Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November / December Goals Mashup

WOW!! It’s already time again for a monthly goals mashup. I’ll be totally honest and tell you that I didn’t look at my goals once in November after I wrote them, so I was a little hesitant to flip the page and see what all I had failed out. Turns out, I did very well on my own!

Here’s a little November recap:


1.   Order Christmas Cards – Yes! We got our photos back a couple weeks ago and later that same week I ordered our cards. I opted to design and order through Sam’s Club, of all places, this year and I could NOT be happier with how they turned out! I’ll be sharing our card and photos either later this week or next week.

2.      Finish Updating Address Book – I finished this last month, and will addressing cards to mail out later tonight!

3.      Finish Holiday Paint Orders – I didn’t do this. I had my list down to 6 when I decided to offer a special Black Friday deal. So now, I have 6 plus 4 from Black Friday to do.

4.      Get as much Christmas shopping done as possible – eh…I got Stephen, his mom, my mom and a few other key players done. I ended up taking the day off work middle of the month and do some shopping, because, it was a Wednesday…stores won’t be THAT busy right? Wrong. They were horrendous. I was blown away how many people were shopping that day. The checkout line at Kohls was literally half way back through the store. Crazy. Good news is, I marked several names off my list that day though so I’ll call it a success. We basically have only Stephen’s family members left to finish up in the coming weeks.

5.      Celebrate Riley’s Birthday – Riley turned 9 on November 16th…The weekend prior to his birthday he celebrated with a sleepover party with some of his best buds, on his actual birthday we all went to eat at a local hibachi place and then devoured an ice cream cake. This past weekend, he cashed in his gift from us which was a trip to the movies, a restaurant of his choice and then a sleepover at our house. We celebrate birthdays big around here!

1    6.    Date Night – The Mr. and I squeezed in a late afternoon movie date to see the new James Bond movie….we’re Bond junkies and couldn’t wait for this one to come out! I LOVE Daniel Craig as 007, but this installment, Spectre, was not my favorite of his movies. Skyfall is his best Bond film in my opinion.

2      7.   Christmas Decorate – A big ‘ol CHECK! Our halls are decked and all is merry and bright at the     2nd house on the right!!

Here’s what’s on tap for December:

Not only is it my regular goals list, but also a small to-do list, plan list, and events to attend list. ‘Tis the season!!

1.   Send Christmas Cards first week – My plan is to have these puppies in the mail on Friday or Saturday of this week. We’ll see. It may be Monday.

2.   Shopping Day with Ma – My grandma and I are tight!! Love her so much. When we bought our house, we bought it with proximity to family members in mind. My grandparents are just two minutes down and the across the road. I love that! Last year she called me one Saturday and asked me to take her out to do some Christmas shopping which I was thrilled to do. This year, we’ve already attempted to do this once, but mother nature had different plans and brought us the second flood…so our shopping day was cut short after just one store. Hopefully, we’ll get to head back out again next Saturday and finish up her shopping list.

3.   Finish Christmas Paint Orders by 12/14 – this one explains itself. I better get to painting!

4.   Menu Plan for Gatherings – I have all of our known, regular events written down for the month and want to plan out what I’m taking to each event so that I can grocery shop a little at a time and not bust our budget.

5.   Have friends and/or family over for a  meal – I don’t know when this is going to happen, but it would break my heart to have our home all glammed up and not host guests for a meal during the holidays. We’ll squeeze something in!!

6.   Christmas Date Night at Home – I LOVE Christmas movies. Deeply, love them! Stephen isn’t much of a fan of them, but he humors me. I’m also a HUGE fan of old movies…and musicals….and old musicals. Also, not up his alley. So I was SHOCKED a couple years ago when we watched part of “White Christmas” and Stephen liked it! 

Last year, HE made it a point for us to watch it together. Safe to say, it’s now a tradition. Pick up a take-out dinner, snuggled up on the couch with our tree and mantel all lit, “White Christmas” on tv, and some warm cookies for dessert. The PERFECT holiday date at home!

I love December and I LOVE this season that we're in! I love all the events, the food, the excitement, and special times with family and friends!! Welcome, December! Glad to see you again!!

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