Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Friday!! Amen. Hallelujah. High Five's all around. All of the above. 

| one |

On Wednesday, I'm teaming up with Leigh and Justine for a new monthly link up, Pinspiration Wednesday and we would LOVE for you to join us! Each month, we'll be sharing our favorite Pinterest finds for a certain topic. Here's what we have lined up...

    February 3  - Share your favorite Super Bowl recipes
    March 2 -  Favorite Easter/Spring décor and/or favorite Easter recipes
    April 6 - Favorite Spring "look" or outfit
    May 4 - Get bathing suit ready - Favorite Pinterest workouts & healthy recipes
    June 1 - Summer Bucket List – What is on your list to do this summer?
    July 6 - 4th of July/Summer cookout recipes
    August 3 -  Crock Pot recipes
    September 7 -  Fall Decorating Ideas (inside of house and front porch/outside of house)
    October 5 -  It’s pumpkin time! – Share your favorite pumpkin or Halloween recipes
    November 2 - Thanksgiving decor and/or recipes
    December 7 - Share your favorite Christmas décor ideas, or Pinterest worthy gift ideas

                       Grab our graphic and join us on Wednesday with your FAVORITE Super Bowl themed pins!

                      | two | 

                      My good friend, Skye and her husband Jordan welcomed their third little girl on January 11th at just 24 weeks. Emery Hope had to have emergency surgery over the weekend, but has been doing outstanding since! Her doctor and nurses are calling her a "Rockstar" this week! Skye's daily updates of sweet Emery's progress have been a favorite this week! SO many people are praying for this precious baby and her family. Please pray for them too! Skye will be sharing Emery's story on my blog soon! You will love this little girl's story! 

                      Go Emery Go!!

                      | three |

                      I've been painting alot this week for two very good friends as they prepare for the arrivals of their babies. I can't show their finished products just yet, but these are by far some of my favorite projects yet!

                      | four | 

                      Do you use Scentsy bars in your home or office? I've tried other brands, but these remain my favorite for the price and their longevity. My favorite scent is Honeymoon Hideaway!! I can't get enough. I have it at home and in my office at work. I stockpile these things because I'm afraid with my intense love of the thing, it'll be discontinued. Anybody else have that same luck? 

                      | five |

                      For Christmas, Stephen gave me a Journaling Bible. I am awed by some of the journaling I see on Instagram, but to be honest, I don't have the time right now to do elaborate designs like the ones I've been drooling over. Nonetheless, this bible has been perfect for making little notes, reminders of important verses or sermon quotes. I love using it now, and I'm going to love it more using it later on when the pages are filled with notes and reminders from years past! 

                      Check in with Andrea, Erika and Narci to see everyone's favorites on this beautiful Friday!

                      Happy Weekending!


                      1. I'm excited for your Wednesday linkup! And all the topics sound great =) So glad to hear your friends baby is doing good. So scary when they are born early and so little. I love Scentsy bars, and they don't compare to the no name brand ones at all. I'll have to check out this scent that you like!
                        Have a great Weekend!!

                        1. I love that scent! Just a fresh, home-y scent!

                      2. Prayers for Emery- and I LOVE her name. I wanted to name my daughter Emery, but the hubby didn't agree!! :) Love the journaling Bible too - but I am SO intimidated by others creativity!!!

                        1. She does have a great name! They appreciate your prayers!! Keep them coming, she's had a hard weekend.

                      3. Praying for Emery! I love your pink flower painting!

                        1. Thank you for thinking of Emery, they appreciate your prayers!

                      4. Praying for Emery! My friend's baby was born at 27 weeks and he is doing just fine now at 16 months!

                        1. It's so good to hear the stories with wonderful outcomes. Please continue to pray for her; she's had a hard weekend. Just praying that everything works out for her!


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