Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October / November Goals Mashup

October flew by in a quick flash!! We started the month at the beach, and ended the month bundled in warm clothes celebrating Halloween with friends!

It’s time for a quick recap on how my October Goals turned out and a look at what I have planned for November!!

One – Enjoy the Saturdays. We had plans for every Saturday in October, which is nice but also hectic at times too. We enjoyed times with family at a reunion, get-togethers with friends, a concert at the Ryman in Nashville, and a spooky hayride with our church family just to name a few!

Two – Contine Christmas Shopping. This one was a big fat fail. I had such HIGH hopes too! I just knew I could get more knocked off my list. I did so good in August and September shopping early. Oh well, there’s always this month.

Three – Shop for Christmas Card designs. I found a  handful of designs I loved from a couple different Etsy shops. Now we just wait to get our pictures back and decide which one it will be! (More on that in a minute.)

Four – Work on new Address Book. For Christmas LAST YEAR, I received a spiffy new custom May Designs book and was beyond excited to get everything from my old, ratty address book and wedding guests lists moved over. I’m about half way through the alphabet on getting everything transferred!

Five – Seasonal Purge on Closets and Drawers – Yeaaaahhhh….didn’t happen. I pulled a couple shirts out of our closet, but sadly two shirts does NOT constitute a “purge” in my books. I have a feeling I won’t get to this one until after Christmas.

On to November Goals!!

I’m going to be VERY realistic with these because let’s face it, it’s November…the ball really starts rolling and is non-stop until 2016 from this point forward.

One – Order Christmas Cards – This is an extension of last month’s goal. We should be getting our photos back in the next couple of weeks (and we CANNOT wait to see them!) Once we decide which one is “the one” for the card, I’ll be placing an order to get those in the mail shortly after Thanksgiving.

Two – Finish Address Book – Again, another extension of last month. This one will be easy, just gotta do it so I can use it to address all of our cards!

Three – Finish holiday paint orders – Fortunately, I did tackle several in September and October. As of now, I have less than 10 orders and that’s do-able!

Four - Get as much Christmas Shopping done as possible – If I can get everything that needs to be ordered, ordered…I’ll be doing great! AND that should only leave me with picking up random gift cards to finish gifts.

Five – Celebrate Riley’s 9th Birthday – This year, he’s straying from the big party and having a sleepover. Stephen and I have been invited to join in the fun, although we’ll definitely bail before bedtime (whenever that may be.) Riley has also chosen to forgo a gift from us this year and do a repeat of last year, a trip to the movies to see one of his choosing, dinner at a restaurant of his choosing and then a sleepover at our house. It really made me proud of him for coming to me and asking if he could do that again for his birthday instead of a gift. These memories that we’re making with he and Colin mean more to them than I realized!

Six – Date Night! – Stephen and I are both big James Bond fans, so we’re pretty excited about the latest movie coming out this weekend, although we’re not 100% sure when we’ll get to squeeze it in. It might be a Date Night for us, OR these puppies for Saturday might be cause for a date day / night as well!

Seven – Christmas Decorate!! – This one is unlisted but goes without saying…it’s happening later this month. The past few  years, I’ve decorated at home the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. Here’s why…I’m in charge of decorating the hospital lobby which includes hundreds of feet of lighted garland, a 15+ foot tree that I spend a solid day on a scissor lift decorating, multiple lighted fixtures, etc etc. It’s fun and rewarding because it adds cheer and warmth to the main hub of our hospital. Employees bring their kids by every year to take their photos by our tree, different community volunteers sign up all season long to play Christmas songs on the piano, high school chorale groups visit to sing Christmas Carols in the lobby…it’s just a welcoming place to be. BUT, we tackle this job the week of Thanksgiving. Monday – Wednesday, it’s decorating non-stop! By the time we’re done, I’m done for the season! So if I don’t get our home decorated before the hospital, there’s a huge chance I won’t want to and what’s the point of decorating for Christmas if you’re not looking forward to it?!

November is always a semi-busy month but filled with friends, family, turkey pumpkin pie, Christmas lights, Hallmark holiday movies 24/7, and the great anticipation for events to come in December!!

I love NOVEMBER! Really, I do. It may be my most favorite month of the year! 

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