Friday, January 8, 2016

Bed Rest Care Package

My best friend Emilee and I have a friend who we went to high school with who lives away from here now with her husband and two little girls. She is pregnant with their third little girl right now, and a few weeks ago was placed on bed rest after experiencing several, serious complications. 

All of this fell right around the holidays and we knew we wanted to do something for her to hopefully bring a little cheer to what was sure to be some long and often boring days. 

We started brainstorming ideas of items to include in our basket, and before long we had a pretty great list together. Emilee and I met up one afternoon after work to do some shopping, grab some dinner (any excuse for an impromptu girl's night is always acceptable in my book!), then we came back to my house to but it all together. 

If you're putting together a package like this for someone, the possibilities are endless as to what you can include. Keep in mind the person you are shopping for. What will he or she REALLY like? What will they use? Who is with them? We thought about Skye's daughters for a few of the things we included. 

Emilee included some great press on nail art for the girls to use together. I included 4 festive "Happy New Year" hats thinking the girls would love them since more than likely, they would all be at home this year celebrating the New Year. 

We filled a giant basket with tissue paper and bagged some "like" items together in cellophane bags with ribbon or twine. We put larger items in the back for support and smaller items up front. 

The items that we bagged we were able to stuff in empty spaces at the end. 

Like I said, you could literally add so much to a care package. The important thing is that you're thinking of the person it is for, and sending love and well wishes to them. 

Our basket included: 

Puzzle Books
Adult Coloring Book
Coloring Pencils
Lotion & Body Spray
Thermal Mug & Hot Drink Mixes
Mixed Snack Bags
Hard Candy
Chewing Gum

Fuzzy socks
Cross-Stitch kit
Nail Polishes
Nail Art Stickers
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Rounds
Manicure Kit
Lip Gloss
Facial Masks

Once we were done, we each wrote a note for Skye on colorful cards and stuck them in the basket. 

Skye's Mom picked the basket up the very next day to take to her. She was very appreciative and loved everything we had included. I hope she has been able to use and enjoy items that we picked for her. 

Putting a basket or bag like this together for someone who is on bed rest, or in the hospital, or confined to their home after an illness or surgery, is sure to bring joy to their day! Get some friends together to make a HUGE basket...make a night out of it. You'll benefit from the valued time with your friends and the recipient will benefit from your thoughtful care. 

It's a simple, affordable, and heartfelt way to let someone know that you're thinking of them. 

Please keep our friend Skye, and her precious little girl, Emery Hope in your prayers. They are both fighters and are doing their absolute best to keep Emery in the womb as long as possible. I know they would covet your thoughts and prayers as each day means one more day stronger!! 

God has held them in His mighty arms this far through each struggle and scare they have had; He will continue to bless this precious family!


  1. Love this!! Great ideas to include her children as well!

  2. You both have touched my heart more than you will ever know!

  3. This is such a great idea!!!!! I will be keeping this in mind next time someone I know is going through something major. Love it!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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