (And yes, that's the apron I wear when I paint....I don't have clothes with that busy of patterns.)

Friday I stopped by my favorite florist in town for their Christmas Open House. I picked up a few goodies for gifts and LOVED browsing through all her gorgeous arrangements and decorations!

Saturday we headed to Knoxville with our friends Robert and Katie for the UT / South Carolina game. We made it just in time to see the famous Pride of the Southland Band cross the pedestrian bridge going to the stadium. I posted a video on FB and IG...there's no sweeter sound on Saturdays than Rocky Top!!

On Saturdays, we wear orange! (And jackets, hats and scarves. It was drizzly to start the game and then windy and COLD.)

Somehow this was our first UT game together...we've both been to games just not with each other. We both LOVE Tennessee football so I'm sure will be finding tickets to a game next year and making it a tradition to go to a game together!

101 something thousand people there that afternoon and I was stuck beside two lone South Carolina fans. Oh well. They behaved themselves and after a Vols win, several people around us, stopped the SC couple on their way out thanking them for coming to the game, telling them they hoped they had a good time and to have a safe drive back home. It was a class act all the way around!

Here it comes....the best part....the band makes the T....and then.....

the seas part and here they come!! #team119

Even if you're not a Vols fan, if you're ever in the Knoxville area on a game day, it'd be worth scalping tickets to attend a game. The place is ELECTRIC! #gbo #vfl

And now, I can clear up some phone space!! Until the next photo dump....

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