Friday, December 18, 2015

Easton & Ella Kate

Back in early November, I had two canvases to paint for baby showers. My long-time friend, Molly, ordered one for her cousin's upcoming shower. The other, I gave as a gift to one of my best friends Kayla for her baby shower. 

Molly need something very girly, in shades of pink and gray. I just love painting roses now that I feel like I've mastered them. (A "master" in my own mind at that.)

Every time I paint these roses, I feel like they're better than the last time. Progress is always a welcomed friend!

Kayla and her husband Shawn were expecting their first child to arrive near Thanksgiving. But much to EVERYONE'S surprise, he arrived about a month early!! By the time her shower date arrived, little Easton was already here and that's just THE BEST kind of baby showers, the ones where you can snuggle with the new little one! 

They picked the cutest bedding for his room, and I loved incorporating these colors into his art. 

It's not often that I paint for a baby boy and there's not SOME shade of blue in it. I think when the day comes that I have a baby girl order with absolute ZERO pink, I will just pack up my paintbrushes and call it a day. 

I love how this turned out, and it matched the decor at her shower perfectly. Her hostesses ended up using it as part of the center piece on the gift table and so many people, whom I had never met, came up to me to compliment my work. It's always very humbling to receive compliments on something that I do as a hobby. I never quite know what to say other than a simple thank you, but it's that kind of encouragement that keeps me interested in continuing on!

Shawn, Kayla & Easton live about an hour and a half away. That coupled with the holiday season, there's not been a day to go visit them again. BUT, I'm planning on getting there soon! Get ready, Kitty! Girl talk and rocking babies......ahhh.....sounds like the perfect day!

I love painting art for babies' nurseries. I love seeing the styles the new parents have chosen for their children, and the carefully picked names that have been chosen. I love painting the baby's name and knowing that this is a brand new person, a brand new life, a brand new blessing to so many family members. This name that will last this person a lifetime. I count it as such an honor to paint something as simple as a name. 

Ella Kate. 
Easton Sawyer. 

Welcome to this world! Enjoy your journey!

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