Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Letters

Dear Hospital Cafeteria Ice, 

You are my favorite afternoon snack.

 So much so that you often numb my tongue because I’ve chomped on so much of you and then my words come out ridiculous when I grab the phone to answer it. Which reminds me of this…


Dear Fresh Flowers, 

I love your presence in our house. You brighten our days. Stay pretty forever!

Dear Justine,

Thank you for two great tips recently! Thanks to you, a month of meals is planned out and posted conveniently on our fridge, where I’m sure Stephen will overlook at least 10 times a day and still text every afternoon asking what’s for dinner. 

Also, thanks to you…our towels have never felt and looked cleaner thanks to your handy dandy post here! One of my favorite new how-to’s! Keep the hits coming girlfriend!

Dear St. Patrick’s Day Decorations, 

I seriously love you, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to go before your big day since your friend Easter decided to come early this year. 

Dear Peyton Manning, 

Now, that the inevitable is official, please come back to TN and work for our Vols!! There is NO better place for you and Ashley to raise Marshall and Mosley. You will be welcomed with opened arms, ticker tape parades, and we’ll roll out the red orange carpet for you all the way to Neyland! Sincerely, Vol Nation

Dear Saturday,

Please don’t rain so much that you cancel my day trip to see my favorite Southern TN friends! I don’t get to see these girls often, so if you could juuuuuuust hold out until after I am safely back home, that’d be great, k?

 Dear Will Smith and Brett Phillips from the Milwaukee Brewers, 

Your video last week has been viewed over 200,000 on YouTube. I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for 180,000 of those views. You guys make me laugh, I’ll be cheering for you this season!
Dear Dry Shampoo, Flat Iron and Bobby Pins, 
You are my miracle workers for 2nd day hair annnnnd sometimes, 3rd day hair. You make office selfies worth it. You guys rock!

Thank you, Tuesday for your randomness and your light-hearted spirit! I love you lots!



  1. That looks like the best ice!!! And I love fresh flowers in the house, too. Especially since Kroger sells bouquets so cheap!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Thank you for that video! I certainly needed it today!!

  3. Erica! I was so excited to see a "letter" to me in your post today!!! So glad the monthly meal plan is working out for you and I just washed my kids towels today- I still am in totally disbelief how clean and fluffy they come out of the dryer only after only using vinegar!! Hope you have a great day!!

  4. Ok, why didn't I ever think to put my flowers in a mason jar vase? Love this post! Have a great day :)


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