Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays: Favorite Gift

Today's last Show & Tell for 2015 is all about our favorite gifts that we've received. Listen, I could take this one a million directions, but just for fun, I thought I'd take a quick trip down memory lane to my favorite childhood gifts and one very special gift I received recently.

Growing up, our town was small (not so small anymore). If you wanted to do any kind of shopping beyond a Wal-Mart, you had to travel an hour west to Nashville, which is what we would do two - three times a year. One trip I remember distinctly, we went into a Michael's and while we were browsing, I remember spotting the custom built dollhouses and I was in love.

I asked for a dollhouse for any and every occasion for about a year before I got one my 9th birthday. My parents had purchased one of the kits and sweet talked a close family friend into putting it together for them. To this day, he says he would never do another one. HA. Every single shingle was placed on by hand, he found some scrap wallpaper to put on the inside, and he made a removable wall so that I could make the bottom floor either one large room or two separate rooms. SO...he kinda went out of his way a little for all the little touches.

I was super protective of that dollhouse. I didn't want anyone touching it. I decorated it for every season, shocker, right? I guess my love for home decor started young. Seriously y'all, it sat on a bed of snow during Christmas and winter months, I strung working twinkle lights along the roof line, there were tiny green wreaths with red bows on each window. For Easter, there were tiny eggs all over the front "yard" which was really just the available table space in front of the house. It was legit.

The dollhouse is still at my parents house, in pristine condition. Some of the tiny furniture, in not so pristine condition thanks to my nephews. The day we saw them man-handling it, was the day it was put out of their reach. In just a few short minutes, they had managed to break the refrigerator door, one kitchen chair, and a high chair. My poor adult heart broke that day. Lesson learned.

Hopefully, one day Stephen and I will have a daughter, because I would LOVE to pass this down to a little girl and watch her imagination soar like mine did all those years ago. I just loved my birthday gift that year! It was what I had been wanting for such a long time, and I knew it had been made especially for me. Such a special gift for a little girl.

Fast forward to this year's 32nd birthday, and a very special gift my dear friend Amy gave me. I talked a little about it back in August with this post.

There's not a day that goes by where I don't think about our baby and what plans we would be making at the current time for his / her upcoming arrival. I will cherish this gift as a sweet reminder for years to come. Such a sweet and perfect blessing we enjoyed for a short time on this earth, but will one day enjoy for our eternities.

That's it for 2015's Show & Tell series! Can't wait to share more with this fun linkup in 2016!


  1. I love the dollhouse! I remember going to Hobby Lobby and dreaming about having one myself--I just never got one haha! I had to play with my friend's dollhouse instead! I love that you are saving it for hopefully a little girl someday. I've got a few of my things that I'm saving in case I ever have a little girl!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

    1. I think it would be so fun to pass down my old toys one day. She may not care about a doll house, Polly Pockets or Barbies...but I think it would be great!

  2. I love the dollhouse. I had one that my dad took extra care to build, even mounting it on a coffee table. I wish I would have taken care of it like you have! What a treasure to still have :)

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to passing it down one day! How special for your dad to build yours!


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