Thursday, January 7, 2016

December / January Goals Mashup

It's Monthly Goals Mashup day! December was a huge success for as busy of a month as it was. Most of the goals I set, were holiday related just within a certain time frame I set for myself. 

Here we go....

 - I was able to get all of our Christmas cards addressed and mailed the first week of the month! I shared our cards here

- My grandmother and I spent a wonderful Saturday together finishing our Christmas shopping. We started doing this a couple of years ago, and it's truly one of my favorite days of the year that I now look forward to. I just love spending time with her. 

- Christmas paint orders were all completed and delivered by the 14th. This was by far my biggest deadline goal and I was thrilled to be done two weeks before Christmas so I could sit back and soak up the season! I will be sharing several of the orders I had next week!!

-  Menu Plan for get-togethers. I menu plan on a weekly basis for just us, so it only seemed to make sense to make a plan for all the events we were going to. Making this list in advance helped SO much with grocery shopping and prepping. I will definitely be doing this from now on for the month of December!

 - Have friends / family over for a meal. Unfortunately, this didn't happen. Everyone was just so busy last month, we weren't able to get anything worked out. 

-Christmas Date Night at Home!! YES! We didn't get this done until the 23rd, but at least we snuck it in!! We love watching "White Christmas" together and making a big deal about it. On that particular night, we ended up opening our gifts to each other...presents and a date night?! YES, please!


For January, I'm keeping things simple and wanting to tackle a couple of small projects needing some much needed attention. 

- The last couple of  months at work, I have been pulled a thousand different directions. Couple that with several days off for the holidays, and now I am SO FAR behind. I would love nothing more than a solid week of just be able to do what I NEED to do and not what everyone else throws at me. That likely will not be case, so instead, I've got to come up with a way to stay focused and hopefully catch up on some things. 

- Meal Plan by the month. Typically, I meal plan by the week, but I would love to try and get enough ideas jotted down to get us through the month and be able to shop ahead for items I will be needing. I've said it before and will preach it again...meal planning saves you money AND TIME!!! You should definitely be trying it! I shared by Meal Planning tips here

-Organize table linens. I will admit, that I have not touched this area since we moved into this house. The bottom shelf of my bakers rack has a basket overflowing with table cloths, place mats and napkins. It's a mess. It's time to purge and beautify. 

-Organize under bathroom cabinets. ALSO, a holy nightmare of a mess. I'm actually looking forward to doing this one. I told Stephen I was going to do this task this month and he quickly reminded me that the cabinet under the kitchen sink needed attention too. So...that's been added to the list now. (Thanks, dear.)

-Valentines Gift Shop - I LOVE shopping early. It just makes me feel ready and alleviates any stress. I keep a running list on my phone of gift ideas for people. Luckily, I have enough ideas left after Christmas shopping that the Mr. is taken care of for Valentines and his birthday! We never spend much on Valentines, so there's never really much stress involved in that one. Birthdays....are a different story. I love making sure I get the perfect birthday gift for someone. 

-Have friends over for dinner and game night. I'm fairly certain that this is happening at some point next weekend. Fingers crossed it works out. We love having people over, and it's been a while since we've been able to. Our calendar is pretty clear the first few months of the year, so it's a great time to open our doors and set a couple more places at the table!!

That's the January plan! Stephen and I are still working on our 2016 together-goals. I'll be sharing those soon!! 

Tomorrow, I'm sharing a very special project that my best friend and I worked on last week. Come back to check it out! Happy Thursday!!


  1. I am on a big organizing kick too!! There is something about cleaning out and starting fresh that I LOVE!!

    1. Me too! Now, if I can only figure out how to make it last all year!!

  2. I love how you utilize the notes section of the Erin Condren planner--I never use that part but I may start jotting down monthly goals to keep me on track! Great idea!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

    1. I LOVE the notes section!! I keep my Christmas shopping lists back there, any notes from doctors' appointments back there, monthly goals (although, this year I'm using the notes page before each month for that), and a list of due dates for bills in the back!! Some days, I think I would be lost without that planner, haha.


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