Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Faves

It seems like it's been a sweet forever since I did a Friday Favorites post, but here we are!! I just love the blogging community, fun linkups and sweet friendships made!


We have the most beautiful rose bush at our house that we honestly debated on getting rid of when we moved in. Every Spring and Summer when these soft pink and white roses start blooming I'm immediately thankful and glad we kept it! There's 30-40 roses blooming right now; it makes me smile when I pull in our driveway every afternoon. 


I shared a story about our youngest nephew, Colin a couple weeks ago and  a get well card he made for a stranger which ended up having a lasting impact that none of us ever saw coming. You can read it  here

Similarly, his big brother, Riley also has a caring heart of gold. He handed me this piece of paper during church on Sunday and I had to snap and pic and send several text messages to let these people know that Riley was thinking of them and wishing them God's care over them. I love those boys' hearts!


I've tried to stay away from many online forums during this pregnancy, because those things can get me all kinds of worked and up worried over nothing. That being said, I'm reaching out to you ladies to ask this, is it normal or did you have problems sleeping during your 2nd trimester? I will sleep hard for a couple of hours then wake up and be WIDE awake for a few hours. It's the worst. It's not that I'm uncomfortable or hurting, I'm just WIDE awake. I hate just laying there while Stephen snoozes away, so often I'll grab an old blanket (yes, it's a Christmas blanket and it's the coziest thing ever) and head to our guest room. I stretch out on the bed in there and watch tv until I finally get sleepy again. Normal or not so much?


We ordered cribs over the weekend! We decided to go with this very clean, straight line look for furniture in hopes to keep the room looking less cluttered with double furniture. 


Last Summer, I had the guest room and spare room / junk room / future nursery painted. I went ahead and picked a color that I knew I would be happy with whether we had a boy or girl. (Or now...a boy/boy, girl/girl, boy/girl...oh, how quickly things change in a year.) It's Sherwin Williams Tidewater - it's perfect!

Over the weekend, we purged the room of everything we had thrown in there the past two years and the closet....OH the closet. It's beautifully EMPTY now! So we've got our blank slate to start working from!!

Now, hopefully these kiddos will cooperate on June 6th and we'll find out whether we add pinks and corals to this room or navy and something. OR who knows what direction it'll take if we have a boy/girl combo on the way! No matter what, we can't wait to see what we're having and to give these babies NAMES!!


In the most life changing news, things are about to get real around here. Don't get me wrong, Krispy Kreme does NOT and will NEVER replace our famed local donut shop that we have, but my goodness. I'm probably more excited about this than I should be. 


Join myself, Justine & Leigh on Wednesday for our Pinspiration Wednesday linkup! We're posting and sharing all about our Summer Bucket lists. Can't wait to get some fun ideas from everyone! Grab our graphic and join us on Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!
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  1. Pregnancy and sleep-- all over the place! You feel soo tired and drained during the day, and then you FINALLY get to lay down & nothing! So yeh, its all normal!!

  2. 1. Your rose bush is fantastic - as is your sweet nephews! 2. I LOVE the cribs and the paint color!! If you have a boy/girl combo you could totally add coral and navy to it!! Come on babies and cooperate!! 3. Way to purge - that blank slate looks fun. 4. Are you going to make a painting or letters for your babies room?? I hope so - love your artwork!! Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

  3. That paint color is soooo perfect!! And I love the crib you picked out!! And in regard to weird sleeping patterns while pregnant... I can only speak for myself -but that was definitely something that happened to me too!!!

  4. Somehow I missed this post friday:(
    Love the cribs and paint color:)
    It's been a whole since I have been pregnant, but yes I remember my crazy sleep patterns! I was like you- I didn't hurt or uncomfortable just couldn't go back to sleep if I woke up and I still do that's awful! Almost like I can't shut my brain off!
    Have a great day!


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