Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Home Tour

I love all the Seasons and most holidays. Each time a new season approaches, it’s my “favorite time of the year”. What can I say, I’m fickle. BUT THIS time of the year it’s REALLY my favorite. I love the coziness of the holidays, the magic, the spirit, the food, the friends and family, the JOY…so much to love!

Last Christmas, we had just been in our home for about 6 months, and I think I was still getting a handle on being a homeowner and was just excited to throw Christmas decorations up in their new spaces. This year, it meant more. I was decorating OUR HOME. The mantel that I would decorate this year, would be the same mantel I’ll be decorating years from now. The tree we positioned just so perfectly in front of our living room window, would find it’s same spot there for many Decembers to come! We are home!

Welcome, to our Christmas Home Tour! Come on in!!

I think I shared in my Fall Home Tour, about my woes of not having outdoor electrical outlets. Well, shocker, there’s still no outdoor outlets. (Unless Chip and Joanna Gaines show up, I might as well just get over this one.) So, we don’t have means to have twinkling lights, trees, nada. I improvised with sparkly things. For the majority of the day, the front of our house gets direct sunlight. I opted for using red and lime mesh and ribbons with glitter so they’d add a touch of sparkle in the sunlight. I also prefer keeping my outdoor décor cohesive with what’s inside, which you’ll see in a minute.

(**Blogger disclaimer: seems like several have had trouble with formatting lately, and I'm one of them today apparently. In draft form, fonts match, everything is aligned perfectly, but I'm pretty sure once this posts fonts are going to be different and aligned whichever way it decides to do regardless of what I've made it. Sorry, but I'm not starting from scratch.**)

Stephen’s Mom got me this wooden sign a couple months ago and I knew I wanted to do something with it on our small front porch. I gathered a long strand of garland, placed it tightly in a plant stand, propped the sign behind the garland. Made a bow to match the other décor and added a few sparkly berry twigs. Voila.

I used the same ribbon and added mesh to make a bow for our porch column. I made one similar to this for our mailbox as well.

I bought plain green wreaths from Hobby Lobby and stuffed them with lime and red mesh. Secured the mesh with zip ties, placed a command hook on our windows, and hung these along the front of our house on the windows. And that’s about all she wrote for outdoor décor. One of these days, we’re going to do more landscaping, and once that’s done, there SHOULD be a few more holiday décor opportunities.

I bought two wreaths like this one on our front door several years ago at a silent auction. You’ll see the matching one in a bit above our mantel. I made a bow with two different ribbons for this particular one.

In our entry way, I added some red and green fabric for the base, changed out my frames to be Christmas themed prints, and added a couple decorations.

Stephen’s mom, gave us the metal tree a couple years ago after we were married. There are 4 magnets that are ornaments. One has my name and another has Stephen’s. She has full intentions that will be needing those other two blank ornaments in the future!

I “won” the chalkboard snowman last year at a Dirty Santa Party. Right now, it welcomes our guests with a little Christmas Vacation quote. I’m sure I’ll be changing it up in the days to come leading up to Christmas.

On our entry hall closet door, I have a card holder that I made. Last year, I ended up taking it down and just taping each card to the door because you really couldn’t see everyone’s photos well once the ring became full.

At the other end of our hall on a closet door, I have this vintage Santa hanger that was Stephen's grandmother's. 

On the inside of our back door, I changed out the fabric flowers on my "all-occasions" wreath. My friend Amy made this for me a couple years ago with a box full of fabric flowers in varying colors to change out for any season, holiday or just because. I just LOVE this wreath!

On the inside of our front door, is a red and green ribbon wreath I made several years ago when I was just a single girl, living in my perfect little apartment on my own. Few responsibilities and the world at my fingertips. Those were the glory days. I kid, I kid.

I changed out our kitchen chalkboard with a new verse that I felt was perfect for the season!

I added just a few Christmas touches to the floating shelves in our kitchen.

I found the chalk print online. The song, "It's a Marshmallow World" is by far my favorite Christmas song, and Dean Martin's version is by far my favorite version. Just the perfect little holiday tune!

I added red and green ball ornaments to the shelves, a small salt and pepper shaker, and a few little trinkets that I've had since I was a little girl. 

Next up, is my beloved, I Love Lucy tree!! I started this tree almost ten years ago and I look forward to putting it up each year. It's fun and frilly...everything a great tree should be!

Thanks to many friends and family members through the years, I've acquired quite the collection of Lucy ornaments. My people know me well.

I fill in the rest of the tree with ornaments that are sparkly, red or pink, some red and green ribbon and a few red, pink and green sparkly twigs. I'm telling you, this is a FUN tree for me!

A couple months ago I came across a pin on Pinterest and knew that I HAD to have it. Thanks to my amazing MIL, who whipped the curtains right up, and a quick wreath a bow with extra things I had laying around, my Pinterest find came to life in my own kitchen!

I just LOVE seeing this every time I pass through the kitchen or down the hallway. 

On my baker's rack, I added red and green ball ornaments to a glass jar and a gingerbread sign to the side. On the top shelf is one of my most treasured decorations. Stephen's Aunt Jan is known for painting these snowmen pieces for friends and family members. I was so excited the year we got married and Stephen and I received our own! I love that she did this for us and left room for future little snowmen!

In our corner china cabinet, I added a few snowman hoping they'd work well with all the glass. On top of the cabinet, I added a couple gold sparkly sprigs. The only thing in the house that's not red and green.

On our table, I left the vase, candle and wooden tray from Thanksgiving. I spruced it up with, you guessed it, more red and green ball ornaments, candy canes, greenery and berries. Normally, I use a red table runner, but I thought this green one worked well with the arrangement I ended up having. 

Finally, the living room. Ahhh...where cozy nights are on the menu every night! I told a friend of mine recently that if I ever get tired of red and green, I'm basically going to have to start from scratch. And the thought of that stresses me out, so I think I'll love this forever instead. 

With a 40 year old house, there aren't as many electrical outlets as you would find in  newer homes. Needless to say, the location for a tree and decor is very limited, but I think we've made it work wonderfully! 

The wooden handmade snowman on our hearth can be hung on a door, but I like the way it looks here. It's hard to tell but it says, "The Stafford's" on the bottom. Our friends Chuck and Emilee made this and gave it to us around Christmastime after we got engaged. It was so fun seeing my future new last name for the first time!

Our mantel was the very first thing I decorated this year. I used garland and globe string lights from our wedding. I seriously think I will cry the day these lights don't work anymore. They are my favorites! (Even if they photograph in a weird yellow color??)

As for what else is on the mantel, it's really just a mixture of things I had that would fit. The glass vase is from my Aunt Cheri, who is the QUEEN of Christmas decorating...the lady probably has 10 trees in her house this time of year!

My mom gave me the large wooden ornament piece several years ago. The wreath is other one that matches the front door that I mentioned earlier. I stuck a few peppermint candy picks in it, made a bow and called it a day.

On the other end, is a snowflake frosted hurricane vase from my friend's wedding several years ago. The "S" is new this, Stephen's mom picked it up for us a couple months ago. She knows me well.

On our coffee table (Which is literally on it's last leg. It's embarrassing. The thing is leaning so bad, I'm totally prepared to walk in one afternoon and it be in a thousand shattered pieces on the floor. We've yet to find one we both love and at a reasonable price, so the search continues and the current coffee table hangs on for dear life.) 

Back to what's on the coffee table...my dad gave me this poinsettia candle ring a loooong time ago. Back then, I almost threw it away because I didn't like it. It looked "too old" for me. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away that year, and packed it up instead. The next year, I came to my senses and realized I didn't care if it matched exactly, because for whatever reason, when he saw it, he thought I might like it. Ever since, it's been my coffee table or kitchen table centerpiece. This year, I added a lantern that during non-holiday seasons is on our mantel filled with seashells. I changed out the shells for ornaments and added a small runner underneath it. 

On one end table, I added these little mice. I've had them since I was probably 7 or 8. Anyone remember the direct sales company, Home Interior? Yeah, well, these are them. I had an aunt that sold the stuff back in the day, and I'm fairly certain every female member in the family has a set of these mice out in their homes right now. My mom used to get little trinkets like these for me to "decorate" my room with when I was little. It's still really special to me to put little things like these out every year. There's alot of memories in these little rodents.

Speaking of childhood trinkets, here's more. I know there'll be a few  years once kids come along that these little things won't be kid friendly and will probably be kept in their boxes for a few Christmases, but for now, there's a place for them. 

And because I just love our tree...

I love this time of year, and I love spending this time in our home!

Stop by Andrea's blog today to see SO many other Christmas Home Tours. I love getting ideas from other families' styles!

Have a wonderful holiday season!! Much love from our home to yours!


  1. Very nice, love all your Christmas decor.

  2. Your house is so festive! The whole place looks fabulous, but there is something I just love about that wreath over the kitchen sink. How lovely to look at that window :-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

    1. Thank you...yes, I just LOVE the kitchen window this year! It will be hard to take it down, haha.

  3. stopping by, I love the I love Lucy tree! What a great idea :)

    1. Thank you...it's definitely a favorite to put together each year!

  4. I love it all! Y'all's house looks so cozy and inviting. Decorating the mantel is ALWAYS one of my favorite parts of decorating for each season. I am dying over those curtains your MIL in made. That little setup is Christmas perfection!!!! It would be hard for me to take that down after Christmas is over lol. The I Love Lucy tree is such a cute idea. Me and my my always watched that show as I was growing up and now she has them on DVD. I'll have to show her your tree, she'll love it!

    1. Thanks girl! The mantel was a HUGE selling point when we first saw the house. I was seeing it decorated for all seasons in my mind that day! Hope you guys have a great first married Christmas together!

  5. I really like your decorations. Your trees are gorgeous and I like the shelves on the kitchen wall. Way to go with the Pinterest to life project!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yes, that is probably my best and favorite Pinterest win of all time.

  6. Your decorations are adorable! I too have NO outlets outside - luckily it's just a rent house right now, but still - it's a pain in the butt to want to decorate the outside all cute and can't. :( I love the decorations on your porch, however. Too cute!

    1. Thank you...I definitely feel your pain, it's so hard to come up with ideas for outdoors with no outlets! What were builders thinking back then?! ha!

  7. Everything is so pretty! My youngest daughter is a huge Lucy fan. She would love your tree.


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