Monday, December 14, 2015

Fall Photos

Christmas card season is in full swing, and I LOVE checking the mail every afternoon when we get home! Seeing a stack of cards from friends and family outweighs the bills that are in the same stack!

I wanted to wait until our cards were mailed out this year, before I shared photos from our afternoon with Matt Copeland back in October. We had a such a wonderful, relaxed photo shoot with him. Hopefully, we'll be able to work with him again at some point in the future. Back in the Summer, I was the high bidder for a session package he had donated to our local PBS affiliate channel's, Great TV Auction. I held on to the voucher until the Fall to use for our annual photos. 

I just love how the colors we chose worked out so well with the scenery that Matt chose. When we arrived and stepped out the car, his first words to us were, "Great...y'all look awesome!" Whew. 

Having photos made can be stressful, especially if your husband could care less, but thankfully, Stephen showed up to be a team-player that day, and everything went smoothly. 

We laughed so much during our shoot and some of our pictures showed it, which is not a complaint, because it's real life and laughter is KEY in a successful marriage!

He shot several at each location, but these that we took behind the house we were at just turned out so sweet. 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned my love for colored tights yet, but I LOVE them. SO glad I picked these up on a whim at Target back a few months ago. 

We moved down the road a bit, for our last photos as the sun was setting. Matt had several blankets for us to choose from so he could get the "warm cozy shots". 

I love this one so much!

I just love these last couple of photos! They're somewhat symbolic to me for the year that we've had. We're moving forward together. God's plans for us are great and waiting just ahead. We have faith in the strength He promises us. 

Marriage is a gift and a blessing; one that I am beyond thankful for! It's hard to believe that this is our 5th Christmas together and our 3rd Christmas spent together since our wedding. Time definitely flies these days. I just love spending this time of year with Stephen and our families. We are immeasurably blessed!

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