Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday -

Time to see what everyone is up to on this Wednesday!
Check in with Shay, Mel and Shaffer to see what else is up with everyone!

What we're eating this week...

Chicken Ranch Baked Quesadillas and Baked Meatballs with Italian Potatoes...put anything between tortilla shells and we'll eat it!

 What I'm reminiscing about...

What I'm loving...

Valentines Day decor from the dollar aisle at Target. #swoon #nailedit

I'll be sharing my Valentines decor tomorrow!! Come back!

What we've been up to...

A whole lot of nothing...we had between 9 and 11 inches of snow...we live in Tennessee. Which means Tennessee was closed for the weekend. 

What I'm dreading...

Pass. Not dreading anything that comes to mind. So, there's that. 

What I'm working on...

I'm currently working on painting the letters of the alphabet for some friends of ours who are doing an alphabet wall in their little boy's nursery. Little Isaac is due in April; we're all pretty excited to meet the little guy!

There's no easy way to paint get every nook and cranny, you just have to hold them. Hence the aftermath of my hands after three hours of painting. 

What I'm excited about...

Our favorite place to eat at in Destin is Another Broken Egg. I'm not a huge breakfast fan, but yall....they have the BEST breakfast! Anyways, one opened in Nashville last Summer! Stephen suggested we swap a Valentine's Dinner Date for a Valentine's Breakfast Date. YES. Please. Sign me UP!

What I'm watching / reading...

It's Bachelor season, naturally I'm watching that. I'm still Team Becca. She was my favorite from Farmer Chris' season, so I'm really pulling for something to happen for her!

Also, I mentioned on Monday, but I just finished Jane the Virgin on Netflix. If you're looking for a good, girly, quirky ya go. I loved it!

I'm reading Nicholas Sparks' The Choice. I like to save some of his books to read right before they become movies. This one is starting to rank up high on my list of Sparks' favorites. I just hope the movie is good; the trailers don't look too spectacular to me. 

What I'm listening to...

Currently, I'm blasting this album in my ears to drown out the soccer video game the hubs is playing from the other end of the couch as I blog. Any reason for EC is good enough for me!

What I'm wearing...

I have a feeling this one is going to be well known. Raise your hand if you own or are contemplating owning this necklace by Plunder Jewelry??!? Practically everyone I know has one now. You can wear it three different ways and it goes with anything. #winnerwinner

What I'm doing this weekend...

We're showering our sweet friend Brittany as she and her husband get ready for Miss Alexa's arrival in March! Which reminds me...anyone have a good punch recipe? I should probably be working on that before Saturday!

What I'm looking forward to next month...

February 3rd is this guy's birthday! I love to celebrate my Dad. He is SUCH a blessing to so many people! So, so very glad he's ours!

(His first selfie backstage at a church talent show last year.....and you just thought he walked around looking like a lost member of Riders in the Sky.)

What else is new...

This one I'm super excited about!! I'm joining with Leigh and Justine to bring a new linkup on the first Wednesday of each month!! 


We'll be sharing some of our favorite finds from Pinterest to go along with that month's topic!!

For February we'll all be sharing our favorite Super Bowl recipe pins! Super Bowl Sunday is one of those nights that's great to get friends and family together just because. 

We'll be rooting on the Broncos and pulling for Peyton!! #vfl 

Get your favorite Super Bowl pins ready, girls! Recipes, party planning, decor...everything to make Super Bowl Sunday fun!

Grab our graphic and be sure to come back next Wednesday, February 3 to link up with us!! 

I'll be sharing more about this later in the week including the rest of the year's's going to be FUN and a great opportunity to get ideas from other bloggers! Join us next Wednesday for our series "kick off". 

(ha....see what I did there....kick off...Super Bowl...ha....doesn't take much)

Happy Wednesday friends!!


  1. Haha - Tennessee was closed. Hilarious and pretty much!! Also, I am going to need the chicken ranch quesadilla recipe!! I get those at Chili's often...but making them at home, even better!

  2. Found your blog through Justine and Leigh! I've been reading both of their blogs for a long time now, and I was excited to see this linkup that you all have put together! You can count me in to linkup that day for sure!
    I as well have been watching the Bachelor, and i'm rooting for Lauren B! I love her!!!
    Have a great day, Erica!


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