Thursday, January 21, 2016

Simplicity Challenge

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite Instagram series going on right now. Emily Ley is the beautiful, mastermind behind her own boutique brand that features the popular Simplified Planner and other planning organizers and stationary. She promotes everything that simplifies this crazy, hectic life we all are guilty of keeping. I love following her style and tips on Instagram everyday. 

This month, she launched the 30 Day Simplicity Challenge. Every day, she has posted a quick tip to ultimately help simplify your home and life. I picked out a few of my favorites that have posted so far this month to pass along. 

There is nothing I love more than a great purge in all nooks and crannies! If I haven't used or worn it in SEVERAL months or's time to go. We don't have much extra space in our home to begin with, and with the hopes of adding a little to our mix soon, I've been wanting to get rid of everything we don't need now rather than later. 

I could not agree with Day 3 more!! At least once a week, I send any pics I've snapped on my phone to my Snapfish app. I create a folder for each month and just automatically move the photos into that folder in my app, and then they're ready to be deleted off my phone. 

If it's a REALLY special photo, I'll email it to myself to save on my computer or flashdrive as well as me Snapfish app. Either way, I get rid of them on my take up SO much space, move them somewhere else and them move them off your phone!

I struggled with this one. We are some hard-core fans of any and all condiments around here. The shelves inside our refrigerator doors are packed with dressings, toppings, sauces, you name it...we got it. UNTIL, I saw Day 6's tip. I drug the trashcan across the room, and starting pitching bottles and jars and cans that hadn't been opened in a looooong time and well beyond their expiration dates. We have so much more free space in those shelves now. It felt so good to free up that space. 

Listen, I'm glad she posted this tip, because I was seriously concerned I was the only who who felt the need to go buy a new pack of toliet paper or another roll of paper towels as soon as I opened the last package on hand. I don't stockpile...we don't have the room for a stockpile, but I do keep items like this on shelves in our Laundry Room. When I open a package of toilet paper to fill the basket it's stored in, it's time to go buy a new pack. It's a comforting thought knowing my toiletries inventory is stocked and ready!

This was one of my 2015 goals last year. Every now and then, I would pick up a 2-3 generic birthday cards at the grocery store and send one to someone who I might not normally send a card to. I know I love to receive birthday cards in the mail, so I wanted to be intentional in spreading birthday cheer to family and friends close to us. Such an easy way to make someone feel special and cared for!!

Typically every Sunday night I dig out any receipts from the week and any trash that has ended up in my bag from two church services spent with our nephews sitting between us. I'm not a mom yet, but if you didn't know me and saw my purse on a Sunday night, you would think differently. Random pieces of paper with games of tic-tac-toe scribbled on them, empty gummy snack bags, empty snack bags of M&M's, a couple crayons, maybe a Hot Wheels car or two, and occasionally a Spiderman watch. Those boys...they have my heart.  

After our wedding, I donated most of the dresses from my personal collection of bridesmaid dresses. Have I mentioned I've been a bridesmaid 17 times? Say whaaaat? Yeah. 

I parted with most of the dresses, but kept a couple and have had a couple more SINCE our wedding. Now I have 4 dresses still in my closet because, "I really might wear one of these again." But let's be honest, I won't. It's time that they go. 

Day 15's tip came over the weekend and it pretty much summed up our weekend. Forget the 10 minute part...we spent the ENTIRE weekend doing absolutely nothing and it was amazing! (Minus the being sick all day Sunday.) A weekend spent at home with no plans is sometimes just what you need to feel refreshed and ready to tackle a new work week!

Are you following @emilyley and the #simplicitychallenge2016 on Instagram? If not, it's never too late to start following along before the month is up!! Find the tips that will SIMPLIFY the everyday for YOU!


  1. I have seen this on Instagram too - what great tips!! I too panic if I don't have a spare roll of TP, bar of soap or extra kleenex box! So strange!!

  2. Oh, I love this so much! My word for the new year is "less" (less clutter, less junk, less email spam, less social media that I don't absolutely love, less shopping for things that we don't need, etc.) so these are all amazing tips!

  3. They are great tips! I've looked forward each day to seeing her new posts on IG show up. "Less" is a GREAT word for the year!!


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