Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Special Day for a Special Little One

For the past few months, I had been tossing around the idea of having some kind of get-together to honor our baby and the special time that we would've been celebrating at the end of February. 

After running the idea by Stephen and then some of our family members, we decided to plan for this past Sunday. Typically, we have lunch with Stephen's family at his grandparents house every Sunday after church anyway, so we decided to have family come and we would make it a special day to honor a special little one.

We picked up some flowers at Kroger and Stephen's mom separated them into centerpieces for the tables. We used some of the same antique jars we used at our wedding. 

After everyone had finished lunch, we headed outside on a beautiful day for balloon release we decided to do. 

After we handed out all of the balloons, my Dad shared a few words...

One thing he said that I will always remember...

Is that he envisioned a special place in heaven set just aside for babies like ours. A perfectly built playground where children are happy and always laughing...

...because Jesus loves the little children of the world. 

Stephen said a very touching prayer just before our release.

It was the most beautiful day and bluest sky as we watched our balloons float higher and higher away. 

Everyone stood around for quite a while in complete silence just watching our balloons drift away.

It was such a touching and perfect moment, that I know I will never forget. We were surrounded with by our closest family members all sending love and prayers to our sweet baby. 

Our siblings surprised us with gifts to remember this special time in our lives. Stephen's brother Evan and his girlfriend got us a Crepe Myrtle tree to plant. Such a sweet gift, that we'll be able to look at and remember this time. 

My sister and her family gave us this sweet ornament. This will forever be one of my favorites to put on our tree each year.

I realized more that day how much our baby had touched the lives of those around us. The love that everyone had for our child was so evident and felt. It wasn't just our hearts that have been breaking, but also the hearts of those around us. Many tears were shed that day, but we all know our child is perfect and in heaven above...

 always with us, always watching over us. 

I was hesitant in the beginning about planning this day for us, but I am SO beyond glad that we did. It was the most beautiful day filled with love, prayers and well wishes.


  1. How special to remember the life of the child you lost. Love what your dad said!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. What a touching day Erica!! I love that you took a day to celebrate and remember - and one day you will be with your little one again!!

  3. What a beautiful way to honor your precious baby in Heaven Erica! What a blessing to be surrounded by your wonderful families and have them share in your sorrow and joy. Thank you so much for sharing about this special day with all of us!!

  4. I think it's a beautiful way to memorialize your special child.

  5. Well, that's such a lovely way to honor your baby. I may be tearing up right now. *hug & love* -Katy


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