Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday, Colin!

If you've been reading here for any of amount of time, you know that we're quite obsessed with our two nephews. Today  just happens to be the day that seven years ago this morning, we welcomed our youngest nephew, Colin David into the world!

From the get-go, Colin was the ideal 2nd kid and little brother. 

He prefers to do his own thing and march to the beat of his own drum. I'm not sure how many times I've used that phrase in the past seven years to describe this kid, and honestly, I hope that I can always say this about Colin. 

Don't get me wrong, it's a monkey-see, monkey-do relationship among brothers, but these two are SO different. 

Riley likes attention and hooplah, Colin would prefer to play something by himself off in a quiet bedroom.

Riley is a snuggler, and Colin will pretty much only snuggle with his mom or with Stephen. Trust me. I've tried. AND TRIED. The kid just won't cuddle with me.

He is the funniest little boy we have ever known. I know alot of people say this about their own kids or kids in their families, but I'm telling you. Colin...he's hilarious. He's the kind of funny in everyday moments that crack you up and he's not intentionally trying to be funny. He's just quick and witty.

He has inherited a long standing family trait of having a sweet tooth. The boy can eat you under the table in sweets and will sneak whatever candy is laying around when you're not looking. 

For as much as his big brother L.O.V.E.S. sports, Colin, at the end of the day, could really care less. He plays baseball and basketball, and has since he was young enough to do so. They ask him every year if he wants to play and every year he says yes, but his interest in sports and playing sports is waaaaaaay down on his priority list. His team could lose every game of the season, and it would not affect him one little bit. His brother...different story.

He has the best smile and the kindest heart. Often times during church he'll color small coloring pages and pick specific elderly people to give them to after services or he'll make sure he gets them to someone who can take them to someone on the sick list that day. I hope his care for others stays with him forever.

Colin and Stephen are best buds. Colin was just 2 when Stephen came into the picture, so he's all he's ever known. It's been so sweet to watch their special bond grow through the years. They love each other so much!

He makes friends wherever he goes. He can roll with his big brother's friends just as easily as he can with friends his own age. If Riley is invited to a friend's party, it goes without saying that Colin is always invited too. Everyone just loves having him around!

He can quote movies, tv shows, name it. He can speak fluent minion.

Remember that time I talked about cuddling only with his mom and Stephen....

He's still young enough to think pictures are cool and he never turns down a selfie.

He gives hugs and says I love you to everyone before he leaves. 

He has my dad, his granddad, wrapped around his finger. Let's face it, we're all wrapped around his skinny fingers.

He and his brother are always concocting a plan for a sleepover at someone's house, including ours. They love being overnight guests, and have a strange fascination with staying in hotels. 

He's smart, thoughtful, witty, observant and when he gets hyper...well as he said himself once, "Riley's the normal one, I'm the crazy one!" 

I hope he always wants to spend the night at our house. I hope he always says I love you first. I hope he always thinks that you plant pinecones to get pine trees. I hope memory foam shoes are always his favorites. I hope he's still speaking in minion when he's 21. I hope he always has the same infectious giggle he has now. I hope he always sneaks one more jelly bean in his pocket before he leaves our house. I hope he always has a heart for service to others like he so tenderly has now. 

Happy 7th Birthday, Colin!! We love you buddy!


  1. What a precious boy! Seven is such a fun age!! Happy Birthday Colin!

  2. So sweet!!! I hope he always has such a kind heart!! Happy birthday Colin!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Happy Birthday to Colin - he is one lucky boy to have an aunt love him SO much!!

  4. That's our Colin. Now let me get a tissue.

  5. He is truly adorable and from pictures I can imagine how fun it would have been to have Colin around. I am looking for great ideas for birthday parties and have to host for my niece at an event space NYC. Hoping to arrange a perfect party.


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