Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Friday!! Amen. Hallelujah. High Five's all around. All of the above. 

| one |

On Wednesday, I'm teaming up with Leigh and Justine for a new monthly link up, Pinspiration Wednesday and we would LOVE for you to join us! Each month, we'll be sharing our favorite Pinterest finds for a certain topic. Here's what we have lined up...

    February 3  - Share your favorite Super Bowl recipes
    March 2 -  Favorite Easter/Spring décor and/or favorite Easter recipes
    April 6 - Favorite Spring "look" or outfit
    May 4 - Get bathing suit ready - Favorite Pinterest workouts & healthy recipes
    June 1 - Summer Bucket List – What is on your list to do this summer?
    July 6 - 4th of July/Summer cookout recipes
    August 3 -  Crock Pot recipes
    September 7 -  Fall Decorating Ideas (inside of house and front porch/outside of house)
    October 5 -  It’s pumpkin time! – Share your favorite pumpkin or Halloween recipes
    November 2 - Thanksgiving decor and/or recipes
    December 7 - Share your favorite Christmas décor ideas, or Pinterest worthy gift ideas

                       Grab our graphic and join us on Wednesday with your FAVORITE Super Bowl themed pins!

                      | two | 

                      My good friend, Skye and her husband Jordan welcomed their third little girl on January 11th at just 24 weeks. Emery Hope had to have emergency surgery over the weekend, but has been doing outstanding since! Her doctor and nurses are calling her a "Rockstar" this week! Skye's daily updates of sweet Emery's progress have been a favorite this week! SO many people are praying for this precious baby and her family. Please pray for them too! Skye will be sharing Emery's story on my blog soon! You will love this little girl's story! 

                      Go Emery Go!!

                      | three |

                      I've been painting alot this week for two very good friends as they prepare for the arrivals of their babies. I can't show their finished products just yet, but these are by far some of my favorite projects yet!

                      | four | 

                      Do you use Scentsy bars in your home or office? I've tried other brands, but these remain my favorite for the price and their longevity. My favorite scent is Honeymoon Hideaway!! I can't get enough. I have it at home and in my office at work. I stockpile these things because I'm afraid with my intense love of the thing, it'll be discontinued. Anybody else have that same luck? 

                      | five |

                      For Christmas, Stephen gave me a Journaling Bible. I am awed by some of the journaling I see on Instagram, but to be honest, I don't have the time right now to do elaborate designs like the ones I've been drooling over. Nonetheless, this bible has been perfect for making little notes, reminders of important verses or sermon quotes. I love using it now, and I'm going to love it more using it later on when the pages are filled with notes and reminders from years past! 

                      Check in with Andrea, Erika and Narci to see everyone's favorites on this beautiful Friday!

                      Happy Weekending!

                      Thursday, January 28, 2016

                      Valentine's Home Decor

                      If you've been reading my blog for any time now, you know that I love to decorate and especially decorate for seasons. 

                      After I take my Christmas decorations down around New Year's I like to go ahead and put up some Valentine's Day decor. I love Valentine's Day decorations...the bright reds and pinks...the sparkles and and right up my alley!

                      On our front door, I add flashy pink mesh, red ribbon and a Valentine's Day sign for an easy welcoming wreath!

                      On the inside of our front door, I have a rag ribbon wreath that my friend Amy made for me. I love the colors she used for this!

                      I changed out the printables in the frames on our entry table, added more of the pink mesh and red ribbon. I picked up this cute, little candle holder at Hobby Lobby, but have not found the right size candle for it yet. 

                      (P.S. I may or may not say "Hello, Love" in a British accent every time I pass by this frame. #noshamehere)

                      I changed out our kitchen chalkboard to some sweet lyrics from a fun song. My nephews LOVE this song. After I finished it one night a couple weeks ago, we Face Timed them to show them and they both immediately starting singing. So cute!

                      I added a painting I made last year to my floating shelves and a couple of small pieces that I've had since I was little. 

                      In my antique cabinet, I put a couple of old Valentines tins and a salt and pepper shaker. 

                      This didn't photograph well during the day, but I found this cute metal garland at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago for $3.99 I think? I left up the curtains from Christmas and the garland fit perfectly!

                      I snapped another pic at night and it showed up a little better. 

                      Stephen's mom made me a tablerunner from burlap used at our Rehearsal Dinner. So special!! I added a smaller table runner on top of the burlap and placed a red heart dish and candle to the centerpiece. I couldn't find anything that I just loved to go in the milkglass vase. Maybe next year. 

                      Another painting I made last year...I'm really loving gold for Valentine's!

                      For our coffee table, I used another table runner, red candle, glass bowl and added a candle and heart garland to a small cake stand. 

                      And now my favorite decorating space...our mantel!!

                      I bought three different fabrics from Hobby Lobby, cut them into equal length strips and tied them to a strand of twine to make this garland. I love how this turned out!! This would be SO EASY to do for any holiday or celebration. 

                      I poured a few bags of conversation hearts candy into a glass lantern for a fun, festive look. It took four bags to fill it this far, I thought for sure it would fill the whole thing. Lesson learned for next year!

                      I bought the glass jar with red sparkly heart and the red chalkboard from Target's dollar aisle this year. I could've gone crazy there this year, but I was quite proud of myself for holding back! I used some heart picks that I already had for my mercury glass vase. 

                      This cracked me up and had to share. I went to take a picture of one of our end tables and had to shake my head at where Stephen had left his cup. Really? The coaster is RIGHT THERE. #reallife

                      Back to the table, and a cute little Be Mine heart plate!

                      On the other end table, another fun little plate. I guess technically it's not a Valentine's Day plate, but it just matches for the season, so I go with it!

                       That's it..,.our little Valentine's ready home!! Little festive touches that add FUN to our home! Any reason to celebrate will do!!

                      Wednesday, January 27, 2016

                      What's Up Wednesday -

                      Time to see what everyone is up to on this Wednesday!
                      Check in with Shay, Mel and Shaffer to see what else is up with everyone!

                      What we're eating this week...

                      Chicken Ranch Baked Quesadillas and Baked Meatballs with Italian Potatoes...put anything between tortilla shells and we'll eat it!

                       What I'm reminiscing about...

                      What I'm loving...

                      Valentines Day decor from the dollar aisle at Target. #swoon #nailedit

                      I'll be sharing my Valentines decor tomorrow!! Come back!

                      What we've been up to...

                      A whole lot of nothing...we had between 9 and 11 inches of snow...we live in Tennessee. Which means Tennessee was closed for the weekend. 

                      What I'm dreading...

                      Pass. Not dreading anything that comes to mind. So, there's that. 

                      What I'm working on...

                      I'm currently working on painting the letters of the alphabet for some friends of ours who are doing an alphabet wall in their little boy's nursery. Little Isaac is due in April; we're all pretty excited to meet the little guy!

                      There's no easy way to paint get every nook and cranny, you just have to hold them. Hence the aftermath of my hands after three hours of painting. 

                      What I'm excited about...

                      Our favorite place to eat at in Destin is Another Broken Egg. I'm not a huge breakfast fan, but yall....they have the BEST breakfast! Anyways, one opened in Nashville last Summer! Stephen suggested we swap a Valentine's Dinner Date for a Valentine's Breakfast Date. YES. Please. Sign me UP!

                      What I'm watching / reading...

                      It's Bachelor season, naturally I'm watching that. I'm still Team Becca. She was my favorite from Farmer Chris' season, so I'm really pulling for something to happen for her!

                      Also, I mentioned on Monday, but I just finished Jane the Virgin on Netflix. If you're looking for a good, girly, quirky ya go. I loved it!

                      I'm reading Nicholas Sparks' The Choice. I like to save some of his books to read right before they become movies. This one is starting to rank up high on my list of Sparks' favorites. I just hope the movie is good; the trailers don't look too spectacular to me. 

                      What I'm listening to...

                      Currently, I'm blasting this album in my ears to drown out the soccer video game the hubs is playing from the other end of the couch as I blog. Any reason for EC is good enough for me!

                      What I'm wearing...

                      I have a feeling this one is going to be well known. Raise your hand if you own or are contemplating owning this necklace by Plunder Jewelry??!? Practically everyone I know has one now. You can wear it three different ways and it goes with anything. #winnerwinner

                      What I'm doing this weekend...

                      We're showering our sweet friend Brittany as she and her husband get ready for Miss Alexa's arrival in March! Which reminds me...anyone have a good punch recipe? I should probably be working on that before Saturday!

                      What I'm looking forward to next month...

                      February 3rd is this guy's birthday! I love to celebrate my Dad. He is SUCH a blessing to so many people! So, so very glad he's ours!

                      (His first selfie backstage at a church talent show last year.....and you just thought he walked around looking like a lost member of Riders in the Sky.)

                      What else is new...

                      This one I'm super excited about!! I'm joining with Leigh and Justine to bring a new linkup on the first Wednesday of each month!! 

                      PINSPIRATION WEDNESDAY!!

                      We'll be sharing some of our favorite finds from Pinterest to go along with that month's topic!!

                      For February we'll all be sharing our favorite Super Bowl recipe pins! Super Bowl Sunday is one of those nights that's great to get friends and family together just because. 

                      We'll be rooting on the Broncos and pulling for Peyton!! #vfl 

                      Get your favorite Super Bowl pins ready, girls! Recipes, party planning, decor...everything to make Super Bowl Sunday fun!

                      Grab our graphic and be sure to come back next Wednesday, February 3 to link up with us!! 

                      I'll be sharing more about this later in the week including the rest of the year's's going to be FUN and a great opportunity to get ideas from other bloggers! Join us next Wednesday for our series "kick off". 

                      (ha....see what I did there....kick off...Super Bowl...ha....doesn't take much)

                      Happy Wednesday friends!!

                      Tuesday, January 26, 2016

                      Let's Talk - 2016 Goals

                      Today, I'm joining in on Andrea and Erika's new monthly link to chat about our 2016 goals!

                      Normally, I set small monthly goals for myself and have had great success in checking things off my list since I started attacking one month at a time. 

                      Stephen and I have never set goals together that are beyond some random weekend task we need to accomplish. We decided that 2016 would be a great year to write a few items down on paper that were important to us and work together to see what we can do. 

                      The past year and a half has been HARD. Our "journey" to become parents / infertility struggles / miscarriage...all of the takes a toll. Some days you just argue you way through until you feel like you can't handle anything else. Then this little thing called grace creeps in and you suddenly become thankful for the blessings you do have rather than being upset for the blessings you think you deserve and don't have. 

                      I can't imagine having gone through  / going through all of this with anyone but Stephen. Without a doubt, our marriage is stronger and BETTER because of these hurdles. 

                      All that being said, it goes without saying that having a baby and preparing our hearts to become parents (in whatever way that will be) is ALWAYS at the top of our goals list. Here are just a few other items we've come up with...

                      1. Be more diligent in saving. 
                      Last year we did really great in moving money over to a savings account every week. Somewhere around the September / October, we just stopped doing this, and for no good reason. We saw our savings account build and build and we were so proud of ourselves, so we were getting back to doing that ASAP. 

                      2. Go to bed at the same time. 
                      I would say we do this two to three times a week right now. Stephen is a night owl and could stay up late for HOURS. Clock strikes 9pm, I'm ready to wind down and be in the bed an hour later or so. I love our quiet time together on the nights we do go to bed at the same time. I'll read and he'll scan through social media apps from the day; we'll chat about something we've's just a time of the day that I really look forward to. One day, we'll be on a baby's schedule and won't get to enjoy these few minutes, so for now, I want to take full advantage of them. 

                      3. LANDSCAPE! 
                      Ok, so June will mark TWO years in our house. There's a HUGE part of the front of our house that is in desperate need of sprucing up. We said this before we even bought the house, and STILL haven't done anything. Last year, we even went as far as to price the job out to a landscape company, but quickly said "no, thank you" when we saw their price. YIKES. We are in the wrong business! Stephen is determined that this is the year we're going to tackle the project. 

                      4. What we're calling "Erica's Night Off"
                      This one makes me laugh, roll my eyes and become giddy all at the same time. It's so ridiculous but we kept coming back to it, so it made the list. Typically 5-6 nights of the week, I make dinner. During the week, Stephen is usually home a few hours before I am, but leaves to go work out not long after I get home. And then gets back home after 6pm. (My other Crossfit wives friends will be shouting amen to this one, as this is a frequent venting session of us.) We've decided that 1 or 2 times  a month, he is totally in charge of dinner prep, cooking and cleanup. I can come home and do whatever I want, or run whatever errands I want without rushing home. He's already looking through my Pioneer Woman cookbooks to plan his nights. I can't wait to see where this one takes us! haha

                      5. Set aside at least an hour each week to have a bible study together. 
                      This is another one we used to do frequently, and then slowly let slip away because of other distractions. We really enjoyed doing a study together, so when Stephen mentioned this one, I was ALL for it. Each week will be different scheduling wise, so we're not setting a specific day / time, we're just making it a point to do it at some point during the week. We want our faith and God's Word to fill our house once kiddos come on board, so if we make it a part of our lives now before kids, it will just be an easy transition once we're parents. 

                      That's it! I'll do a recap at the end of the year to see how we've done. Hopefully it'll be a list of all marked off items!!

                      I love this series and look forward to getting a sneak peek into everyone else's goals for the year!

                      Tomorrow I'm linking up with some of my favorites for....

                      And we're answering these questions....

                      See everyone back here tomorrow!

                      Monday, January 25, 2016

                      Winter Stay-cation Weekend

                      Like a huge portion of the country, we spent our weekend enjoying an impromptu stay-cation thanks to a SNOW weekend!

                      Before we recap the weekend, let's back track to last Wednesday when we first saw snow. Schools have been closed since Wednesday, because let's face it, this is the South, we're just not equipped to handle weather like this as well as other parts of the country are. 

                      I headed up to the 6th floor to take a look at what was going on outside. I love these views from the hospital...from one side of the building, you can see across the campus of TTU and from another side, you can see all the way downtown. 

                      Wednesday's snow didn't last long as rain entered on Thursday before quickly turning into a blizzard on Friday morning. 

                      But first, Thursday Night Family Night with these hooligans. 

                      Ok, so Friday...about 8:30am, the snow came....and it snowed for over 24 hours! For Tennessee, this is HUGE. 

                      I ran back up the 6th floor about 30 minutes after it started snowing. And the words, "Well, that escalated quickly" literally came out of my mouth, out loud, to myself, in an empty waiting room. 

                      All of the guys in our department bundled up and headed out to start clearing walkways, sidewalks and parking lots.

                      They couldn't get one path cleared before it was covered again. This was about at the first time when I said, "We've not seen a snow like this in a LONG time." And, I would find myself saying this same thing several times throughout the rest of the weekend. 

                      Not long after 11a, I threw in the towel and decided to head home while I still could. Twenty five minutes of cleaning the car off, then I made my slow trek home. It took me twice as long as usual to get home...the roads were absolutely horrible. 

                      Here's where the Stay-cation comes into play. We had a fully stocked fridge and pantry, a couple of movies downloaded to watch, playing cards...we were set. 

                      (*Disclaimer: You're about to see an obscene amount of photos including: food, snow, makeup free selfies and our tv. You've been warned.)

                      Stephen was itching for me to get home Friday so we could start our snow plans. We started by watching, "The Intern" that afternoon. Cute movie but wasn't a huge fan of the ending.

                      Later that night, we watched Friends on Netflix (Stephen hasn't seen many episodes ever (insert jaw drop), so we decided to start at the beginning and work our way through all ten seasons!), played cards and I made some brownies. Because every blizzard needs a hot pan of brownies! #amiright

                      We stayed up fairly late Friday night playing cards and watching Friends, so we slept in late on Saturday. Because really, what else was there to do? 

                      We had a late (ok fine, it was technically lunch time) breakfast / lunch. It's important to note, that yes, there's just two of us in this house. Yes, this is the amount of food I fix us. My husband is a bottom-less pit. 

                      Saturday afternoon, we bundled up and headed outside to check out the snow around the house. I love the wardrobe choices that snow days bring out in us!

                      This is the creek that runs in our back yard. I posted this on Instagram Saturday. This creek is a love / hate relationship. But for now, it's glistening beautifully in snow and it's definitely a loved place. After we bought our house and moved in, we found out that my grandparents once lived in a small house up the hill you can see in this picture. They would get their water from a spring, just up the creek a little ways from our house. Memories like this, family like ours, just seems like this little place was meant to be ours. 

                      The other end of the creek; just so beautiful!

                      We had somewhere between 9 - 11 inches of snow in different places around our house. Crazy!

                      The little flag outside our front door was more than appropriate!

                      Front of our house...can you see the road? Nope, neither can we. I'm not going to lie....we spent a good chunk of time Saturday watching cars try and fail to make it up a little hill to the right of where I took this photo. I think all day, we only saw two vehicles make it up. The others backed down and all the way back to the main road.

                      After we came back in, we "warmed up" with a chocolate chip milkshake. The heart wants what the heart wants. 

                      Saturday afternoon's movie of choice was "Everest".  I know it's based on a true story, but I just don't understand why people do this. Put their lives in such grave danger, leave their families for so long, pay SO much money....for what? To climb a big rock and die? To each their own, but I don't get it. 

                      Saturday night we baked salmon for dinner. YUM. 

                      Saturday night, we watched more episodes of Friends and worked on a puzzle. 

                      Sunday.....oh Sunday. Cabin fever had set in and we decided it was time to get out. By "get out" I mean, LEAVE the house. 

                      We drove out to my sister's house to ride with them over to her in-law's house. They have THE BEST hills in their backyard for sledding. 

                      Poor Colin took quite the dismount on one ride and just laid there to recover for a few minutes. 

                      Sledding is exponentially more fun with nephews!

                      After cooking for seemed like 103 meals, we picked up Chili's to go on the way home. #amen #bestdecisionwemade

                      Also to be noted, I started watching "Jane the Virgin" on Netfilx last weekend and finished Season 1 last night. I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. I'm trying to figure out how to go back and watch Season 2 shows since they started back in September and be up to date. It's cute and quirky...LOVE THIS SHOW! I'm going to go through major withdrawls if I can't figure out how to watch it from September to now. MAJOR. 

             more big thing to share from the weekend....

                      I'm co-hosting a new monthly linkup with Justine and Leigh beginning next Wednesday, February 3! We'll be sharing more about this linkup this week, but for now be on the lookout for your favorite Super Bowl related pins!!! We're so excited to start this series and have some FUN ideas planned!

                      Hope you had a great (snowy) weekend!! Sometimes we need a little forced downtime to rest and connect with those most special around us.