Thursday, December 10, 2015

Life Lately

Christmas is QUICKLY approaching and I feel like I've got a million things to get done between now and then. My goal is pack everything possible into this week and weekend to get done and then all next week, I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the month and holidays stress-free. Sound like a plan? Great, because I'm SURE it'll work out JUST the way I want it to! (Insert sarcasm sign. BUT, I'm staying focused and hopeful!)

Just a little life lately post for today to catch up from this week and our busy weekend. Weekend recap posts are totally acceptable four days later, am I right?

I did manage to mail out our Christmas cards Thursday though, and that was one of my monthly goals to have them sent the first week of December. Winner winner!

Friday night we had plans to attend a Christmas Dinner Theater with Stephen's parents, but I came home sick that afternoon, so we ended up staying in, ordering take out (which led to Stephen getting backed into....and $2,000+ damage later from a man from Florida, hopefully it'll all get straightened out soon) we watched tv, I worked on a few crafts for the next day, and then went to bed early.

Saturday night was our church kids' Christmas party. My sister and I were in charge of crafts and I was in charge of decorating. We decided early on to go with a Grinch theme which turned out to be to quite easy to pull off. Friday night, I made up samples of some of the crafts to take with me.

 Saturday morning, my sister and I were meeting to decorate our fellowship room for the kids' party that night, so breakfast had to be quick. Since we got married, Stephen and I have made it a thing of ours to do Saturday morning breakfast. Most Saturdays we're able to unless we have morning plans.

I mixed up sausage balls the night before and popped those along with some apple cider muffins in the oven while I got ready. And then, because Fiesta dinnerware is just festive, I  threw together a quick little tablescape that validates my Fiesta decision back when we registered for gifts three years ago!

I used red and lime green table cloths, and alternated red and green wrapping paper for table runners, and gift bags on each table for kids to grab for loading up their crafts and loot from the night. I used various Christmas socks for a fun garland down the room. We had an area set for crafts, an area for games, an area for pics with Santa, and left the rest as guest tables. 

The kids all really seemed to enjoy the crafts AND the theme too I might add. Good choice, sister!

 After crafts, they played games in which a couple of "adult" volunteers were needed. Stephen stepped up to the plate to play with the kids. I have some blackmail type photos, but won't post them online. I'll hold on to them for a rainy day, ha!

Santa visited with gifts for each child and  they got their pictures made.

The kids went upstairs for a couple more games, while they were gone we were able to clean up and load our cars. Timing wise it worked out great! Everyone seemed to have a really great time! I love seeing all those kiddos having fun together. 

Sunday afternoon, my aunt hosted her annual Christmas Sock Exchange. Basically, it's Dirty Santa, but with Christmas socks you fill with goodies. We set a $20 limit. This year in the socks I took, I included a candy bar, a cute salt and pepper shaker set, a Christmas tree ornament (that I ALMOST kept for myself), a gold polka dot tote bag, a cute magnet and fun necklace. 

Just a fun little party to have with a bunch of girls!

Everyone's socks before the game started.

Sunday night, the hospital where I worked lit our rooftop tree. It alternates between red, white and blue. When we left church, it hadn't been lit yet, so we stopped by and sat in a parking lot waiting for them to flip the switch. It was fun to be there and catch the first glimpse!

Speaking of Sunday, I shared this on Facebook from my Dad's sermon Sunday morning. I love going back in the books of notes I've kept through the years of all of his sermons. Some days, the words just speak directly to your heart, and Sunday was one of them for me. #3 meant the most to me right now.

After we got home from church and the tree lighting, I had to laugh at myself when I noticed what shoes I had worn all day Sunday. What can I say, glittery shoes are my jam for this time of year.

I just love passing through our hallway and seeing our tree being the only light in our living room. So cozy!

Monday night, I started painting. I have 16....SIXTEEN...canvases to paint by this coming Monday. I think I can, I think I can. We finally rearranged our back room to give me space to spread out and get it all done. I popped in one of my favorite movies, The Holiday, and got to work. 

By the end of Tuesday night, I had the base coats (which on some took 3 coats) finished on all 16 canvases.

Wednesday, I drew out my design sketches, to remove any guesswork when I got home and I could get started right away.

Only I didn't get started right away because this gal was on the Food Network and I get sucked in to her show any time it's on. Her name is Damaris Phillips...I think she may have won one of the competition shows?? I don't know, but I LOVE her. Made one of her recipes this week actually.

Back to work later the end of Wednesday night (LAAAAATE Wednesday night), I had first coats done of all the designs on 12 of the 16. I almost stopped at 10, but pushed on to finish 12.

Which brings us to today, second coats of the designs will go on tonight, and more than likely I'm taking off work tomorrow to stay home, finish these up and wrap presents because Saturday I have plans with my grandmother, and I don't want that looming stress of needing to get home and get back to work on these. Ever since I started painting about 6 years ago, it happens every year, I end up taking off one day from my real job to wrap things up for my "side job". Ideally, I like to get all of my orders done two weeks before Christmas so that I can just enjoy the days leading up to Christmas doing whatever we want to. 

It's all a big, big blessing. I'm blessed to have the talent to do something to earn a little extra income. I'm blessed to have a job that allows me to take paid time off for whatever reason I have. 

A pj's, favorite movies and paint kind of Friday?! YES, PLEASE!!

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