Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentine's Home Decor

If you've been reading my blog for any time now, you know that I love to decorate and especially decorate for seasons. 

After I take my Christmas decorations down around New Year's I like to go ahead and put up some Valentine's Day decor. I love Valentine's Day decorations...the bright reds and pinks...the sparkles and and right up my alley!

On our front door, I add flashy pink mesh, red ribbon and a Valentine's Day sign for an easy welcoming wreath!

On the inside of our front door, I have a rag ribbon wreath that my friend Amy made for me. I love the colors she used for this!

I changed out the printables in the frames on our entry table, added more of the pink mesh and red ribbon. I picked up this cute, little candle holder at Hobby Lobby, but have not found the right size candle for it yet. 

(P.S. I may or may not say "Hello, Love" in a British accent every time I pass by this frame. #noshamehere)

I changed out our kitchen chalkboard to some sweet lyrics from a fun song. My nephews LOVE this song. After I finished it one night a couple weeks ago, we Face Timed them to show them and they both immediately starting singing. So cute!

I added a painting I made last year to my floating shelves and a couple of small pieces that I've had since I was little. 

In my antique cabinet, I put a couple of old Valentines tins and a salt and pepper shaker. 

This didn't photograph well during the day, but I found this cute metal garland at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago for $3.99 I think? I left up the curtains from Christmas and the garland fit perfectly!

I snapped another pic at night and it showed up a little better. 

Stephen's mom made me a tablerunner from burlap used at our Rehearsal Dinner. So special!! I added a smaller table runner on top of the burlap and placed a red heart dish and candle to the centerpiece. I couldn't find anything that I just loved to go in the milkglass vase. Maybe next year. 

Another painting I made last year...I'm really loving gold for Valentine's!

For our coffee table, I used another table runner, red candle, glass bowl and added a candle and heart garland to a small cake stand. 

And now my favorite decorating space...our mantel!!

I bought three different fabrics from Hobby Lobby, cut them into equal length strips and tied them to a strand of twine to make this garland. I love how this turned out!! This would be SO EASY to do for any holiday or celebration. 

I poured a few bags of conversation hearts candy into a glass lantern for a fun, festive look. It took four bags to fill it this far, I thought for sure it would fill the whole thing. Lesson learned for next year!

I bought the glass jar with red sparkly heart and the red chalkboard from Target's dollar aisle this year. I could've gone crazy there this year, but I was quite proud of myself for holding back! I used some heart picks that I already had for my mercury glass vase. 

This cracked me up and had to share. I went to take a picture of one of our end tables and had to shake my head at where Stephen had left his cup. Really? The coaster is RIGHT THERE. #reallife

Back to the table, and a cute little Be Mine heart plate!

On the other end table, another fun little plate. I guess technically it's not a Valentine's Day plate, but it just matches for the season, so I go with it!

 That's it..,.our little Valentine's ready home!! Little festive touches that add FUN to our home! Any reason to celebrate will do!!


  1. Valentines Day is one thing that I have never once decorated for. And I think that I really need to! Your Valentines decor is seriously so pretty! I love the rag ribbon wreath, and the garland that you made for your mantle is really pretty, and I think I may need to do this for my mantle =)

    1. Thank you...I LOVE decorating our mantel! SO many fun options!!

  2. Love all the cuteness!! The mantle garland is perfect and so are the wreaths!! And now I am singing too....

  3. I seriously love how you decorate for each holiday!!! Your future children are going to love growing up in your home!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

    1. Awww..that is seriously the sweetest compliment! Thank you so much!

  4. GIRL! You go all out! Everything looks so beautiful. The gold and white striped painting is my very favorite. I am a sucker for stripes.

    1. Thanks...I have a soft spot for stripes too! Just love them!!

  5. I love the rag wreath and the fabric garland! So fun and festive!

    1. Thanks! I think I could make a fabric garland for every holiday...just love them! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. You have such an awesome collection of Valentine's decor!!
    Love the handmade wreaths and your beautiful fabric garland! :)

    1. Thanks for hosting the linkup! I love the fabric garland and have to refrain from making one for every holiday, hahaha!


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