Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Daniel Caught the Big ONE!

*Some of these photos turned out a little blurry and I'm not sure why because it was the most beautiful day outside. Oh well, you get the idea.*

So...party planning....it's kind of my thing. 

One of my best friends, Amy, party planning is not her thing. Not long after she and her husband had their son Daniel last April, I knew immediately what his first birthday party theme needed to be and I also knew Amy would let me take full control just so she wouldn't have to. Fast forward 10 months and here we are celebrating sweet Daniel's 1st Birthday!

I came up with the phrase "Daniel Caught the Big ONE" (since his daddy is an avid fisherman) and started searching Pinterest for ideas, color schemes, etc. I pinned several ideas, but only ended up using the green streamers to look like seaweed pin. Everything else, just kind of came together which you'll see....

I added a large fishing net, a few fish cut-outs, some red and white bobbers, the streamers and a hand painted banner I made for our backdrop. 

I had several Fiesta serving dishes and bowls that fit the color scheme perfectly!

We used a tackle box (a new, clean tack box) to hold plates, napkins and forks.

We attached another fishing net to the other side of the porch where we used clothespins to attach photos Amy had made of Daniel throughout his first year. Oh yeah, Amy dabbles in photography on the side and does a wonderful job! I'm sure we'll make several party planning / photography trades in the years to come!

For his high chair, I added a smaller hand painted banner with a cute fisherman cutout that I asked my cousin Elizabeth to make for me. She has one of those fancy schmancy cricket machines or whatever they're called. Anyways...she's a whiz on it and makes the cutest crafts, so I enlisted her help for the little guy and all the fish!

It was the most beautiful Spring day to have the entire party outdoors! Amy and Andy have an older home that they've put so much work into on the inside and outside. Amy has a green thumb and always has the prettiest flower beds and baskets growing all around their house!

Just as guests started to arrive, we set out the food. We kept things super simple and to go along with our "fishing" theme. Amy made up sack lunches for everyone to grab and enjoy.

She labeled each bag for what kind of sandwich was inside and included a bag of goldfish crackers and fruit gummies. We also had veggie bars and a small section set up to make your own sandwich if you wanted seconds or just wanted to make your own.

This menu was SO easy and affordable and the perfect little lunch for a Saturday!

Amy had a co-worker of hers make the cake. The small fish detached to be Daniel's smash cake. 

I wish I had been in a better position to get these photos because he was just so darn cute going after his cake. Little man OWNED the cake smash!! If you follow me on IG, you saw a little video a couple weekends ago on the party day!

Hey, you only turn 1 once, right!?! Live it up little man!

After a quick clean up, presents, and goodbyes, we started cleaning up and I took the job of rocking Daniel to sleep for his afternoon nap. The best job I had of the day! 

I love this boy just as if he were my biological nephew. There's just something so special with the bonds you make with your best friends' kids. You know you'll watch them grow up for the rest of their lives and you know you'll be around for all the milestones that they and your friends experience together. 

Happy Birthday Daniel!! Time to start planning for party #2!


  1. What a great idea! You did awesome with your party planning skills:)

  2. I love that you planned your friend's son's first birthday party haha!!! You did an awesome job and your theme is perfect!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. That is for sure a Pinterest Worthy birthday party!!! Love all of your ideas and that your friend let you go to town!! Want to come to Nashville in June for two parties??? :)


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