Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday - Talk Show Edition

Today for Show and Tell Tuesday, we're talking all about if we had our own talk show! Who would would be on it, what would it be like...the good stuff!

For starters, I was a HUGE fan of Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee when I was young, then Regis and Kelly, and now Kelly and Michael. I LOVE this morning show! I love their chemistry and their upbeat attitudes first thing in the morning. If I'm ever home for a sick day, I be sure to be awake enough at 9am to watch this show. When I was in school, this was my favorite Summer day routine!

On my dream talk show, these two would be my co-hosts and we'd spend the first 15 minutes swapping funny stories and sharing about the fabulous lives we live. 

No talk show is complete without amazing guests, I'm thinking one of these three funny guys would make a great addition to our hour. 

I love watching Tom Hanks, Bryan Cranston and JT in interview segments on shows. These guys are always hilarious and are great story-tellers! 

Next up, we'd have a regular cooking segment, because it's daytime and it's my show, so yeah.

We'd swap up these 5 favorites each week. I just love watching Paula, Damaris, Ree, Trisha and Sandra whip up something fabulous in their kitchens! They'd be talk-show hits!!

Next, and I'm quite excited about this one...during Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, we'd have everyone's favorite Bachelor Nation reviewer, Sheaffer give us her Wednesday Recaps LIVE!

Yes, ma'am! We laugh with her every week and high five our computer screens in solidarity! This would definitely be the ratings booster we need! 

What is a talk show without a little music segment? Enter my favorite, my show, my favorite...Mr. Church ladies and gents. He is a must. 

AND...I HAVE to include a games segment because even though it's not daytime tv, Jimmy Fallon has single-handedly made talk show games a phenomenon! Let's be real, it's everyone's favorite part of his nightly shows. Jimmy would come out and end our show with a fun game with guests and bring the crowd to tears from laughter! Behind Sheaffer, it would be the best part of our show!

So maybe my show is more like an hour and half to get it all in, but if a daytime talk show had all these perfectly fit pieces and parts, it would be a WINNER every single day!! 

Be sure to check in with Andrea today to see everyone's fantasy talk show lineups! This will be a fun one to check out!!
Also, come back tomorrow and link up your favorite Spring Styles with us for our monthly Pinspiration Wednesday series. Grab our graphic and join myself, Justine and Leigh tomorrow!


  1. That would be an awesome Talk Show!!

    Mine would be all about DIY's and My co-host are some of my favorite #makers, like myself!!


  2. Haha! We would have similar shows!! I love your cooking segment options and Jimmy Fallon for the win!!!

  3. LOVE THIS. I totally felt the same - not gonna fit into an hour - OH WELL - LETS DO LIP SYNC BATTLES! LOL!!!!!! So much fun! LOVE the cooking segment idea. Wanna start our own two hour talk show?


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