Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Day in The Life {Vol. 2}

It's time for a good 'ol fashioned Day in the Life post! I just love reading these on other blogs...I guess I'm just nosey about others' day to day lives. Hope you're nosey too! I won't mind this time!

I tracked my day last Thursday, January 7th. Why I chose that day? Basically because I woke up and thought, "Today's going to be a 'Day in the Life'". Once you're a blogger, anything can be made into a blog post!! You can read my first Day in the Life post here from an October day. (Which is worth pointing out, I wore the same scarf that day as I did this day AND it was another Thursday.Next one won't be a Thursday, I'll make sure of it.)

I also woke up this day craving blueberries and cereal. I had some blueberries in the freezer (duh, always) and thawed them quick to throw in a bowl to take with me. 

While I was in the kitchen, I got my lunch bag together. I packed up some leftovers from dinner, bagged some peanuts and raisins, threw in a banana and poured some milk to take for the cereal. 

I finished getting ready. I was running WAAAAY late at this point because I ended up sleeping a little longer than I should have.

(Here's why: Stephen is a very ACTIVE sleeper. He moves, he kicks, he throws arms, he talks, he giggles,  he's punched me in the face and in the head before...he's constantly moving. It gets old. Thank God for that spare bedroom some nights. I love sleeping in our bed with my husband..but sometimes, you've just GOT to get a GOOD SOLID night's sleep. #amiright So, after an especially active night, he has a tendency to settle down and sleep like a rock approximately 30-45 minutes before my alarm goes off. IT HAPPENS WITHOUT FAIL. On those mornings, it's so hard to get up, because I'm finally ABLE to sleep peacefully myself. Some mornings, I will sleep another 30-45's worth it, and I have a little flexibility on my work start time, which is glorious!) 

This was one of those mornings, I slept because I finally could. 

I left the house at 7:37 and pulled in the parking lot I use at 7:48. High five to NO traffic and a nearby commute! (P.S. Sorry Sarah for the delay in replying back.)

After I got settled at work, I hung up a new calendar that I picked up the night before at BAM! after church. I just LOVE new calendars!!

Before everything got too hectic, I ran down to the cafeteria and picked up a cereal, threw in my blueberries and milk I brought from home and scarfed that puppy down. The older I get, I seriously think that cereal may be my favorite food. 

At 10a, I had a weekly Move Meeting where we plan / discuss upcoming moves within the hospital and offsite properties. Our current project is opening a new offsite multi-physician office. It takes a small village to relocate doctors, their staff and practices. 

Normally, I eat lunch in our Conference Room with a couple of co-workers. But today, I ate lunch at my desk since I came in later than usual. 

I had to share this text exchange between Stephen and I. It cracked me up....I know him too well. 

Later that afternoon, I started getting drowsy, nothing a little Mumford & Sons radio on Pandora won't cure! Does anyone else use certain music to change their moods during the workday? Just me??

I'm wrapping up our 2015 compliance books and getting ready to start our 2016 books. Half of my books' supplies came in that afternoon. The other half of the order came the day before. It'll  be WELL into February before I'll have these ready to go. It takes forevvvvvver.

After work, I made an exchange at a local shop, Thirty One Twenty Five Boutique. It was just me and the shop owner at the time in the store, so I wasn't brave enough to take a photo in front of her. #bloggerfail I grabbed this one from their Instagram page, 31twentyfiveboutique

My next stop was to visit the lovely United States Postal Service. Seems as if our mailman decided to jam an envelope so hard into our mailbox that I physically with BOTH hands had to PULL it out with force. Giving no care to the "Do Not Bend" message on the envelope. Needless to say, the envelope was bend pretty bad as were all three 8x10 prints on the inside. I was not a happy camper, but I kept my cool talking to one of the route supervisors, and he was very respectful and professional. 

(Follow Up: They have paid me back in full for the amount that I paid for my order. Let's see what he does when my reorder comes in.)

I ran by Party City to pick up a few things for my sister's birthday party that weekend. I just couldn't bring myself to buying anything "over the hill" or too tacky. 

Here's how Thursdays typically work:

My mom is off of Thursdays, she picks up my nephews from school, makes dinner for all of us, and it's a great little Thursday Night Family Night tradition we've got going on. 

Only this Thursday night was a little different. The boys were peacefully playing in the den, my mom was doing something in the basement, and the rest of the house was quiet. I may or may not have took a very small power nap in the living room while watching "Chopped". 

 Also different about this Thursday night, my Dad and Brother-in-Law weren't there. They do the radio broadcast for the high school football and basketball games. How cool is that, right? They had an odd-ball Thursday night game this night, so they weren't there. My youngest nephew had basketball practice at 7. Once my sister got there, she and the boys ate quick and left leaving my mom with just me and the hubs. 

Sidenote: my mom makes THE BEST fried chicken. 

We typically get back home around 7:30p on Thursdays. This night, Stephen started to not feel very well, and actually went to bed not long after we got home. I knew he wasn't feeling well, because he's typically a night owl.  

I had a quiet house all to myself, so I finished up a blog post...

Washed dishes from the day....

Laid out my outfit for the next day...

Changed into my pj's finally. I'm weird, some nights I can go ALL night in the same clothes I've worn to work all day, change into pj's at bed time and wonder to myself, "Why did I wait so long to do this?" Then some days, I can't change quick enough when I walk in the house. 

I love sleeping in either tank tops or old t-shirts. This old Predators shirt is one of my favorites. 

Normally, I read from a devotional book and then my Bible or Bible app in our bed, but with Stephen having been asleep for almost two hours at that point, I wasn't about to wake him up. So, I opted to end my night in the floor of our guest room. I've read many different devotional books, and believe it or not, this is the FIRST time I've read "Jesus Calling". So far, some of these days have been SPOT ON for what life has been handing me. 

I checked on Stephen and realized he was SOUND asleep...which, remember earlier, is not typical. I decided that it might be a grand idea to go to bed early myself. You know what, it WAS a grand idea! Great night's sleep had by all! 

But not before one last text with my sister giving me a review of Colin's basketball practice that night.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our Thursday. It's a normal, no frills life. But I sure wouldn't trade it for anything!!


  1. Love Day in the Life posts!!Jesus Calling is a great - go to - devotional for me! Hope you are enjoying it!

  2. I love reading these! Love that you eat dinner with your family every special!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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