Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy Birthday, Stephen!

Dropping in this week for a special birthday post! Today is the Mister's birthday, and that calls for a special post (even though he probably won't read it unless I tell him to.)

This guy....gosh where do I start. I have never met anyone in my entire life that annoys me more than he can and yet loves me as fiercely as Stephen does. 

I couldn't have imagined 5+ years ago that we'd be where we are today, but one thing is certain, I am so very thankful I have him by my side for this life that we're traveling through together.

Stephen can make me laugh with something ridiculous and off the wall he comes up with better than anyone else. I love that about him. 

I also can't imagine my nephews' lives without Stephen as their uncle. He loves Riley and Colin as much as I do. Watching their relationship develop these last few years has been a sweet blessing to watch. They love each other deeply and mean the world to one another. 

It's also pretty precious watching Stephen and Colin's little bond. Those two are among each other's best friends list. My heart just explodes watching his love, care and protection over these boys.

I've been asked by several of our friends through the years, "What is it like to be married to Stephen?" They ask this in a joking manner, because if you know Stephen, you know he's a trip. My answer is always one of two responses, "It's never dull" or "Every day is something new."

He keeps me on my toes for sure. 

These first three years of marriage have flown by and yet looking back we've been through SO much together. I know there are so many more highlights to come for us to share together, and unfortunately there are sure to be some hard times along the way too. It's life. 

I love being Stephen's wife and I love our marriage. It's far from perfect, but it was perfectly made for us. One day, he might put away all of his shoes that are left throughout the house. And one day, he miiiiight learn how to close cabinets and turn off unused lights. (I won't be holding my breath on those two though.)

But for now, life is pretty wonderful spent with this one by my side. 

He loves me more than I ever fathomed being loved by someone on this earth and quite frankly he loves me more than I deserve sometimes. I never question his love and faithfulness, never will. He's pretty amazing about that. 

Happy Birthday Stephen! You're the source of my frequent eye-rolling and the love of my life!! I'm so proud to spend my life with you!


  1. So sweet!!! Happy Birthday Stephen!! Your husband and mine sound a lot alike--my husband is crazy and keeps me laughing constantly!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Happy Birthday Stephen!! I love the combination of love and sarcasm in your post!! :)

  3. What a great post Erica!! Happy Birthday to your awesome hubby!!


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