Thursday, March 17, 2016

Confessional Thursday

Thursday Confession posts are quickly becoming my absolute favorite around here!! (GIFS are also my favorite.)


Not once, but TWICE this week, I have been early to work!! I can't tell you how much this brings joy to my heart. I will also confess, I've been getting up earlier to leave earlier to miss the blinding sun in one stretch of the main road I have to travel. NOBODY can see when they hit it. Everybody basically just stops until you can't see the car in front of you anymore and then you go. It's awful and makes me a nervous wreck for about 3 minutes. The cure: leave the house 10 - 15 minutes earlier and beat the sun!


I've been a Team Lauren fan from early on, but I will admit that the finale on Monday night had me REALLY pulling for Jojo. High five to The Bachelor editing department for making me love Jojo at the very end to be excited for next role as The Bachelorette!


We began our front yard landscaping project yesterday. It might be the death of our marriage, but it's GOING to get done this Spring. Apparently my husband wants "something worth having" planted in a pile of mulch outside our front windows. Whatever that means. I consulted with my MIL and turns out my FIL has the same picky tastes when it comes to these things. This should be fun. 


If you stand outside my office door, answer your cell phone and proceed to talk loudly, I WILL get up and shut my door right in front  of you. This has happened three times this week, and I just can't stand it anymore. Be a bit more respectful to your coworkers and step out into the hallway. ESPECIALLY if I am on the phone myself. It drives me bananas. 

Ok. Maybe it doesn't drive me THAT nuts, but it is rude and rude is #1 pet peeve. Of all time. The end. 


In keeping with some work complaints, I had to have a blood draw over the weekend, routine fertility thing, not a big deal. But it fell on a weekend, so I had to go to the outpatient lab through our ER. Now, I know the ER is difficult place to work. But y'all...this girl sitting at the desk. I walked up to the desk, she looked up at me, I said hello, she said nothing, I pulled out my paperwork and said "I just need an outpatient blood draw", she looked at me, she picked up her phone called someone else, a guy came out to check me in at the computer beside her. If you noticed in that brief story...the girl NEVER SAID A WORD TO ME. IT IS HER JOB TO GREET PATIENTS! The guy on the other hand, was overly friendly, checked me right in and said, "Oh, you work here." My response, "yes, yes I do." The girl gave me the side eye, got up from the desk, and walked away. 

Those are some Thursday Confessions! Check in with Jessica here to see other's spilling their guts today!


  1. Yay for getting to work early! That never happens to me haha! And I hate it when people are so rude. They may be having a bad day at work but it doesn't mean that they can take it out on customers!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Ok, your Gifs are hilarious...but the girl in the ER sent me over the top. I do not GET that!! So crazy - how can you have ANY job without an attempt to be personable!!

  3. I wasn't a huge Jojo fan either the whole season but I fell in love the finale night also! Now I am super excited to see her as the Bachelorette because I hope they keep editing her the same way!

  4. Hahaha - I'm never, ever at work at 8. I also very rarely leave at 5 (more like 6), and take lunches half of the time so - Honestly they owe me overtime hahahaha. #imsalary. boo.
    And oh man - someone needs to tell that lady at the front desk to eat some chocolate or something. Geesh!


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