Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Linkups!

Bad blogging week friends, sorry!! April isn't shaping up to be much either. I counted 22 events on our calendar for April. There's only 30 days in the month. Deep breath in, deep breath out. 


My Easter decorations didn't go up until 6 days before the day, so I'm leaving them up a little longer than normal. They don't SCREAM Easter, so I'm ok with it! I just can't get enough of our Spring mantel. Check out my full Easter decorations post here


We had the best weekend with our family last weekend. I need more weekends like that please!! These next generation of cousins need the time together that me and their moms had growing up together!


I don't think I shared this before now, but back a couple of months ago, I worked on painting an alphabet set for our friends Chase and Taylor's baby's nursery. Little Isaac is due in the next couple of weeks, and I just L.O.V.E. how his alphabet wall turned out!! As in, I've stared at this picture more times than I would like to admit.'s just perfect!!


Stephen and I started some Spring Cleaning projects a couple of weekends ago and we're determined to finish this weekend! Bring on the garbage bags, trips to the dump and Goodwill!!


Join myself, Justine and Leigh on Wednesday for our next Pinspiration Wednesday! Post your favorite Spring Style pinspirations! I have a hunch we'll be seeing an abundance of crisp white pants! Grab our graphic and join us on Wednesday!!

Happy Weekending friends!

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