Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Cleaning Weekend

*Disclaimer: This is about as real as it pretty home tour pics from the weekend. More like what's stuffed behind the closets in all the pretty home pics.*

Stephen and I had very little set plans for this weekend, so we decided earlier in the week to make this weekend the start of our house re-organization overhaul. We’ve lived in our house for almost 2 years now (HOW did that happen??), and some of our closets look like we’ve lived there for 20. Needless to say, it’s been itching at me to attack our closets and PURGE, PURGE, PURGE and reorganize better what we have left.
Fortunately, Stephen got a head start one afternoon earlier last week. We have a small room attached to our carport, and when I pulled in our driveway, nearly everything in that room was sitting out in our carport. I will admit, I had a brief moment of panic. As in a “I’m not ready to deal with this today, we were supposed to do this Saturday” kind of panic. I quickly realized he had gone to a A LOT of trouble that afternoon on his own, so I jumped on board and we went through that room’s worth of stuff Wednesday afternoon. THEN….he said, “Let me show you what else I’ve done.”

Let me introduce the mess that is our “back bedroom”….

More importantly to note, MOST of this mess came from the closet in that room!
Fast forward to the weekend…Friday night I cooked dinner, we ate, watched Grey’s Anatomy and a little March Madness before calling it a night. Thrilling, yes, yes we are.
Saturday we…..

Loaded up Stephen’s grandpa’s truck with a bed full of ferns we picked up for ourselves, Stephen’s mom, and both of his grandmas. 11 HUGE ferns later, we looked like a mobile jungle cruising through town.

Picked up the last remaining things I had in storage in Stephen’s parents’ basement and brought it to our house to include in our big clean up. When I moved from my perfect little apartment that I enjoyed as a single gal, I lost SO MUCH STORAGE space. When I moved into the apartment we would live in once we got married, we had to quickly do something with all my junk so we started moving stuff to a storage unit and his parents’ basement until we had time to deal with it. That was three years ago, but finally…everything is out of there!

Next, I started bagging up items for Goodwill.

THEN, I emptied our front entryway closet. This is where I JUUUUUSST about lost it and decided I had bit off more than I could chew for the day.

I finished that closet and then we moved to the back bedroom where we went through everything in record time quickly making piles to keep, give or dump. We made one trip to the dump, and have a carport full of another load to take this week.

We both got cleaned up, and headed to town to drop off our Goodwill bags and see this pretty new little girl…

 Our good friends John and Brittany welcomed their daughter on Friday and she is just the prettiest little girl! Our little group of friends is starting to go through a baby boom phase. We all had our weddings within two years of each other, and now it looks like the first babies are starting to come!! SO fun!

We finished the night enjoying beef stew that had been cooking all day in the crockpot (one of my all-time favorite comfort food meals!) and watching the movie, “Legend”. Awful. Stephen had been dying to see it, the preview looked decent….the outcome….he hated it and I slept through half of it. So…take that for what’s it worth, haha.

We had an extra-long Sunday afternoon because of a special service at church. I wish I could say we were super productive and finished the back room, but we didn’t. Stephen watched basketball and napped in our bedroom, I watched old reruns and napped on the couch. Some Sundays are just made for naps.

Yay for productivity, new babies and naps!! What the best weekends are made of!!


  1. Did you Goodwill a TN shirt?? Oh mercy!! :) I am itching to purge too - I don't understand first how we have so much stuff and second - why I can't get rid of things I NEVER use. Your stuff that has been in storage or basement for 3 years, have you used any of it? I have things like that, that I just cannot let go!!

  2. Aaron got the last of the "crap" we had hiding out in the new baby's closet and the girls and I did a HUGE purge of a lot of their crafting items. We are gearing up to have a really big garage sale after we have the baby and I can NOT wait to get rid of a LOAD of stuff. Where does it all come from!?!? So glad you had a good weekend and hope your week is great too!


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