Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Happenings

Remember way back when on, oh say, Friday, as in three days ago when I was all like yeah we're gonna finish cleaning out a spare bedroom / junk room and our storage unit this weekend? HA. 

Didn't happen. AT. ALL. 

Oh well, I'm not totally disappointed because we had a pretty great weekend anyway. 

Friday night I met up with  one of my very best friends, Angela, who was back in town for a few days while her kids were on Spring Break. Angela, her husband and kiddos live about an hour and a half away now, but her parents are still here in town, so we try to get together whenever she makes a quick trip up here. 

You know you're great friends when your night includes, and in this order I might add: dinner, Wal-Mart, Kroger and Dairy Queen. What can I say? We're wild and crazy when we get together. 

Saturday morning while I was cooking breakfast the fruit on our kitchen countertop caught my eye and I quickly whipped up this fruit salad and demolished it. I LOVE fruit! Who's with me?!

After breakfast, my grandmother called and asked if I would take her to visit her sister in a nursing home in a nearby town. I mean, how could I say no to that?! On our way back home, my grandpa said from the backseat, "If you want to stop at Dairy Queen (which I might add is the only fast food restaurant besides Subway in the town we were driving through), I'll buy you an ice cream for driving us. But if you need to get on back for something, don't worry about it." Silence in the car, we get closer to DQ up the road, and from the backseat there was a faint, "I sure do like their ice cream." My grandma and I just started laughing. Ok, Pa...I get the hint. SO, a little DQ treat two days in a row. Who's complaining? 

I spent the rest of the afternoon Saturday catching up on some work I had brought home with me  from a couple days I had taken off sick earlier in the week.

Saturday night I moved some photos over from my phone to backup storage and came across these two pieces I made a couple months ago for a fundraiser. Pretty sure I never shared them on here, so here ya go...

We finished our night watching last week's Grey's and Scandal. Scandal is getting good again! It seems like every season here lately, you have to go through about 5 episodes that are "eh ok" to get to the GOOD ones! 

Sunday after church we celebrated Stephen's aunt's birthday at lunch and then headed home for me to, wait for it, do more work stuff. BOO!

After church Sunday night, we pigged out on leftovers, finished a couple loads of laundry and watched the ACM's. I seriously think I could watch a country music awards show once a month. Who can I write a letter to to make that happen? 

Don't forget to link up with us on Wednesday for our Pinspiration Wednesday series! This Wednesday we're sharing all of our favorite Spring Styles!! I can't wait to get ideas from everyone's posts! Grab our graphic and join us on Wednesday!

Happy Monday, it's going to be a GREAT week!!

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  1. I took your inspiration and took 6 huge bags to Goodwill - spring clean out at our house!! Glad you had a good weekend - two trips to DQ sounds perfect to me!!

  2. We missed the ACM's because we were watching the Royals home opener. I may have to try to stream it at work today for background noise!

  3. That story about your Grandma is too cute!! There is nothing better than Dairy Queen ice cream!! :) Hope you have a great week friend!


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